I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 6 Chapter 16 - I Will Become A Parvenu

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I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem

Vol. 6: I Will Become a Parvenu

Chapter 16


“Forging an alliance is more difficult than fighting them.”

Cedric’s complexion looked completely exhausted.

Matter of fact, the barbarians and the White Eagle Knights had a long-standing feud.

The Barbarian bandits continued to plunder the Count’s farmhouse, while the White Eagle Knights kept an eye on them to prevent them from crossing over to the empire.

“I can’t help myself. You don’t form alliances with your friends.”

How simple is it to maintain a friendly relationship?

Furthermore, if you obtain the barbarians, you will also obtain their land.

Although it is a polluted land that cannot grow a single plant, it would be very advantageous for us if there was a war with the principality again.

“I’m worried because it doesn’t seem to be coming true at all.”

Cedric expected that the barbarians should abandon all weapons and enter the count.

However, the barbarians were concerned that they would be slaughtered if they entered the Counties unarmed.

However, bringing armed barbarians into the territory was impossible.

“Did they vow they wouldn’t steal?”

“They’ve already made a vow. But…… ”

Their gods were not the same as those worshiped by the Empire’s people.

‘Even an oath has no meaning.’

Negotiations can only take place in this case if both parties come with their heads bowed.

If we wanted to gain the upper hand……


I called him, who was preoccupied.

“Is there any special trace of where the bandits came and went? Or even a weapon used only by barbarians?”

“Hmm? There is, of course.”

The barbarians are said to have used a scythe-like hook to cut off the opponent’s head.

Due to a lack of all supplies, the barbarian bandits even take off their clothes.

Sigh, that’s helpless.”

“There’s an easy way.”

“Easy way?”


The Marquis of Whiterot will arrive in the West in a week, loaded with gold and silver treasures for Shannon.

“Kill the marquis and make it look like it was done by bandits.”

“……what did you say?”

“In exchange for breaking their oath, you can notify the barbarians to disarm first.”

Cedric was taken aback by my calm suggestion.

Certainly, with his personality, he would find it difficult to accept this.


“Do you want Shannon to be the Marquis’ seventh wife, Uncle?”

Cedric, given his personality, would also feel sorry for Shannon.

Cedric, who even couldn’t take care of himself, must have felt sorry for Shannon.

I also know that he tried to persuade Camilla several times, claiming that Marquis Whiterot was untrustworthy.

‘That’s understandable.’

There was a reason why Shannon resisted by going on a hunger strike.

The Marquis of Whiterot was a murderer.

His wives went missing six times.

It was easy to deduce whether the wives were truly missing or dead based on whose hand the dowries they brought were eventually left in.

Why would he choose Shannon, a snouty northern aristocrat?

Because the wealth she brings with her will be returned to the Marquis when she marries him.

“By doing so, we will be able to prevent Shannon’s marriage and gain an advantage in negotiations with the barbarians.”

It sounded like I was killing two birds with one stone, but it was actually three birds with one stone.

‘With that money, I can buy the mine back.’

The Movilon Mine is already on the market.

In exchange for repaying the debt, the Okeii Silver Bank took over the mine and auctioned it off, but no one bid.

I intended to extort the Marquis’ money and use it to purchase the Movilon Mine.

“If you can’t do it because you’re afraid, just let Shannon marry the man and let the armed barbarian savages into the territory.”


“If you’re having trouble deciding, Uncle, consider what you’ll gain and what you’ll lose as a result.”

That was the method I always used.

“Uncle, you can save Shannon, disarm the barbarians, convince them to join our alliance, and recoup the income from the family’s agriculture.”


If this is successful, Count Crawford will be able to find peace.

“All we have to lose is your pride, uncle.”


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