I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 6 Chapter 20 - I Will Become A Parvenu

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 6: I Will Become a Parvenu
Chapter 20 


“My Lady, please send me.”

William wants to be a part of this plan.

“I’d like to do that. Please send me there.”

He desperately appealed to me to let him do it.

‘William isn’t all that bad.’

He was the youngest person ever promoted and an exceptional talent, so much so that he was a candidate for the next commander.

Even if he points his sword at Marquis Whiterot, he will most likely survive.


“No, I can’t.”

I couldn’t put my life in jeopardy because of uncertainty.

If this fails, both Cedric and I will die, and the Crawford family will be at conflict with the North.

I made every decision based on the assumption that this plan would be a complete success.

Even if William had a 99 percent chance of success, it wasn’t enough.

I require absolute certainty.

“Marquis Whiterot’s SS were formidable foes.”

(T/N: SS is an abbreviation for Schutzstaffel, which means protective squad/echelon in Germany.)

“But I, too……!”

“And what if William gets hurt?”

My words effectively kept his mouth shut.

William, whose face had turned red, couldn’t help but cover his mouth and face with his hand.

“My Lady…… Y-you’re afraid I’m going to get hurt……”

“Of course.”

That’s why, Husky, stay calm and protect the house, okay?

“Don’t worry too much. There is someone who is qualified for this position.”


Someone who gave me the absolute certainty.

Other than him, there were no one that came to mind.


The red sun rose over the plain.

Marquis Whiterot and his SS were taking a short break after riding horses all night.

In front of the bonfire, a knight of the SS spoke to the Marquis.

“You will soon meet someone who will become your wife. Are you excited about it, my lord?”


Marquis of Whiterot.

He was a strong man with white hair and a beard.

“All girls are idiots.”

Another soldier inquired of the Marquis, who responded coldly.

“Still, we’ve been running for ten days. What would you do if the lady is ugly, my lord?”

Marquis replied with a twisted smile while savoring the strong liquor.

“Then I’ll hand her over to you.”


The Marquis’ thick joke elicited a burst of raucous laughter.

They were all caught off guard.

Because the journey to the West was so long, only the most elite members were chosen.

Furthermore, the surroundings were barren fields with no place to hide. Their raucous laughter was the only sound they could hear.

It was back then.

“Then I’m hoping Lady Shannon isn’t that ugly!”

A soldier who was excitedly laughing while joking with the Marquis was suddenly decapitated.


The man’s rolling face on the ground couldn’t close its eyes.

He died quietly, without even a scream.

At the shocking death of their colleague, all the guards raised their swords and stood up.

“Wh…… What?!”

Suddenly, a strong man appeared in their midst, dressed in black robes and wielding a hook-shaped scythe.

Marquis Whiterot was taken aback by the man who looked like the God of Death.

They were surrounded by an anomalous sensation.

The Marquis swallowed dry saliva as he faced a terrifying threat he had never faced before.

‘I have to run away.’

His intuition was speaking to him.

However, his leg, weighed down by the threat, froze and did not move at all.

The same could be said for his SS knights.

None of them dared to attack, instead remaining silent with their swords.

“You… Who are you?”

It was their first time experiencing something like this.

To find a way out, the Marquis rolled his eyes.

He intended to buy some time before trying to escape.

However, the man’s cold response dashed his hopes.

“You don’t have to know.”

Because he’s going to die anyway.


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