I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 6 Chapter 3 - I Will Become A Parvenu

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I Will Avoid The Male Lead And Make A Harem
Vol. 6: I Will Become A Parvenu

Chapter 3


“Indeed… you really are so beautiful, Selina.”

“She is the most outstanding beauty within the Empire.”

“Do you truly think this kind of beauty can be found in any other country?”

“She is the most beautiful under the sky, out of this empire and principality, of all five oceans and six continents.”

The two were making a fuss and eventually agreed to tie my hair in half.

‘Ah, I am tired.’

Of course, at first, I did nothing but sit and look in the mirror, but a half-day flew by.

It’s not that I don’t understand the situation, but meeting someone who had no immunity to Selina’s face, like the hairdresser, was exhausting.

And then there’s Camilla’s stupid remark……

“Take a close look. If you put a dress on her, she’ll look even better.”

It was my first time seeing the dress, which her maid had confidently brought in.

‘When did she buy this?’

A dress made of navy glossy silk fabric that stretched out in a straight line.

It only covers the upper part of the chest, exposing the neck, collarbone, and shoulder lines while emphasizing the waist and hip lines.

“How do you look so good in such a provocative dress?”

The hairdresser said this while clinging to me.

She must be wondering why I didn’t respond to her when she kept talking about this and that.


Camilla interrupted me before I could finish thanking the hairdresser.

“You did an excellent job, then you can leave now.”

At the same time, Camilla winked at Valhail to take the hairdresser to go.

“Yes, Madam, I’ll be leaving right now……!”

The hairdresser, who was being held by Valhail, saw his face and couldn’t finish her sentence.

“Oh my goodness.”

Her tone seemed to be filled with admiration for Valhail’s face.

“How could such a handsome man and beauty, whom one rarely sees in real life, exist in Count Crawford’s castle……”

Of course, the painter’s reaction was similar.

“…..I’m afraid I can’t draw her, Madam.”

For a while, the painter stared straight at me, who was standing in front of the easel, before letting go of his pencil.

“No, I mean, after coming all the way here, why can’t you draw well?”

Camilla, who was crossing her arms behind the painter to inspect the finished portrait, inquired, her face contorted.

“I don’t have the confidence to put your daughter’s beauty on this paper, Madam. Please forgive me.”

Camilla assumed it was a common phrase used by portrait painters. I felt the same way.

“Of course, the painting can’t compare with the real.”

“Anyone would say the same thing. How dare we paint such beauty with a brush?”

“But aren’t you the best painter in the West?”

“I am……”

When the painter made eye contact with me, he remained motionless for a second before shaking his head in surprise.

Aigoo, I really can’t do it, Madam. Please forgive me.”

His red face averted his gaze from mine, as if embarrassed.

Camilla urged the painter impatiently.

“Stop whining and draw her quick.”

“I really can’t do it. I deeply apologize, Madam. I’ll draw you instead.”


“Or, Madam, don’t you have another daughter? I will draw her instead.”

The painter turned to the side as if he didn’t even want to look at me.

Camilla suppressed and controlled her rage to the greatest extent possible, so she eventually decided to draw portraits of herself and Shannon instead of allowing the painter to leave.

‘Lucky me.’

After all, I had planned to burn my portrait after I had calmly allowed the painter to draw me.

That was almost as if it were saying,‘the heroine is here!?’ Why would I bring my portrait to a place where the nuclear bomb-wielding man I’m desperately trying to avoid is currently in residence?

I couldn’t run away unnoticed, but there was no way I would make that human come to me on my own.

It’s not even like it was a vibrating bell. I’m not that crazy to bring my own portrait like that.

‘I am going to stretch my legs and lie down.’

Anyway, I thought Camilla had given up the portrait of me.

But it was my misjudgement.

Camilla was looking for another painter who was confident enough to depict my beauty on canvas.

This time, she brought a great painter from the South.


Several days later.

The County had been in a frenzy since the morning because Cedric and Camilla were going hunting together.

Camilla’s schedule was two nights and three days, so I assumed she’d bring the butler.

Camilla, on the other hand, purposefully left the butler alone.

“Since we’re both gone, how can I bring the butler with us?”

“Then are you saying that we should go with just the two of us?”

“Of course. Ruben, if a guest came to visit, please greet them well on my behalf.”

“Certainly, Madam.”

The butler bowed his head without complaint, as if he would simply do what Camilla said.

It seemed that they had planned it in advance.

“No, but……”

What’s funny was that Cedric asked the butler several times whether the butler really won’t accompany them until the time right before his departure.

“Why don’t you accompany us, butler?”

“No, Lord Crawford. I have to obey Madam, the head of the household.”

“But Butler, it will be three days and two nights……”

“Come on, Cedric.”

Camilla insisted on riding in the carriage behind Cedric, who was riding a horse, claiming it was impolite for her to travel by carriage alone

“Since when have you been so polite, Countess?”

“Cedric, what are you talking about? I have always been a polite person.”

Cedric eventually agreed to sit in the carriage, and the two set off.

Camilla appeared determined to use this opportunity to stamp the marriage certificate with Cedric’s signature.

‘Mister…… please take care of yourself.’

As the carriage approached, I became increasingly concerned about Cedric’s future.


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Parvenu: a person of obscure origin who has gained wealth, influence, or celebrity.

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