I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 6 Chapter 6 - I Will Become A Parvenu

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I Will Avoid The Male Lead And Make A Harem

Vol. 6: I Will Become A Parvenu

Chapter 6


Valhail grabbed his neck before he finished his nonsense.


Perhaps because his hands were so large, that Valhail could easily grab Isaac’s neck with one hand and lift him into the air.

“I can’t hear you.”

Unlike him, who was calm, Isaac was out of breath.

“Sa… save me……cough… gasp!”

The kiss was, indeed, too much.


I felt sick just thinking about it, and I stared at his face turning red without stopping Valhail from punishing him.

“Kiss on the lips…… is won’t do.”

Isaac’s eyes were bloodsplattered. He shook his head and waved his hand as if he repenting his mistake.

“Is the back of my hand okay?”

As I tilted my head and asked, he nodded madly at me. Though even decided that wasn’t easy.

‘Well, the back of the hand is common anyway.’

As a greeting, everyone is allowed to kiss the back of the hand. I only need to hold it for a moment anyway, so I glance at Valhail to let Isaac go.

As if very unwilling, Valhail only let Isaac go while he was almost out of air.

Cough! Cough… cough.


Isaac collapsed to the floor and exhaled heavily.

Isaac made a terrified face at Valhail and trembled up to my knees.

“I will look forward…… to the portrait.”

As I gave out my hand, Valhail came one step closer as if he were watching him. His stares were so intense as if lasers would shoot out of his eyes.

Isaac looked down, pretending to kiss the back of my hand, then hurriedly stood up, possibly because his face was stinging from Valhail’s stares.

“I-I will bring the portrait as soon as possible. Then……”

It was worth seeing that he stepped back and left the drawing room as if he were running away.

‘Will he draw it properly?’

A portrait that would be completed only with Isaac’s explanation.

‘Is it possible to draw a portrait without looking at the person?’

I became more and more curious about the boy painter’s skills.


“Where are you going?”

I caught Valhail trying to leave the drawing room after I sent Isaac out.

He gave me a puzzled look but said nothing. He didn’t seem to want to show it, but he seemed in a bad mood.

‘His jealousy is slightly a big deal.’

Smiling, I sat on the sofa and winked at my hand.

“You have to clean this up.”

Of course, it wasn’t his job.

But he didn’t even turn down my shameless request.

Soon after, a towel was brought from somewhere, and he sat down under me like a faithful servant and held out his hand.

‘…… It’s big.’

The same hand grabbed the adult man’s neck and nearly killed him.

I gently placed my hand on his palm.

Compared to his big one, I felt like a child and it made me feel bad.

Either way, Valhail silently wiped the back of my hand with his eyes down.

The delicate and gentle hand wiping away the unpleasant memories with a warm wet towel was very comfortable.

‘Why is he so good at this?’

Without even realizing it, my lips moved.

“Have you ever done anything like this before?”


Is it the memory of the main character?

Valhail, as Valhto Heinrich, would have been helped by his employee to put on and take off his clothes and even bath.

‘Because he’s a tyrant, his hands must have been unclean all the time.’

For example, blood-soaked……

‘……let’s not imagine that far.’

At the same time, the towel was removed to signal the end of the brief service.

He slowly raised his eyes and fixed his gaze on me.

I didn’t remove my hand from his palm.

“……do you have to accept such a lunatic’s request?”

Finally, Valhail expressed some of his complaints.

“Of course, I’m in a position to marry a lunatic more than that man.”

I said it with the Archduke in mind. The truth was, I never know when I will be sold to him if I lost this battle.

“He’s the painter my mother called in. Didn’t you notice how cautious I was in front of my mother?”

Valhail’s brow narrowed.

He must have been perplexed as to why I stutter.

“If I don’t do what she tells me to do, she will beat me again. Just like before.”


“Look, there’s still a scar remain here.”

I slightly raised up the skirt hem and showed a slight whiplash mark on my thigh.

It was a scar left because Penny refused to apply for the medicine.

“That’s why… you become nervous and stutter whenever she is present.”

“Yeah. I keep thinking of the eyes of the people who watched me get hit.”

To some extent, this was true.

Whenever I saw Camilla’s servants, the first thing that came to mind was the unsettling question, ‘I’m sure that person saw Selina beaten too, right?’

I didn’t know everything that happened to Selina, but I looked intimidated and embarrassed for no reason.

“Selina, I……”

I know what he wants to say. I shook my head and stopped him from speaking.

“I’m out for vengeance. In my own way.”

A long sigh fell on my hand.

I placed the back of my clean hand against his lips.

“Disinfect it.”

His adam’s apple, the size of a child’s fist, moved erratically up and down.

When he was shaken by my words, he was somewhat amusing and cute.

“If you don’t like it……”

……then don’t

Before I could finish talking, he grabbed my hand, which I was about to pull away, with a little force.

His hand swept away my palm, lightly grasping my fingers and lifting the back of my hand.

“You keep on making me greedy.”

He lowered his lips without taking his gaze away from me.

The soft and moist texture fell on the back of my hand and stayed there for quite a while.


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