I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 7 Chapter 1 - This is our first kiss!!!

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I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 7: This Is Our First Kiss!
Chapter 1


Penny, who led me into a small bedroom, was unsettled.

“My Lady, it could be contagious.”

I thought the annex at the count castle where I stayed for a while was the worst, but it was nothing compared to this.

‘Is this a safe place for humans to live?’

Mold covered the walls of the small room where the children were huddled.

How can you live in such a place and not get sick?

To be honest, it came as a surprise.

Despite this, Penny brought me the money she received from Camilla. She didn’t have to do that.

‘She should have saved that money and spent it on something delicious for her siblings.’

I can tell how they’ve been by looking at the children who are much thinner than me.


At home, she must look after her younger siblings, while at the count, she must look after her master.

The more I did learn, the more I pity Penny.

“Is this Fiona? The second?”

“Yes. Uh…… My Lady, don’t touch her like that! It could be contagious!”

Fiona, who appears to be a year or two younger than Penny, was on the brink of dying.

Despite the fact that she had a lung disease, her coughing was not serious. However, there is blood mixed in with the saliva.

Instead of her mother, who died young, and Penny, who was unable to return home, Fiona would have worked at a brewery and cared for her younger siblings.

Even if she cures her lung disease, if she stays here, she will get another disease.

‘How much does a house cost?’

Is it really that pricey?

I was thinking about who to ask about the house price when I came across three pairs of burdensomely sparkling eyes.

“Penny, your other siblings are…… Could you kindly ask them to leave?”

Penny’s younger siblings have been following me closely for a while now, as if they wouldn’t miss a beat

It appeared that they were fascinated to see a nobleman for the first time.

They’re adorable, but I was afraid that if I took out the magic crystal, those kids would be surprised and thrilled.

“Ah, yes! All of you, hurry up and leave.”

As the older sister’s words were absolute.

The youngsters stood up and slowly exited the room.

They clapped their hands at the door and stared at me, as if they were disappointed. They were like puppies staring at their parents.

‘Guys, this eonni’s is going to get pierced.’

I could see their determination in the three pairs of twinkling eyes not to miss my movement even for a second.

“I apologize, My Lady. I suppose they were astounded to see such a beautiful lady for the first time.”

Uhm, well… Even adults were astounded by this beauty, let alone children.

“Pio! Patrick! Parsley! You can’t look at her that way!”

When their names were called one after the other, three small children were taken aback.

I looked at the shortest little lady with round eyes.

“Is the youngest’s name Parsley?”


She was a beautiful child with curly hair.

“During my mother’s pregnancy with the youngest, she ate a lot of parsley.”

What the hell? That’s so cute!

I estimated she was around six years old. Parsley was like Penny’s mini-me.

“Get out of here right now!”


The three children eventually shut the door sullenly and disappeared when Penny made a stern expression on her face.”

“My Lady, what are you going to do to Fiona…… My Lady, don’t get too close.”

“You’re just concerned about me, as you always are.”

“What? That is a given.”

She told me to stay away, but she wiped her sick sister’s sweat hard because she felt sorry for her.

“Because you’re a precious person.”

Right… Penny was a commoner.

‘This is how commoners live.’

At Penny’s house, I realized once more that we were living in the Middle Ages.

“There is no one in the world who is not precious.”

For a moment, Penny and William looked back at me in surprise.

I asked both of them.

“Make a promise to me! That you’re not going to report me to the temple.”

Penny inquired, tilting her head.

“What are you saying I shouldn’t report to, My Lady?”


Even the husky, who was unusually quiet today, looked at me with suspicion.

Instead of explaining, I put my hand in my pocket.

Today, the magic crystal felt heavier.

Perhaps because of my sincerity, or because the room was dark, the crystal emitted a much stronger purple than usual.

“My Lady, what is it?”

Penny appeared to have no idea what a magic crystal was.

But William was aware. His slightly larger eyes shifted between the magic crystal and me.

“My Lady……?”

“I could never live on a vegetarian diet. Please do not ask me to be a priest.”

“What? Are you a priest, my Lady?”

Even if she doesn’t recognize the magic crystal, Penny understands that a new priest has the power to heal people.

In this world, it was common sense.

I began praying for Fiona’s health, leaving the two startled people’s eyes behind.

‘Please, please save this poor child.’

I knew I needed to pray calmly, but I was in a hurry, so I just prayed rashly.

After a while of doing it.


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