I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 7 Chapter 3 - This is our first kiss!!!

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I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 7: This Is Our First Kiss!
Chapter 3


Valhail’s knighthood and ordination ceremony took place in the garden.

People in important positions were seated. Cedric, the White Eagle Knights’ leader, Camilla, the family’s head, and some old knights with positions, as well as Adrian.

The solemn atmosphere there was carried over to this place.

“How come there are more and more people……”

Penny and I clung to the window and gazed out the window at the garden.

It is proper for me to attend the event as the count’s daughter, but Selina has never been to such an official event.

Because Camilla is sensitive to the fact, I decided it would be best if I did nothing noticeable.


‘I don’t want to suffer in the scorching sun.’

Besides, seeing Adrian next to Camilla……

‘I’m glad I just watched from the bedroom.’

No matter how I looked at it, he didn’t appear to be seated accordingly, but Camilla’s influence was palpable.

“Was he always that handsome, My Lady?”

Penny admired Valhail’s outstanding appearance once more.

“I didn’t realize because I only saw him in the dark. The girls are going to cause quite a commotion.”

As Penny said, after seeing him for a few days, Valhail did look neat and tidy.

His short-cropped hair was tucked behind his forehead, revealing his already captivating features.

Even with the sun beating down on him, his slightly frowned face was sexy to me.

Penny, who was staring at him with her clumsy face resting on her chin, swung her head.

“Isn’t he the quiet type, My Lady?”


“I can’t imagine him smiling…… But I believe he will be gentle and sweet to you, My Lady.”

Valhail’s personality was evident even in Penny’s eyes.

He gave off a vibe that made approaching him difficult because of his tightly pursed lips and long, serious eyes.

‘It must have been awkward.’

A tyrant who ruled the battlefield and led the army. It wasn’t strange to think of his terrifying real personality.


Cedric took out a long sword and placed it on his left shoulder.

“Will you always protect the weak first?”

Not all of the declarations were relayed to my bedroom in detail. When I saw Cedric’s mouth shape, I expected the situation to flow smoothly.

“Are you going to always be on the side of justice?”

Penny flushed when she saw Cedric’s solemn expression.

“The Commander, too…… He has striking features.”

That is correct. Cedric is also the handsome type.

The awe I felt when I first saw him was indescribable.

A serene and noble aura that pervades from head to toe.

My attention was drawn to his shirt button, which was barely hanging on to his tight front chest.

“Looking at him like this, I think he resembles lady a lot……”

Penny shifted her gaze between Cedric in the distance and me next to her.

“Of course, we resemble each other because he’s my uncle.”

Penny’s gaze was leaning to the side, but I was focused on the ordination ceremony.

Cedric bestows the title, and Valhail receives it, but it appears to have been the opposite, possibly due to the powerful aura.

‘Cedric is not the type to kneel anywhere.’

They were like a tiger and a dragon.

Because of the two charismatic individuals, the green garden appeared to be a magnificent podium.

“Will you respond to the imperial people’s obligation to fight at any time?”


I was struck by a strange sensation when the answer came without hesitation.

Valhto Heinrich was the one who started the war between the Empire and the Principality.

But to forget all those memories and be there to become Cedric’s knight……

‘What an ironic fate.’

Valhail’s gaze was drawn to me, who was resting my head on the window sill at the time.

Because he wasn’t that far away, his eyes met mine right away.

We didn’t take our gazes away from each other for a second.

I eventually left first, breaking our brief eye contact.

“In the name of Cedric Crawford, I solemnly declare that you have been made a knight of the Empire.”

I became curious all of a sudden.

Would he be regretful of his actions today if he regained his memory?


Following the knight’s ordination, there was a dinner with the count’s family.

“Are you going to go, my Lady?”

“I’m not sure.””

“Go ahead and do it. Lady Shannon is also expected to attend.”

It doesn’t mean I have to go just because she is, but Penny has made her decision.

“Hurry up and take a seat. Fiona has taught me a new hairstyle.”

I frequently wore my hair in a half-up ponytail. It was because it was simple to handle.

But this time, I believe it’s a completely different look because Penny began braiding my hair from the bottom of my ears.

“My Lady, just wait and see. You’ll look likely to be a goddess.”

Penny wrapped my long, braided hair around my head. I looked like I was wearing a crown.

‘It’s neat.

It did not end there. Penny finished it off by putting wildflowers in my hair, which looked very plausible.


Penny’s eyes glistened as she looked at me in the mirror.

“Oh, my dear! How could you be so beautiful!”

Penny continued to foolishly praise me for being the statue of the empire’s greatest beauty.

“Stop doing it. It’s not like I was pretty only today.”

It’s a bad remark, but isn’t it true?

Maybe I’ve grown too accustomed to Selina’s body, but I’m no longer embarrassed to say this word out loud.

I handed Penny an envelope before we went to dinner.

“Here, take it.”

“What is it, My Lady?”

“Open it.”

Penny broke the seal with care, revealing the emblem of the famous merchants of the West.

It contained a piece of paper worth 20 million runa.

It was significantly less expensive than I had expected.

Penny’s eyes were dizzy as she examined the paper.


Several stamps were used on the document, and there were numerous signatures.

Penny, who was illiterate, had no idea what the document was.

Finally, I smiled and said to Penny, who was staring at me in puzzlement.

“Take tomorrow off and leave. They will take care of it if you go to the Starlight Tower and tell them you’ve come to exercise your rights.”

It was a house document.

Patting Penny’s shoulder, who still looked puzzled, I headed to the dining room.


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