I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 7 Chapter 4 - This is our first kiss!!!

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 7: This Is Our First Kiss!
Chapter 4


Everyone was already seated when I entered the dining room.

However, the day’s main character, Valhail, was nowhere to be found.

“Here comes Lady Selina Crawford.”

The environment, which had been noisy and full of aperitifs, fell silent in an instant.

At the time, all eyes were on me.

And, like a frozen screen, there was no sound or silence.

Most of the Knights of the White Repair had never seen my face, so I’m sure they had no idea that “Lady Crawford,” whom they had only heard about through rumors, was so stunning.

‘That is not an unreasonable reaction.’

I’m still surprised by myself when I look in the mirror. Even Penny, who sees this face every day, always said “so beautiful”.

If it had been the real Selina, she might have retreated because she felt burdened.

However, I had enjoyed being on stage since I was a child, and I was used to being the center of attention.

I lowered my gaze and sat on the chair the servant had given me, neatening up the hem of my skirt.

From a fluttering strand of hair to the movement of my fingers.

Everyone was watching my every move and holding their breath.

“You look stunning today, Selina.”

Cedric smiled as he greeted me. However, the tense atmosphere did not dissipate.

“Say hello. This is my niece, Selina.”

Eventually, Cedric came forward and introduced me, and one by one people attended opening their mouths.

“S-so, this is… Crawford, Lady.”

“I never met you when you were young, but you’ve already grown into such a lovely lady before I knew it.”

“God will be blind when he looks down at the earth.”

“You don’t need lighting because you’re shining like this.”

I looked at Camilla with a shy smile around my mouth, like an innocent girl unsure how to respond to the constant compliments.

“Everyone is overjoyed to see you.”

Camilla appeared happier than when she was being praised, so I assumed she was jealous.

“From now on, please show your face frequently. Do you get what I’m saying? My daughter.”

“Yes, Mother……”

When I smiled, the atmosphere in the dining room became cordial.

Adrian was the only one who expressed his displeasure.

‘How come the seating arrangement is like this?’

Camilla, the family’s head, sat at the head of the table, and I was facing Cedric.

Adrian sat next to Cedric.

I was completely aware of him and never looked in his direction.

If I wasn’t careful, I could make eye contact with Adrian, who was watching me.

“The one who will be your husband will be the luckiest man in the world, My Lady.”

An old knight naturally brought up my marriage.

At the same time, Adrian’s cutting hand abruptly came to a halt.

Camilla’s gaze was drawn to the back of Adrian’s hand, which was holding the knife.

Camilla opened her mouth, as if she was holding something back, only a beat later.

“…… Hohoho, our Selina will meet a sophisticated gentleman in the capital.”


I was perplexed as to why Camilla had sent my portrait to the capital in search of a groom, but I guess she wanted to keep me away from Adrian.

It had to be the same reason they dared to break their engagement and send me to a banquet in the capital, as Shannon and Emma had requested in the original story.

“You’ve lived in the West all your life, but you leave for the capital after you get married. Lady, you must have felt sad.”

Adrian threw down the tableware as soon as the old knight finished speaking.

Camilla glared, but Adrian stood up and pushed the chair.

“I’ll go ahead, Commander.”

Cedric, who was chewing the steak, looked at him with suspicion.

Camilla rebuked his son in a low tone instead of Cedric with food in his mouth.

“……Where is your manner? Sit down.”

Adrian, on the other hand, paid no attention and walked around the long table.

I mistook him for leaving the dining room. Instead, he approached me.

He then lowered his upper body and whispered into my ear.

“You look stunning today, noona.”

In the quiet dining room, his small voice could be heard.

The old knights’ gazes were astonished and focused on me, as if they had seen something they couldn’t see.

As if he hadn’t expected an answer, Adrian left the dining room with those words.

The atmosphere froze as if it had been sprayed with cold water.

Cedric asked Camilla with a surprised expression while everyone else was shocked and closed their mouths.

“Did anything bad happen to Adrian?”


What should I do about this insensitive uncle?


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  1. I wonder the auth build the family this way for disposable more easily.

  2. It would be so good if Cedric is just huge troll and not just naive bastard