I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 7 Chapter 7 - This is our first kiss!!!

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I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 7: This Is Our First Kiss!
Chapter 7


That night.

Valhail came to see me.

Penny exclaimed excitedly as she noticed him quietly patting the window, her cheeks flushed red.

“Ah, th-that’s right! I need to organize the dresses! I’ll be going then!”

Penny dashed into the closet, as if she sensed a strange atmosphere circulating between us.

‘Since when I have dressed to organize?’

Penny’s quick-witted behavior was amusing despite the fact that it was ridiculous.

“Come on in.”

I invited Valhail to a small drawing room next to the bedroom.

After he cleaned up the marquis’ case I asked for.

We haven’t seen each other in quite some time.

This is because Valhail was not in Count Castle for a few days.

“Where have you been?”

“The Countess gave me the order.”

“Mother’s order?”

I shined my eyes at an interesting story.

It seemed that Valhail came to let me know about this.

“She told me to kidnap the West’s Head Priest.”


“To prove that he was the one who murdered the marquis…… by torturing him.”

Valhail paused before bringing out the word ‘torture’.

It looked like he was worried that I would be surprised.

He seemed to be afraid that I would think of him as a monster who kidnapped and tortured people without hesitation.

I avoided his gaze by carefully covering my hand over the back of his hand.

His long, straight fingers twitched in an instant.

‘I already know that’s your forte.’

In the original Valhail kidnapped and tortured Selina three times.

The first was the wedding’s first night.

Camilla, who was worried about Selina’s escape, had placed Valhail on it ahead of time.

As a result, he kidnapped Selina and returned her to the Archduke.

‘Was she slapped by this hand……?’

Selina was indeed slapped in the face for her defiance and loses her conscience.

A slap on the cheek isn’t torture, but if I got hit by that big hand……

‘Ugh, it must have hurt a lot.’

The second time was when Selina fled after discovering her husband was intending to impregnate her.

She had a fairly successful escape back then.

The Archduke was desperate to track down Selina, who had fled the capital and was hiding in a remote seaside village.

Camilla eventually ordered Valhail to find Selina after the Archduke thoroughly searched the West and even came to the County of Crawford.

When Valhail discovered Selina, she passed out immediately and was easily apprehended and returned to the Archduke’s residence.

The third time was when the Archduke and Selina’s relationship was not so bad.

Shannon, who was dissatisfied with her situation, instructed Valhail to capture Selina in order to exact revenge.

Valhail penetrated the Archduke’s residence, kidnaps Selina without difficulty, and delivers her to Shannon.

And, as Shannon ordered, Selina was truly tortured……

‘He even choked me with that big hand.’

Selina would have died pitifully if the Archduke hadn’t arrived.

Even then, Valhail easily defeated the terrifying knights of the Archduke called “Black Wolves” and even took Shannon to flee.

The angry Archduke declared war, and Shannon was hiding in Count Crawford’s castle.

Valhail then takes Shannon, who was enduring at Count’s Castle, and passes over to the Principality.

Isn’t his backstory compelling enough to make him the protagonist of a fantasy novel?


An unbreakable man who can do anything!

I believe in Valhail’s ability.

‘He will do whatever is asked of him.’

But I didn’t want to make him feel bad by doing something nefarious.

I didn’t mean to treat him like a commodity, like Camilla and Shannon.

“Your hands are going to dirty because of me.”

I bowed my head gently and placed my other hand on his cheek.

His body was cold, just like the owner’s.

“The Marquis of Whiterot was a murderer. Northerners are aware that he murdered his wives.”

Even after he was dead, he was a cheap shot.

“You saved Shannon.”

Even those words failed to impress him.

Valhail was more concerned with my hand wrapping around his cheek.

“What did the Head Priest have to say?”

“……He claimed he had no connection to the Marquis of Whiterot.”

The Head Priest must have felt extremely unfair.

‘It had to have been a bolt from the blue.’

So, who told you to conspire with the Duke of Maple and do something bad?

You’ve been punished by heaven.

He was cruel, calling people Toono and even forcing them to fight to the death in Martial Arts. As if that wasn’t enough, he also gambles.

‘Justice has been served.’

Valhail was even subjected to living experiments for five years after losing his memory.

“Will he do some reflection?”

“He’s no longer alive.”



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