I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 8 Chapter 18 - Madam Devil

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I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a
Harem Vol. 8: Madam Devil
Chapter 18  

‘I never imagined the day would arrive when I could enter the annex by myself at this hour.’

Valhail was on the same floor as Camilla’s bedroom.

Although he had a decent house outside the count’s castle, he had been ordered by Camilla to stay where he could come as soon as he was called.

In exchange, he gained a title and a fief, so it wasn’t entirely unfair.

Without a lantern, my steps were unstoppable as I walked down the dark stairs of the annex.

Since it was the place where I was living before and as, and as Camilla began to stay, it was not as desolate as before.

I was terrified of ghosts because it was early and everyone was still sleeping.

‘But what is this sound?’

As I approached Camilla’s bedroom corridor, I became aware of a peculiar sound.

Camilla’s bedroom let in a bright light. It seemed that she was still awake.

I walked carefully, like a small mouse.


“Ah…! Ruben! Ruben!”


When I realized what the sound was, I quickly took a step back.

‘Oh my, really!’

I’m going to witness a lot of different things throughout my life!

I mean, she’s known the butler for 20 years and has been with him for that long. Is it still that good?

How could they be so passionate until late in the morning……?!

‘Rather, get married instead.’

When I was forced to know how hot Camilla and the butler were, I turned back bitterly.

‘Bedroom in where Valhail may be residing…… Where is it?’

I was walking through the doors of numerous large bedrooms on the same floor when I came to a halt.

‘This scent!’

I could sense his scent as I sniffed. A little light also emitted from the entrance.

It’s amusing that I found Valhail in this manner.

I am not even a dog, but I was more than happy.

‘As expected, he couldn’t sleep.’

It may be because of this disgusting sound, but rather he wouldn’t have fallen asleep worrying about me.

When I cautiously opened the door and entered the modest interior was immediately visible.

It was dark because only the fireplace was lit.

Only the furniture’s hazy shadows were apparent.

And I saw him sitting quietly on the bed.


Valhail seemed unsurprised as if he had anticipated my coming.

As he was as alert as a beast, he probably noticed a small mouse going back and forth in the hallway.

“You weren’t sleeping, were you?”

My voice was really low. It was almost as if I was whispering.

I scowled at the fishy smell of blood as I gingerly moved closer to him and sat down.

I gasped in astonishment as I immediately fetched fire from the fireplace.

His left forearm was in dreadful shape. It appeared to have been burned for a long time by the pharynx.

“Who could have done such a terrible thing……”

Of course, only Valhail would do such a thing on his own body. He was the only one who had the ability to touch himself.

And me.

Ha, honestly…… I knew this was going to happen.’

It is not possible to change one’s habits overnight.

In particular, bad habits created by trauma or anxiety appear to be cured, but if they are in the same situation, they are repeated again

I was curious what Valhail was thinking because he was as quiet as a broken robot.

I lit the light right away, and I took out the magic stone I had brought with me in case this happened.

I want to scold him, but first I feel terrible for him.

“Why did you do this again?”

I yelled at him calmly and placed the magical stone on his arm, but he took my hand away.

I could see from his tired fingers that he had been through a lot because of what had transpired earlier.

“You did a good job doing what I asked you to do. That’s just what I asked you to do.”

When I placed the back of my palm on his icy cheek, he eventually closed his eyes and leaned his face against my hand.

“…… I was afraid you’d abandon me.”



That was why he felt nervous. Because he almost killed me.

“Why would I abandon you? You listen to me so well.”

It sounded cold, but it was exactly what he needed to hear.

He was very sweet as he pressed his cheek gently against the back of my hand.

“Look at these, these are your handprints.”

I untied my dress from my neck to my chest.

“Can you see it?”

In this sense, another Valhail may be hiding behind his dark side, eager to witness the marks he left on my body.

Every human being has at least one twisted desire that is well hidden beneath the mask of rationality.

And I was the only woman this man desired more intensely than his own life.


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  1. I like how she’s self aware, like she knows what people think of her unlike most mc’s