I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 8 Chapter 5 - Madam Devil

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I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem

Vol. 8: Madam Devil

Chapter 5


She sure was a smart girl since she was a child.

Cedric could still recall the contents of Joanna’s letter, which his brother proudly displayed whenever they met on the battlefield.

Selina once again astounded her teacher by reading letters much faster than her peers.

People close to his brother always said that it would have been preferable if his brother had a trustworthy son rather than a daughter.

Cedric snorted whenever he heard such a remark.

He believed that because she was his own child, whether son or daughter, the child itself should be protected.

Because they will have to work harder as the head of the household in order to go home.

‘But there’s no reason for me to protect a son.’

Cedric imagined that if he had a son, he would raise him like a weed in a field and force him to work on defending the Western frontier.

Watching his son grow up would bring him joy in its own right, but Cedric desperately desired a daughter.

Of course, if the child resembled Joanna, he wouldn’t have cared if it was a son or a daughter……

‘It’s all meaningless thoughts.’

Cedric sighed, tried to shake off his thoughts, and returned his gaze to the documents.


Finally, my portrait that everyone has been waiting for is here.


The scumbag swindler delivered it directly to the count’s castle.

Even Cedric, who had been unconcerned about how loud the swindler had been since entering the gate, came to look.

“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Isaac Baker. I am an unrivaled genius painter.”

Isaac sat in front of the audience in a row, as if he were a comedian performing a show, and started talking.

“I’m sure everyone has heard at least one rumor about me, right? Chef of shape! The Wizard of Light! The Healer of Color!”


“Isaac Baker, the painter of the century! Now, applause!”

That person must be insane.

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he said that out loud?

If it were me……

‘My name is Selina, the most beautiful woman in the world.’

This world’s heroine! The most beautiful lady! Not only is my face the best, but so is my body!

‘Isn’t it too embarrassing?’

I was only thinking about it in my head, but my face was flushed with embarrassment.

This swindler’s thick skin does not appear to be normal.

“Show me the portrait.”

Camilla, who couldn’t hear it any longer, finally said, her face stiffened.

He was a painter she brought from the south, but seeing him speak like that must have made her feel ashamed of him.

Cedric’s stare at Isaac was never flattering.

Khm khm, I see. First and foremost, it is a privilege to be able to capture Miss Selina’s great beauty on canvas.”

Oh, how dare you call my name?

I was always addressed by my title, Lady Crawford.

Only those with a close relationship with me are permitted to address me by name.

However, that con man dared to call out my name without my permission.

‘Should I be fortunate that Valhail wasn’t there?’

Valhail had only been standing by Camilla’s side until now, when he quietly exited the drawing room after someone approached him and whispered in private.

Camilla was clearly planning something.

‘I’m going to ask Valhail later.’

It was a wise decision to place him next to Camilla.

Camilla recently locked Shannon up in her bedroom again, claiming she was on a diet, but I put food in through Valhail.

“I want caramel, Eonni.”

Shannon only called me ‘eonni’ when she needed something from me.

However, as she only has me to ask more and more questions, her use of the word ‘eonni’ has increased.

“Look forward to it. A masterpiece of the century has been born.”

The swindler then took out the white cloth that had been covering the easel.


A white cloth floated through the air and landed on the floor, revealing my portrait.

“Oh, goodness.”

Camilla sighed, rose from her chair, and approached the portrait as if possessed.

She appeared to be deeply moved.


Camilla couldn’t say anything more in front of the perfect painting, so she covered her mouth with both hands.

It was not an exaggeration.


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