I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 9 Chapter 2 - The Fate of The Masterpiece

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 9: The Fate of The Masterpiece
Chapter 02 

Valhail looked at the magic stone with a slightly uncertain face as if he were looking at a pseudo-religious sacred object.

“Try it.”

He quickly closed his eyes and placed his hand over the incision.

As I had always done to him.

‘Wow, this is how it feels to be treated……’

It’s similar to drinking maple water.

Although it has not been scientifically proven, it appeared that a refreshing and clearly effective energy was entering my body.

“It’s healed.”


It was only the blink of an eye.

“The marks are gone.”

Valhail caressed my silky nape as though shocked, despite the fact that he had done it himself.

“Does…… does it no longer hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt at all!”

Finally, a little smile appeared on his lips.

I was more delighted by his straight-faced smile than by the fact that the horrible handprints had vanished without a trace.

‘Why are you so adorable? I Making me want to kiss you.’

I put my thoughts aside and took action.


When I suddenly kissed his cheek, his smile hardened.

My lips curved automatically because even that naive reaction was lovely.

“Are you confident that you’ll be able to take me to my bed in the morning?”

My voice seeking secrecy was insidious as alluring.

“Of course.”

Valhail, whose eyes widened, responded quickly, frightened that my mind would change.

“Sure, I can do that, but……”

He added belatedly whether I was bothered by this cold annex.

“This is not a place where you can stay. You might get sick since the bed is hard and cold……”

But he couldn’t have refused my invitation to spend the night with him.

“…… I’m not sure, but my body temperature is high, so I guess it’ll be fine if I embrace you all night.”

“Okay, then so be it.”

He made his bed as soon as I finished speaking. We piled up extra blankets to make the bed fluffy, then lay in a tiny bed together.

This was not his home, yet this bed smelt nice as well. This time, neither of us turned away from each other.

Rather, he was staring at me, and I was lying on my side, taking advantage of the opportunity to gaze into his eyes.

Valhail’s head rested on his arm, so he didn’t need a pillow.

“I’m going to have a good dream tonight.”


“Since I saw your handsome face a lot today.”

He blinked slowly, as if unsure how he should respond.

Camilla’s voice, which had seemed to be cut off before I realized it, had vanished. Neither he nor I had gotten any sleep.

“What time is it?”

“Three o’clock.”

“It’s a perfect time for healthy men and women to lie in one bed and talk.”

Valhail cracked a smile at my joke. Today he was generous with his laughter.

“Do you have the traces I left on your body exactly as they are?”

Valhail displayed his collarbone by tilting his coat slightly. It was clean.

“How long has it been gone?”

“It was gone in about five hours.”

My lips curved together. It was an incredible recovery ability.

Where did his own healing abilities originate from, and why has the tyrant of the next country’s army lost his memory and is roaming here?

In the <Bound of Salvation>, he was really only a supporting role.

I had a lot of questions, but I was more interested in what the man in front of me was thinking while gazing at me.

“Wanting to leave a mark on my body…… have you really never considered it?”

Finally, I asked the foolish question in my brain, breaking the two of us’ quietness.

His nervous throat moved quickly.

His gaze was as piercing as a beast’s eyes gleaming in the dark, and he looked at me as if I were prey.

To be precise, to my white neck, where his guilt has been gone.

“Every single night.”

Valhail is being more honest than ever right now.

“I imagined myself leaving a mark on your body every night.”


“Thought the innocent, you wouldn’t have known at all.”

“……Are you saying I am innocent?”

Why does he keep saying things like that, what kind of filter is on his eyes as he looks at me?

“You know absolutely nothing.”

‘You know nothing’ is a line from somewhere else, you idiot.

“What a filthy fantasy I had against you…… If you had known, you would not have slept in this bed.”

“What was I like in your imagination?”


“Why? How was I?”

“You either cry or……” You clung to me and pleaded.”

Oh, my.

“Do you really want to make me cry?”

“Isn’t it okay to do that in bed?”

“That’s a very bold statement for a man who swore to be pure.”

“… … It is something that only occurs in my head. That’s what you asked.”

“Right. That’s what I asked.”

Hearing his secret fantasy, I pulled down the top of the already loose dress.

“I’m going to have to cover my neck anyway. I don’t want Mother to discover that your handprints mysteriously vanished.”

He paused for a moment after comprehending my approval, then carefully turned his head and buried it in the back of my neck.

His soft lowering lips never troubled or injured me.

I chewed a bit, tasted, and enjoyed it when I did the same thing, but he didn’t, even though he knew how.

In the back of my sensitive neck, I only felt a slow, sluggish, and quite pleasant touch.

I ran my hand through his hair. Then I felt a powerful pressure as if my touch had turned into a stimulation.

He grabbed my waist and pushed me closer as if he intended to put our already touching bodies closer together.


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