I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 9 Chapter 8 - The Fate of The Masterpiece

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I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 9: The Fate of The Masterpiece
Chapter 08

Where had the ridiculously brazen figure gone?

Isaac trembles like an aspen tree.

“You didn’t draw it!”

The talks, which had been concentrated on Camilla, were scattered.

Everyone was surprised by the sudden loud noise and looked around to see what happened.

And the smile on Camilla’s face, which covered her like a mask, was scattered as well.

“You pathetic swindler!”

“S-swindler!? What do you mean swindler? I am not!”

“Then draw it right now! Prove it!”

In the end, Camilla slowly approached Shannon’s revelation.

“Baron Baker?”

Isaac’s face was pale.

“What is all this about? A swindler you said? You didn’t draw the paintings yourself?”

Camilla’s hand pressed against his shoulder.

“The gentlemen and ladies who are here will misunderstand. Shannon, you go up to your bedroom.”

“But, Mother. That person is lying right now. He didn’t draw it himself!”

“Shannon, go up.”

“Mother! Tell him to draw right now! He couldn’t even draw a simple sketch, how can he claim himself a magician of color?”

“Shannon, won’t you go up?”

Whether Isaac was a real painter or not didn’t matter here.

“Are you trying to humiliate me!?”

She hated seeing Shannon choose to do things she didn’t like when her body hasn’t even healed from Penny.

“How can you be so immature and disappointing!?”

“But Mother, you gave him a lot of money! You have to verify it thoroughly……!”


Shannon hardened, clutching her face.

The buzzing voices around grew louder and louder and louder.

“Go up to your bedroom.”

The humiliation she felt was even greater than the pain that she left the banquet hall as if she were running away.

Soon Camilla’s cold eyes turned to Isaac.

She could hear people talking about whether Isaac was truly a swindler around.

“…… I better go home now for today.”

Then, Viscountess Fitzroy unfolded her fan and said.

“Hey you, draw a picture.”

“Were you really the one who drew it?”

“If you can’t even draw, why did you spread out the easel?”

As the words added one by one, Isaac, who was pouring out a cold sweat, eventually pushed the Viscountess of Fitzroy and ran away.

“Oh, my goodness!”

The viscountess, who had fallen, pointed her finger at him as he fled.

“Ca-catch that swindler!”

Leaving more than ten paintings whose painters were unknown.


At the same time.

‘By now the banquet must be in full swing.’

I, just like the original Selina, didn’t attend the banquet and used this chance to go out as Camilla was busy.

“Here you are, My Lady.”

Taking William by the hand, I got out of the carriage and looked around.

“It’s dreary……”

It was a little far from the private house where the residents lived.

There was only a shabby mansion built in the middle of nowhere.

Originally, it was a place where temporary residents who migrated from the south, not those who lived in the west, could stay.

“Lady, shall we search the house?”

Walliam asked actively, but I stopped him and headed for the yard.

There was a young boy, who was about fifteen years old, washing his brush.


The boy looked up at me in surprise.

His pink hair, pink eyes, and skinny body were impressive.

“Are you Alphonse?’’

“Who…… who are you?”

The boy seemed wary of strangers, but his eyes were full of curiosity.

I caught the veil over my face, and I made eye contact with the boy.

“Do you know who I am?”

The boy only heard me silently as if waiting for an explanation.

Still, since he drew my portrait perfectly, I thought that it wasn’t impossible for him to recognize my face.

A perfect creation.

The boy’s gaze at my face as if he were looking at a masterpiece of the century was bewildered.

“You must have heard me from Isaac. Don’t you recognize me?”

“Oh, I know.”

Later, the boy nodded enthusiastically. And yet he couldn’t take his eyes off me.

“Do you even know my name?”


The boy’s face, who had been staring at me as if captivated, turned red.

“I just heard that she was the prettiest woman in the world.”

Smiling, I asked the boy back.

“Do you think what he said is right?”

The boy’s pink eyes reacted to my languid remark.


The boy who answered like that was like a young wildcat who had found his master.


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