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“Now, please look here. Little Young Lord Erga also sent about ten more dolls.”


“Ay, it’s pretty. There’s also a rabbit doll. Now, shall we play with it?”


“Forget ith.” [Forget it.]


Sephiel said coyly.


“We justh habb to sew this one’sh neck.” [We just have to sew this one’s neck.]


Sephiel said. Berry and Marie looked at each other and laughed.






Before dinner that day, Sephiel finally took out her hidden death note after a long time.


‘You’re in my death note specials, you rascal.’


Thinking of Erga, Sephiel wrote ‘Erga’ particularly large on a page and even drew emphasis using colored pencils.


To express her anger, around it, Sephiel drew horns, fire, and a devil’s tail.


“Oh my. Miss Baby. You wrote the Little Young Lord’s name?”




“Hoho, you are so cute. Are you writing the name of your favorite person in a secret diary?”


Although she was caught by Berry right away.


‘I won’t erase it!’


Let’s put it aside. Sephiel eventually put away her little death note.






Berry looked strangely at Sephiel. Berry thought that it was cute, but at the same time in her eyes, a strange worry filled them up.




Berry called Marie.


“Ask Mister Elton about the Little Young Lord’s condition, and if his condition is not good, even if it’s only a little bit, be extra careful so that he won’t meet Miss Baby.”


“Yes, I understand, Older Sister Berry.”


Marie answered.


The people in the Grand Duchy knew who would leave this place within a few decades.


In particular, Berry and Marie, the only two remaining mixed-blood descendants of succubus in this world.


So, while spending time to organize, Sephiel, a child who was sent like a gift. Her existence felt more special to Berry.


‘Maybe in this life, it’s my mission to take care of this child?’


As Berry thought so, she quietly looked at Sephiel, who was playing with paintings, dying her pale cheeks red with colored pencils.


“By the way, it seems that the Little Young Lord has also gained vitality. It would be nice if the days continued like this even if just for a while.”


Berry sighed a little. It was a sigh of relief that ‘that matter’ had not yet happened.






And fortunately, for a while, there were no days when Sephiel encountered Erga.


“The Little Young Lord’s health has worsened again. He will fall asleep for a while.”


Berry whispered to Sephiel.


“Is that sho? That’s tchoo bad.” [Is that so? That’s too bad.]


Sephiel hid the corners of her smiling mouth and said.


“Phew, you’re worried, right? Please don’t worry. That’s just how half-dragons are.”


“Em…. Well. Shlowly… He’ll bwe fine, so yeah.” [Em…. Well. Slowly… He’ll be fine, so yeah.]


‘Yeah. Please recover slowly. If possible, about a decade later.’


Sephiel thought so while smiling evilly inside.


Berry informed Sephiel that Erga was using the entire fourth floor of the castle, and that she should never access that place without permission.


“I shee. It’s bery unfortunate.” [I see. It’s very unfortunate.]


Sephiel so, but in fact, she wasn’t disappointed at all.


Perhaps it was because of Erga’s absence.


Sephiel quickly adapted to her new life.


In fact, life here was better except for the risk of encountering a family member of the Grand Duke Family.


“Hewwo.” [Hello.]


“Hello, Miss Baby! You’re cute today, too!”


Somehow, all the servants greeted her like that.


Since she greeted them by stirring around every day, she could see what the servants were doing.


‘Moreover, I can even go to the famous Dragon’s library.’


There were many extremely old and rare books in the library of the Grand Duke Family.


In her past life, Sephiel randomly read the books that were called ‘books’, and even then, there were many books that she could not read. The same was true for the various ancient language books that were said to be rare.


“Miss Baby. Please eat this.”


“Miss Baby.”


Berry provided Sephiel with a small basket with a long downward and narrow snout.


If she hung the basket around her waist and ran around the mansion, starting from baked cookies to pretty flowers that were just picked, and even to colorful pieces of cloth that were left in the laundry and bedroom, servants would fill it with various things.


Compared to the colorless day she spent in the underground prison every day in the past, these days…


‘Every day was full of colorful and shiny stuff.’


“Now, today’s secret snack was a new product.”


“This is…”


Wow, whoaaa….


Sephiel couldn’t hold back her mouth from opening.


Porun, the mixed vampire race chef, would sometimes give Sephiel interesting snacks imported from outside.


“This is star candy. It’s pretty, right?”


“Can I weally habb ith?” [Can I really have it?]


Colorful and sparkly star candies moved around in the small bottle.


It was like little crystals or jewels.


‘I heard there was something like this, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it in person.’


By any chance, wouldn’t it be really expensive?


The items in the ledgers which she handled in the Allegro Royal Family were priced one after another, but she did not know the price of such simple baby items.


“Huhu, of course. Since I owe a lot to Miss Baby, too.”


Porun, who said so, muttered.


“Keke. Even in the future, I’ll continue to improve steadily. And I’ll surely watch your figure enjoying eating my food cutely.”


He seemed to say something like that, Sephiel who was already blinded by the star candy didn’t hear it.


The moment that Sephiel liked more than going to the kitchen was…


It was going out to meet the soldiers who rode wyverns.


Flap. Flap.


Outside the window, the sound of a huge wyvern cutting through the sky was heard.


‘Someone must be coming back from patrol!’


Sephiel hurriedly left the main building and ran to the nearby castle wall.


“Miss Baby, you’ll get hurt! Please don’t run!”


A maid who passed by Sephiel’s back shouted.


There was a soldier riding a wyvern approaching from afar.


‘My goodness! The star candy!’


Sephiel tucked the basket full of today’s achievements at the secret space between the castle walls she recently found.


Then, she ran and approached the place where the wyvern landed.


Just in time, the soldier was slowly landing on the wyvern.




The wind of the wyverns’ wings made Sephiel’s small body stagger. When the wind subsided, Sephiel bowed.


“Hewwo. You’ve worked hward.” [Hello. You’ve worked hard.]


There was a reason Sephiel came out to meet them.


It was because the soldiers who had just finished flying used to give her a ride.


It was only flying low and slowly over the wall, on a safe level. But for Sephiel, there was nothing more interesting in the world.


Sephiel said, without even checking the face of the soldier who was getting off.


“Pwease give me a wyvern rwide!” [Please give me a wyvern ride!]


When asking for a favor, one had to speak formally, politely and softly.


The way to say, “Please.”


That was also a method she learned from Berry not too long ago.


In her previous life, Sephiel learned to be polite just before her death. Since she spent her late childhood in language development.






The figure of the soldier who got off from the wyvern was unfamiliar. The soldier’s face was mostly covered by a hood that was worn down.


‘Those boots and cape do belong to that of the elf soldiers, but….’


But, what is it?


This creepy feeling? 


Sephiel took a step back.


“Are you asking me to give you a ride on the wyvern?”


The stubborn and handsome lips under the hood asked.


“Who are you?”


‘He’s big. Including my previous life, I think he’s the largest person I’ve ever seen.’


Sephiel stepped back reflexively. For some reason she had an ‘this is not it’ hunch.


“…Hewwo. I am Sephiel.” […Hello. I am Sephiel.]


At the same time, she bowed first and greeted him the way she had learned.


Actually, Sephiel did not know all of the elf soldiers.


However, she was not wary because the skill of riding a wyvern was a technique that could not be mastered by anyone else except the Grand Duke’s elf soldiers.


“If I cwan noth, then I will gwo….” [If I can not, then I will go….]






“About the wyvern ride, are you changing your mind?”


His voice was cold.


‘This way of speaking, from where did I hear it before? It sounds so familia-’




Sephiel was picked up without even being given a chance to run away. Before she knew it she was already riding on the wyvern.


‘Who the heck are you?’


However, there was no time to think about it.


Flap. Flap.


This is because the wyvern began to fly.


Because Sephiel learned, she could barely support herself on the saddle of the wyvern.


“Usually… who gives you a ride on a wyvern?”


“T-the wyvern rider elf Misters….”


To be exact, they were the mixed-race elf knights. However, that’s what everyone called them in the castle.




At that moment, the wyvern flew into the air.




At the feeling, Sephiel even forgot the situation.


The cold wind swishingly hit her cheeks, and the soft cotton-like clouds brushed past her ears. And….


‘Turns out, the sky was this wide underneath.’


An endless, green wave. The forest of the Grand Duke changed shape like a wave on the lake surface when the wind blew.


It was a thought that came to mind in just a few seconds. Sephiel came to her senses.


‘Come to think of it, right now the wyvern isn’t flapping its wings, but we’re up hanging in the air.’


If it was a family member who can do something impossible like this… There was exactly only one family on this continent.


‘Besides, I keep thinking about someone.’


Sephiel got goosebumps on her back.


“By the way… Mister, who are you really…?”


“Looks like you asked about it quite fast.”




Sephiel’s body was lifted up in the air. With her nape caught, Sephiel hung in the air.


Step. Step.


The man walked freely on the wyvern’s back without grabbing the reins and headed toward the tail.


He extended his arm away from the wyvern.




Sephiel swallowed her breath. Her feet were floating in the air.


‘Are you going to throw me away?’


Thump. Thump. Thump.


If anything went wrong, she would die.


‘Don’t tell me, this person is…’


Perhaps because she was so scared, Sephiel’s scream didn’t even come out.


At that moment, the wind blew and the face of the man was revealed.


‘…Ah, my guess was right.’


Golden eyes with black hair.


Creepily sophisticated and neat features. He’s exactly…


‘The adult version of Erga.’


If so, then this man is…


‘The Grand Duke, Daihan de Remdragon.’


The name was well known, but it was extremely rare to see his face. It was the Grand Duke of Remdragon.


Daihan was staring at Sephiel.


‘If I scream, I’ll die.’


At that moment, Sephiel’s instinct shouted. So, Sephiel…


Smiled. Grin.


“It’sh fun!” [It’s fun!]


Not stopping at that, she also reached out and tapped the man’s arm with her small hand.


“High-High, do it more!”

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