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At the Grand Duke’s room. Also used as an audience chamber, the space of Grand Duke Remdragon, who was also the Remdragon Duchy King, was always in a peaceful silence.




Daihan’s grip caught the armrest and broke it.


“You say that little kid is a child of the Allegro Royal Family? Ha, turns out she deceived me with her obedient appearance of following people, like a puppy.”


A chilling Dragon Fear that brought one to one’s knees. Getting hit by that, Elton flinched but soon spoke calmly.


“However, the Little Young Lord calls her ‘Baby Raccoon’. He said that as she wanders running around, as if hiding one’s fine tail, her appearance which makes it hard to see what she’s thinking is strange.”




Daihan said as if he was dumbfounded.


“Indeed. Raccoon. It sure is similar. Anyway, it doesn’t change that she is Allegro’s Raccoon.”


Daihan threw the armrest into the air.




The jeweled ornament that was attached to the old furniture was broken. Elton hurriedly sheltered himself as he made the sound, eek. Lef also quickly cowered down.


“Please calm down!”


Elton and Lef prostrated themselves.


“Calm down? Turns out you hid that Baby Raccoon’s identity ever since that interaction from the Castle wall earlier. Since I’m indifferent to worldly affairs these days, it looks like your King is now negligible, right?”


“No. I assure you that’s not it!”


Lef said.


“Noisy. Bring that little kid, immediately. I’ll take care of her at once.”




Lef turned pale. Elton shouted earnestly.


“Only that we can’t, Grand Duke!”


“You can’t? Do you really want to die?”


“I apologize. But right now, we really can’t.”


“Why can’t you?”




Elton spoke as seriously as he could.


“The Human Baby….  Once it has passed 8 o’clock at night, is asleep!”


Daihan looked at the clock. It was… 9 o’clock at night.


Lef added.


“Berry read a book and it said that if a child under five years old got interrupted during their sleeping time, it would have a fatal impact on their growth.”


“Yes. We’re saying that because of that, even during Miss Baby’s nap time, everyone tries to be quiet.”


When Elton finally added in a few more words, Daihan’s patience completely snapped.


“Hoo, okay. I’ve noted it.”




Lef’s face shone with hope.


“Yeah. I understand the situation. You’re saying that both of you can live well even without one of your arms and legs, right?”


Above Lef and Elton’s bodies, the armchair ornaments began to shoot forth like knives. Moreover, all the furniture inside the room moved up and down.


“Aack, Grand Duke!”


It was the application of psychokinesis, which was Daihan’s specialty.


When they, who were running around frantically avoiding the knives, to the point of being on the verge of fainting, thud, Daihan sat back on a chair.


“…That little kid, is she sent by the Allegro Royal Family?”


“Phew. So now you’re listening. How come you’re getting more sensitive every year… aw! It hurts.”


In the end, Elton got hit once on the back of his head with the largest piece of the armchair.


Elton rubbed his head as he said with a discontented face.


“In truth, Miss Baby has certain circumstances!”






Lef hurriedly said.


After a while, Daihan, who heard the situation roughly, raised his eyebrows.


“…You said she’s a child who grew up being imprisoned?”


“At that, it was also from a very young age.”


“Even now she’s still young, though, just how the hell did they confine her?”


“It seems… it was as soon as she was born…. At least, it seems like that.”


Lef said carefully.


“Yes. According to the investigation, it is said that she has never come out to the outside world.”


“She is on the Allegro’s family register, but it seems that that’s all. It’s lucky that she survived.”


“Why would they bother doing that kind of thing?”


“I’m not sure. Uhm… it is said that Miss Baby isn’t a child of neither the former queen nor the current queen.”


It was a common thing among humans to hide an illegitimate child.


Knowing nothing about the Allegro Royal Family’s inside story, Daihan judged that Sephiel was confined because she was an illegitimate child.




Daihan clicked his tongue.


“Turns out those Allegro’s dogs are so amazing. I have never seen such men even among the Demons. Even small creatures cherish their kids.”


“Yes. But how commendable is she? Didn’t she also give star candy to Mister Daihan?”


Elton immediately followed up.


“They said that she tried sweets for the first time since she was born after she came to this place, and if she went to the extent of offering it to Mister Daihan….”


“It looks like she really wanted to look good to Mister Daihan. Wow. That’s really amazing. We’ve never received candy from her!”


“Are you telling me to shut up because I was bribed just now?”


Daihan spat out. He pressed down hard on his temple.


“…What did that young thing do for you guys to be bewitched like this? I’ve never seen you side with humans, though.”


“About that…”






Lef and Elton scratched their heads.


“There’s no particular reason.”


Lef said seriously.


“…And I mean it’s because she’s cute.”


Daihan recalled Sephiel, who held the saddle tightly on top of a wyvern and let out an exclamation as red dyed her white bread-like cheeks.


‘She’s cute, they said.’


Before he knew it, Daihan’s anger was eased.


In no time, Daihan saw the star candy that Lef put on top of the desk.


“…Did she give me this telling me to eat it?”


“If you don’t need it, should we take it away?”


“…To think a little kid is already using bribery.”




“If that little kid acts like a member of the Allegro Royal Family, you’ll immediately take care of it.”


“Yes! Will there even be a room for doubt?”


“We also will keep an eye closely on her.”


They said that, but Lef already felt a little diffident. 




Lef mumbled.


“She’s a really cute and innocent person.”


“She’s still five years old, so there’s no way she got bad habits from the Allegro Royal Family.”


“Anyway, no matter whose name she bears, won’t the promise of the betrothal have to be kept to fulfill the Grand Duke Family’s long-cherished desire?”


“Yes. Please tolerate it as though she is a cute and pitiful being for now.”


Daihan, tuk tuk, tapped the unscathed armchair piece with his hand.


“Out of the question.”




“Even if she has chubby cheeks, beaming smiles, and has a soft baby smell, don’t make me approach her because I don’t have any thoughts of letting her off.”


“…Ah, yes?”




“Yes! I understand.”




Lef and Elton nodded, worried that Daihan would change his mind.






A few days later.



[What to do, the Grand Duke is continuously inside the Castle. But Mister Elton doesn’t tell us to move back to the separate house.]



Berry said worriedly. Sephiel unintentionally spent time all day playing only in and around her room.




At that time, Sephiel saw Elton who was passing in front of the room through a crack in the open door.


Step step step.


Moving her small feet, Sephiel followed Elton.




“Ah, Miss Baby. What’s the matter? Where are Berry and Marie?”


“Yesh, I habb something I want to ashk….” [Yes, I have something I want to ask.]


Elton said as if he had realized something. 


“Huft, you sure are impatient. I know everything.”


“Yow knoww…?” [You know…?]


“Of course. Please wait a little bit. You’re worried that if you wait for the Little Young Lord, he won’t marry you on his own. Both of you surely need to get older so that you can get married!”


…This is just…


Sephiel held back from almost boiling up.


“It’sh not datt, you know!” [It’s not that, you know!]


“Ah, is that so?”


Elton smiled.


“Anyway, there’s a good thing that happened to Miss Baby, too.”


“What ish it?” [What is it?]


Elton leaned over and showed the very top of the pile of documents that he was holding.



[Marriage Present List.]



“…What’sh thish?” […What’s this?]


“These are the properties that’ll be sent to Miss Baby’s parents’ home. If you’re curious by any chance, would you like to see the content?”


“…My parents’ home?”


Sephiel’s body suddenly hardened. Elton naturally headed to the study, and Sephiel followed Elton with quick, frequent narrow steps.


However, on Sephiel’s back, there broke out a cold sweat.


‘Right. Come to think of it, there was such a promise, right.’


A banquet in which the Grand Duke Family selects the young groom’s political marriage partner.


There was a reason why the parents made a fuss at that banquet.


It was because of the enormous [Wedding Presents] that would be given in exchange for receiving a bride.


‘Come to think of it, the news that I ran away must’ve become known to people of the Allegro Royal Family.’


All of a sudden, anxiety spread.


‘Even for the Allegro Royal Family, the existence which they would never try to touch is surely the Grand Duke of Remdragon Family.’


So, they won’t be able to act rashly.


‘Moreover…. Father won’t have any interest in the present me.’


At the age of five.


At that time, Wittegar only kept Sephiel confined as the family tradition said.


Even the fact that he came to see her once in a while was out of obligation.


‘Back then, he couldn’t even think to take advantage of me, right. Since he only considered me as a cursed illegitimate child.’


However, when Sephiel’s genius was discovered at the age of 15.


At that time, Father suddenly changed.



[I realized when I saw you, who spoke all kinds of ancient languages and mastered letters that I didn’t even teach you, that a child like you will truly be of great use. Aren’t you happy? Didn’t I give the meaning of life to a child that doesn’t have any value like you? Be thankful to me.]



‘I only hope they do not ask to return me.’


Sephiel asked, feeling nervous even while knowing that perhaps it’s not that.


“B-But. Habb you… contactedth Awwegro?” [B-But. Have you… contacted Allegro?]


“Ah. Of course. I’ve sent a letter informing them that Miss Baby will grow up here, and get married to the Little Young Lord in a few years.”


“…Whath did they shay?” […What did they say?]


“Uhmm. Strangely, there was no reply. I wonder if a reply will come around today.”




“Well, we just have to pay as per the procedure.”


Elton made a money shape with his thumb and index finger and nodded.


“Deposit is a panacea for most adults. Usually, if you give them money any particular problem will no longer be raised.”




Turns out Elton knew everything.


But Sephiel couldn’t smile. More than that, if it was a deposit, she wondered if they would also give cash.


“I. The wedding preshensh…. That. Can I wead the wisht?” [I. The wedding presents…. That. Can I read the list?]


“Uhmm. For Miss Baby…, its contents may be difficult to read, though.”


Even while saying that, Elton gladly handed over the documents.



[Emerald Mine Mining Rights]





Sephiel clutched her heart.


It was an emerald mine that would not run out even for a hundred years from now.


It was also the mine that raised Mittara’s family in her previous life.



[Forest Land Business Certificate]



…This is the certificate that Mittara’s father presented to the Royal Family that raised his title of nobility!


‘The profit that was received from the merchant under the Allegro Royal Family through this was tremendous…’


In contrast to its reputation as the Kingdom of Magic, the Allegro Kingdom was crazy for money, they absolutely loved it and squandered that forest land up to the marrow.


And above all….



[Treasure List]



“Y-You’re gowing to gibb all of thish…?” [Y-You’re going to give all of this…?]


“Of course. Now, would you like to see it yourself?”


Not even thinking about hiding the password, Elton turned to the safe and opened it.


‘Rather than that, it’s too much for the safe dial to just be 1234, you know.’


Turns out they’re this careless.


Sephiel was taken aback.


“I-isn’t thath too thoughtlessh?” [I-isn’t that too thoughtless?]


“Don’t worry. It’s a device that attacks outsiders on its own. Although it doesn’t attack our Grand Duke Family members including Miss Baby. And our Grand Duke Family people are too…”


Too nice? Sephiel pricked up her ears.


“…knows well about the Grand Duke’s awful personality, so there’s no way they’re going to steal it unless they’re crazy. Moreover, since there are a lot of mixed-blood descendant people who have a bit of a screw loose….”


“…Yesh.” […Yes.]


It was really a lesson that became her very blood and flesh.


‘More than that, this is too much, you know.’


Sparkle sparkle.


Grand grand.


It really couldn’t be expressed by anything other than that.


“At this rate, our Miss Baby will also garner up respect in the Allegro Royal Family. You know, right? That. A head start.”


With a proud face, Elton, queek, even made an expression of slashing his neck.


‘I want to hit your neck one time with the edge of my hand.’


Aaah, why are the servants of the Grand Duke Family so tactless like this sometimes?


Sephiel grabbed the edge of the desk with force.


Climbing to the Death Note’s highest rank, the distinguished family members who will be delighted to receive this property.


Sephiel felt like she discovered that a baby’s body could also have its blood pressure go up.


‘Let’s hold back….’


Although she hated doing good things for those bastards. However…


‘If I don’t give these properties, I don’t know if they’ll say something and make an issue out of this.’


It’s the things that’ll remain even if they find fault or excuses to then take Sephiel again.


At that moment, Sephiel found a book wrapped in silk among the treasures.


“By da way, what ish thish?” [By the way, what is this?]


“Ah, this is also a wedding present. This is a very old temple’s Bible. Now, this is the document of the extinct Ancient God.”




“Miss Baby? Why are you suddenly sighing…”


That thing. A few years later…. The Ancient Bible which had each page gilded, hits the highest price at an auction….


‘Yup, I can hold it this time too…. Maybe.’


Sephiel clasped the hem of her skirt firmly with her small hands and barely managed to hold back again.


“Ah, just in time, a reply from Miss Baby’s parents home has arrived. It looks like the content is about the wedding procedures and wedding presents.”


Elton said as he went through the letter.


‘No, I mean, does he just summarize a letter from the Royal Family of a country like that?’


It was as if dealing with a tiresome bill.


As Elton saw the letter’s content his expression became subtle.




Elton smirked as if he was dumbfounded and put down the letter.


“…W-Whath did they shay?” […W-What did they say?]


“No. It’s simply not worth it for Miss Baby to read.”


“I- I want to see it!”


It may be a letter that may interfere with the marriage. Sephiel stretched out her arms as she, thump thump, jumped in place with her little feet, and….


“Miss Baby. You have to be careful, right?”


Elton dropped the letter as he held the faltering Sephiel. Sephiel quickly picked up the letter.


“…Ah. Come to think of it, Miss Baby said that you know how to read, right.”


Sephiel immediately realized the reason why dismay spread in Elton’s voice.


In it, a message saying that a person would be sent at a certain date to receive the wedding present was written.


The problem was the last paragraph.


To sum up, it was as follows.



[There will not be a single wedding present sent from the Allegro side at all, and since there is also no dowry, if you don’t like it, I don’t care even if you throw away that child immediately.]



Sephiel knew that handwriting.


‘He sent such an offensive letter like this? It also looks like he wrote it himself?’


Father’s handwritten letter which Sephiel had never even once received before.


That’s what the content was about.




At that moment, Sephiel’s patience had run out.




Sephiel gulped down her saliva.


‘I can’t stand it.’




A small pocket pup inside Sephiel roared.


‘I can never give them the wedding presents.’


She’ll do her best to ruin this wedding present exchange.


Sephiel clenched the letter firmly with her small fist.


‘You’re all dead.’

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