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If so, what was ‘revenge’?


‘I will devote my whole life to revenge. I don’t care even if my life is ruined because of it.’


It was a line from an adventure novel that Sephiel liked.


Even though this was mentioned before, after Sephiel learned the alphabet, she read as many books as she wanted.


“Yup, dwer is nofwing wike dat.” [Yup, there is nothing like that.]


Of course, there was no loss even if she hit the heads of each of the bastard family members! However—


‘Isn’t living well the best revenge?’


If she wasted her life hating on her enemies and trying to retaliate, wasn’t that simply secondary damage?


‘It’s called retreating for greater gains. Greater gains!’


That was not Sephiel’s goal.


‘Even if I become an adult, I will live a very happy life.’


In her previous life, Sephiel had a timid and cowardly personality, but she wasn’t an idiot.


‘First, I’ll find my path in life. After that, I’ll get my revenge.’


Sephiel growled, a serious look on her face.


‘Great. Now, I have to escape first.’


Sephiel thought as she chewed her small lips.


‘The Four Monarchs of the Union of Kingdoms. Among them, my family’s power reached the majority of places.’


The Four Monarchs. The Grand Duke of Remdragon, the King of the Magic Kingdom, the Grand Duke of Fuller, who was from Margraves, and lastly, the Sarihan Grand Duchy who ruled over the Free-City which held most of the market.


The Union of the Four Monarchs, was ruled by the four heads of the monarch families.


Two Duchies, one City State, and one Kingdom.


The Four Monarchs who ruled over these places had an alliance relationship. A kind of coalition that shared numerous systems.


Therefore, most places in the Union of Kingdoms were under the influence of Allegro.


She would be caught quickly if she hastily ran away.


‘My father. To escape him, I need a more powerful existence than a King.’


Sephiel recalled the words Heron had said.


She was sure that he said,



[A grand banquet will be held to select the Little Young Lord’s political marriage partner.]



‘He said it like that.’


The Remdragon Grand Duchy of Black.


Daihan de Remdragon, the Grand Duke, and also King of the Duchy, which was a small country ruled by people who had blood mixed with dragons.


‘The Remdragon family began a fearsome slaughter in the war that shook the continent 300 years ago, right?’


She felt chills just thinking of it.


‘Furthermore, they were very violent and scary people, right?’


However, it was a family that met the conditions Sephiel wanted.


‘Also, within the Union of Kingdoms, it was a family that had a bad relationship with Allegro.’


Right. It was like that. And also…


‘I’m sure around this time, a banquet was held to select the bride of the Little Young Lord of Remdragon!’


It matched what Heron said.


The conditions for attending the bride’s selection banquet was for one to be a young girl, who had the blood of the Three Monarchs, even if it was just a little bit, excluding those who had Remdragon blood of course.


‘In my previous life, a very unexpected person was selected to be the Little Young Lord’s political marriage partner, right?’


The Little Young Lord’s marriage partner was a child called Mittara.


That child was Sephiel’s very distant relative.


‘I heard that everyone was surprised when Mittara was selected. After all, it was well known that the relationship between the Remdragon Family and the Allegro Royal Family was terrible.’


However, once Mittara had become an adult, she suddenly came back to the Allegro Kingdom.


‘Right, I’m sure. Mittara…. Not long before I was taken to the lab in my previous life. She came back after getting divorced.’


The world was curious about Mittara’s experience.



[After you went to your husband’s house, there was no news from you, why did you come back?]


[I was used!]



Mittara cried.



[Those people, they didn’t care about what kind of bride it was! As long as they could achieve their long-cherished wish. It was fine as long as the person had the blood of the Three Monarchs!]



It turned out that it was true.


The Remdragon Grand Duke Family.


A God-like family whose blood was mixed with dragon blood. They tried to defeat their old enemy, the Demons, together with the humans 300 years ago.


However, they were so strong that it was only possible to settle down in the human world only by signing peace agreements with the monarchs of the existing human world.


Thus, the Remdragons made several promises with humans.


Among them, the most famous promise was this kind of promise,



[Will set free the Union of Kingdoms’ land from the Demons.]



Other than that, there was,



[Will not invade foreign land for no reason.]





Although there were several peace treaties and promises. 


There was a last promise that they couldn’t fulfill.


That was the [Betrothal].



[The Grand Duchy of Remdragon’s Grand Duke or his direct heir would have a political marriage with one person among the daughters of those who had the Three Monarchs bloodline.]



That promise had always been delayed.


‘The Remdragons’ help is precious. Besides, they had much longer lifespans than humans.’


No wonder, even after countless years had passed, there were only two direct descents of mixed dragon blood born inside the Remdragon Duchy.


Then, finally, five years ago, a Little Young Lord was born in the Grand Duke Family of Remdragon.


With that chance, Remdragon finally decided to keep their last promise.


‘If they failed to fulfill their promises, they would be stranded in the human world.’


So, just like that, they kept their last promise, and—


‘Farewell. We are now leaving for the world of eternal happiness. We’ve been well here in the human world.’


They excitedly left for the World of The Gods.


Since it was said that dragons were half-divine beings, it was possible for them to live in the World of The Gods.


Then, what kind of appearance did Mittara, who was abandoned by the dragons, came back with?


Long story short…



[Everyone left me to live in a separate house. No one searched for me!]



Mittara’s face was shiny, and she had gained some weight.



[I’ve been alone for over 10 years! Although I ate the finest food for every meal, and I had hundreds of clothes….  I was still taken and left alone in the forest!]


[Moreover, I’ve never seen my husband’s face. Not even once! First night? Don’t even think about it!]



People were shocked.


Not a single tea party was held, not even once. Even a banquet wasn’t held!



[So it was mistreatment… No, it was abuse!]


[You must’ve been very bored since you were all alone. As expected, the dragon mixed bloods are cruel!]



Sephiel was able to attend a ball or tea party once or twice a year.


The prophecy of the Allegro Royal Family and Sephiel’s existence were top secrets that only direct descents of the Royal Family, and some members of the senates knew. Very few people were aware of this secret. 


So, at gatherings, she pretended to be an orphan brought by the King for charity.


Such orphans usually served as maids.


That day happened to be a New Year’s banquet, but there too, she was taking care of her family members just like a maid.



‘What kind of abuse is that?’



Sephiel thought at that time.



‘Isn’t that simply the easiest task, the easiest workplace, and the greatest place that God has hidden?’



Sephiel thought that if she was in that situation, she would be happy to live such a life ten times over and over.


However, Mittara didn’t think like that.



[I’m going to prepare a lawsuit. I will never forgive them. My life was ruined because of them!]



Several times, Mittara dragged the people of her family to go and protest to the Grand Duke Family.


Later, as a result of her loud protest, blows were exchanged between the family’s knights.


‘And in the end, Mittara’s family… They were ruined.’


After repeatedly making a fuss, Mittara’s family territory was destroyed by the hands of the dragons who were currently there.


If someone dared to interfere with the dragon’s departure to the world of happiness, that person’s future would take a turn for the worse.


‘There won’t be any problems if I willingly got divorced, right?’


In addition, Mittara’s divorce was a decade later.


At that time, she was big enough, and since she was alone, she was an adult who could go anywhere.



[Do you think I’ll step down after receiving such a huge amount of alimony? I’ll make sure to get the rest of the Grand Duke Family’s property.]



Yes. That was what Mittara, who was leaving the Royal Palace, mumbled several times.


‘Maybe… I’ll even get alimony.’


Sephiel muttered the words that she had only ever seen in books.


She was smarter than anyone else and had a lot of knowledge, but in some ways, she was quite naive. It’s because she has no experience.


The thing called alimony was….


‘So, it was divorce compensation money!’


Ah. So, it was like that.


That meant she could borrow the Remdragon name and then receive severance pay.


There was no greater position in the world.


Sephiel felt her heart pounding.


‘How much would the amount of alimony be?’


Since she had made secret ledgers for a long time, she knew the value of money and objects.


However, ‘alimony’ couldn’t be pictured quickly because it was an item that had never been on the ledger.


If it happened to be a large amount of alimony, it could be an amount enough that would allow her to be able to eat every day when she became an adult.


They said she would need money to buy clothes when she went out into the world.


‘Maybe I can buy new clothes every season.’




She could even buy a doll…


A doll that she had only ever imagined in her dreams. Even if it was very small and old, it would be great.


In addition, she would maybe be able to buy sweets sometimes.


‘Oh my.’


Sephiel gulped.


In her previous life, among her family members, Sephiel’s grandmother, the Queen Mother, always said this.



[Don’t be greedy. Know your place and behave nicely.]


[You should be thankful that we even spared your life. How can a girl be so selfish like this? So you have devoured evil!]



Eat less, serve, and always be thankful.


Also, live nicely.


It was the phrase that Sephiel had always heard. The words as if glued stuck to her ears.


Ever since Sephiel was born, she had never eaten three times a day in her entire life.


She didn’t even know that there was a thing called ‘dessert’ in the world.


When she was young, the only meals given to her was clear porridge, and after she became a bit bigger, they gave her dried fruits and tasteless bread. She lived by soaking them in water.


When she grew up, she ate less every time because she was conscious of her family and her stomach was weak.


‘Now I’m going to eat three times a day.’




With the remaining money!


Borrowing their name under the pretext of marriage!


‘Now I’m completely evil.’


She desired to eat as many as three-time meals a day.


Of course, everything would no longer just be a story when her plan succeeds.






That night, Sephiel lay on the floor trying to figure out the various ways to go in and out of the prison, scribbling it out in an old notebook.




She continued contemplating, unaware that her chubby butt and small head were unconsciously making slow movements.


‘Should I steal the prison guard’s key… Should I pretend to be sick and then faint…. There’s also the worst way of using the devils who will come to kidnap me a few years later.’


Sephiel was confined her entire life, so she read all the books she could find.


Among them, there were books full of tactics and amazing adventure stories.


The ideas of applying the methods in the books popped up.




To strengthen her evilness, Sephiel decided to write a revenge note.


Sephiel ranked and noted down the names of all the people who tormented her and those she hated. It was a kind of hit list.


‘Yeah. From now on, let’s call this thing the Death Note.’


And so, the long-awaited Rank 1 of the Death Note was…


‘There’s too many rank 1 candidates!’


Among Sephiel’s family members, it was too hard to identify the worst among them. They were all troublemakers.


Furthermore, not every family member tormented Sephiel.


‘But, as expected, the highest rank has to be my father, Wittegar the Third.’


Just then, outside the prison, there was a husky shout together with a string of curse words.


“You bug-like thing! How dare you do that to the Prince? There will be no food for you for a while!”


It was Sephiel’s prison guard, Lotto.


‘Oh yeah. I can’t forget about you, too.’


Sephiel wrote down Lotto as rank 2.


And with a chubby fist the size of an acorn, she made the evilest expression she could and squeezed the pencil.


‘The biggest factor that ruined my childhood.’


Sephiel’s guard and escort who often yelled and sometimes hit her. Lotto. 


That Lotto knocked loudly on the iron bars.


“You aren’t going to run over here? The Second Prince asked me to punish you. I heard you were arrogant to him?”


One side of Sephiel’s lips went up. It was the small growl of a small dog.


Now that I’m here, I…


‘…don’t forget my grudges.’

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