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“I’ll take you to your house and leave right away.”


Diana, who was petting the puppy, paused.


“…So fast?”


“If I want to come back fast, of course, I have to leave fast.”


In an instant, Diana’s expression dimmed.


“Don’t worry. I’ll be right back.”




Diana’s expression still didn’t straighten out. She looked like a puppy about to be abandoned. It was hard for Hermann to leave her behind. But, he had to go.


“I’m sure you’ve been through a lot.”


Hermann kneeled down in front of her.


“Even if the thing I’m about to do doesn’t work out well, I’ll definitely take responsibility for you.”


Hermann raised his hand and lightly stroked Diana’s head.


“Trust me. I’ll definitely come back.”


With tears in her eyes, Diana nodded fervently. Herman sighed at her reluctant appearance and eventually hugged Diana.


‘I’ll bring your father back as soon as possible.’






It was huge. The body of the four-wheeled white carriage was adorned with extravagant golden vine patterns.


The carriage door was even more lavish, decorated with a familiar pattern of birds flying with branches in their mouths. The birds had sapphires in their eyes, their wings embedded with gold, and emeralds decorating their beaks.


Literally, the carriage that was made out of jewels. A symbol of the Ohrids.


Two drivers with dark green capes approached the carriage.


“Miss Camillo. There are reporters swarming in. It looks like we won’t be able to follow the schedule.”


A voice came from the open window.


“Again? They’re really troublesome.”


Camillo, the owner of the sighing voice, continued.


“Well, what else can we do? It’s the fate that we, Ohrids, have to face.”


Camillo said while gently moving her fan. Camillo was Ohrid’s granddaughter, the niece of the current Count of Ohrid.


“An Ohrid can’t just stay at home because they’re scared of the paparazzi, you know?”


“I apologize. It’s my fault for not managing my subordinates properly.”


The person across Camillo opened their eyes.


Under the eyelids that opened slowly were eyes that looked like they were made of melted gold. His face was so delicate that he looked like a wax figurine, his slightly swaying platinum clad feet were truly aristocratic.


The man’s name was Senir, Ohrid’s heir. 


Senir was raised as the heir of the Ohrid Family after the disappearance of the Young Count of Ohrid, Philippa Ohrid. However, for Senir that was a commoner, there was one condition for him to be the heir.


Marry an Ohrid with the closest blood relation. It was precisely Camillo Ovalon, who was chosen as Senir’s bride. 


Senir and Camillo. As both of them got off the carriage, a crowd of reporters pressed their shutters and began shouting.


“Miss Camillo! When will you officially join the Ohrid family register!”


Someone called distinctly in the uproar. Camillo, who was walking up the red carpet, stopped walking. Camillo looked back at the reporters with a displeased face.


It was Camillo who leaked her own schedule.


Today was Camillo’s birthday. And, she wanted to show off the presents that she received.


That’s why she intentionally leaked their appointment to watch the opera. She wanted a crowd to ask her about her gifts so she could brag. However, the reporters only asked stupid questions with no clue at all. 


‘I have to tell Senir to get rid of those reporters.’


Senir would definitely use his hands to make them no longer appear in front of her again. Because, even if she told Senir to pick the stars from the sky, he would do it.


‘It would be great if I can officially join the Ohrid family register fast.’


She wanted to be Camillo Ohrid as soon as possible, not Camillo Ovalon.


Then, she would be able to slap the faces of those who laughed at her saying, “It’s not something you would know. After all you’re not an Ohrid, right?”


‘Only by becoming an adult…’


When she becomes an adult, even Count Ohrid could no longer postpone Camillo’s entry into the family register.


Her father had always told her, 


[Ohrid was originally mine! If it wasn’t for that Clement Ohrid asshole, we’d be the most prosperous! We’re only getting back what was originally ours!]


Her father, the current Count’s younger brother, was forced out of Ohrid in the second half of his life after Count Ohrid took over.


All that remained was the measly title of Baron Ovalon. He didn’t receive anything else from Ohrid.


[Senir. Even though that low life’s ability is outstanding, if he doesn’t marry you, then he will have nothing. It doesn’t matter if he was raised to succeed Ohrid, in the end the most important thing is bloodline! Do you think my mother, Ohrid’s esteemed wife, would admit Senir if he didn’t marry you? That’s ridiculous.]


Senir was outstanding in both brains and beauty. Even if she scoured the entire continent, she wouldn’t find anyone as good as Senir.


‘Although it’s only natural to be that good if he wants to marry me.’


Camillo smiled proudly as she headed to her box seat at the opera house owned by the Ohrid Family. When she appeared, all eyes gravitated toward her.


Camillo approached the edge of the box seat, straightening up her posture to show the Nova’s Tear that she received as a present.


She felt that today would definitely be a perfect day. She was enjoying the stares and admiration that was aimed at her, when someone came into the box seat and pulled back the curtain. 


It was Senir’s closest secretary.


Camillo’s face turned sour when she saw the secretary. The secretary ignored her gaze and whispered something into Senir’s ear. With a completely unchanged look, Senir nodded slightly.


“What is the matter?” Camillo asked, as the secretary left.


“Camillo, something urgent has come up. I have to leave now.”


“What did you say?”


“Camillo, I’m very sorry.”


“What in the world are you talking about?”


She picked up the cape that Senir had taken off.


“Today is my birthday! Is there any matter that’s more important than my birthday?!”


Senir smiled lightly with his eyes drooping as if he was sorry. However, not once did he say he was going to stay.




“I’m sorry.”


“… I’ll tell father about today’s matter!”


Camillo quivered and threatened. But, Senir had already left his seat without looking back. Camillo stared at the floating curtains he left behind.


Emerging from the curtains, Senir saw his secretary.


“Tell me what happened.”


In an instant, Senir’s beautiful face became expressionless. It was as if the sorry smile he gave to Camillo never existed.


“Lady Philippa’s secret bank account, which the Sage, Hermann Rietchen held, has been transferred to someone.”


The secretary handed over the report.


Philippa Ohrid’s secret bank account. It was her personal secret fund that Philippa kept secret from the family. But, one can never avoid Ohrid’s eyes.


Surely, she took various measures to avoid them. However, Count Ohrid’s efforts to find his missing daughter were a step ahead.


Philippa did some unique things before she disappeared. One of them was handing over her secret property to Hermann.


Hermann was not interested in the property and left it to a proxy manager, never looking for it as if he had forgotten about it.


But for more than a decade, Ohrid continued to monitor the secret account. The last person Philippa faced. Her long-time best friend. There was good reason to keep an eye on Hermann, not just because of the account.


For the first time after 13 years, Hermann Rietchev came out of the World Tower and immediately began searching for Philippa.


“It doesn’t say to whom the property was transferred to.”


“I apologize. I’m afraid finding out will take a little longer.”


“How long?”


“One day. However….”


Senir, who was reading the report, glanced at his secretary.


“It was said that Hermann Rietchev brought back a girl, claiming to be her guardian.”


Senir was silent.


The secretary didn’t know what Senir was thinking. But he wasn’t nervous. Senir always did what was best for Ohrid.


“What’s my schedule?”


“Tomorrow, there will be a luncheon with the Imperial Prince. The day after tomorrow, there will be a finance ministry meeting, and in three days, there will be a donation auction held at the Duke’s place.”


Philippa was the only rebel of Ohrid.


The disappearance of Ohrid’s beloved daughter, Philippa, who should have inherited Ohrid, caused big irreparable wounds to Ohrid.


“Cancel it all. We’re heading to Aachen.”


“Yes, I understand. For how many days should I cancel?”


“Indefinitely until everything is clear.”


Senir said while handing over the file to his secretary.






‘It’s really strange. My home…’


That phrase was incredibly strange for Diana. Her chest tightened so much that she wondered how it got hurt.


On top of the bed, Diana rolled over and laid down. The sun penetrated through the window and illuminated the wooden floor.


‘Just a few days ago, I was waking up at dawn and working until the moon was high up in the sky…’


Diana petted the puppy on her bedside. Gradually, the puppy’s ears drooped, carefully enjoying her touch.


‘I need to name the puppy….’


For several days, Diana just called it ‘Puppy’. She petted the puppy for a long time before coming up with a name she liked.




Sky since its eyes were blue just like the sky. Diana proudly called.




The black-fur ears pricked up. Did the puppy understand? Wanting the puppy to remember it soon, Diana repeatedly said.


“Your name is Sky.”


Diana said firmly. 


It was when Diana got up from laziness and was washing and drying her hair, that she heard a bang on the door.


“Who is it?”


Donatella, one of the maids that Hermann hired for Diana, said.


“Sky, let’s go check. It seems we have a visitor.”


As Diana opened the door she saw two people. A merchant and another man who he had brought along. Diana’s house was a house where no one had lived in for a long time, so it needed to be renovated here and there. They needed to assess the situation of the real estate. 

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