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“What did they say?”




“I’m really going crazy. Really. Just how many days has it been?!”


Despite the man’s loud voice, the Duke of Nohibaden only looked at the ship with cold eyes that did not reveal his feelings.


“I said we have to go before the east wind blows!”


There were only about 15 days left until the east wind blew. When the east wind begins to blow, no matter how good the ship was, it was impossible to go to the West Continent until spring.


Originally, pirates had always existed. But, their presence wasn’t to this extent. 


As if they had received support from somewhere, they were armed with fast ships, sharp weapons, and high-performance cannons, the pirates hunted all ships that were traveling to and from the continent.


“Don’t tell me….”


No matter how much he thought about it, the timing was too much of a coincidence. If one looked closely, there was also something strange about their behavior. Leaving the small ships alone, they acted as if the large merchant ships were the purpose.


However, it was the merchant ships which were traveling to and from the East Continent that received the biggest damage. Even if the merchant ship had nothing, it would always sink or be damaged to the point where they couldn’t even dream of operating for a while.


The delight he felt when he had quickly found Thesevitz was only for a moment. He couldn’t tell how long it had been since he was stranded on the East Continent.


Unable to hide his anxiousness, Herman said to Thesevitz for no reason.


“What kind of spirit did you cross the sea with? Because the Red Flame is useless in the sea….”






It was a wave sound which was only heard by those who could feel mana. Although it was no use blocking it, Hermann, who reflexively blocked his ears, shook his tingling head.


“What’s that about Red Flame? I thought it was asleep.”


“It’s surely just that the power of the Red Flame weakens in the sea, but it doesn’t fall asleep like the rumors that circulate around say.”


Thesevitz slightly frowned and said.


“Oh yeah?”


“So the sage made a mistake.”




Still, he calmed down little by little after the nonsensical conversation. After closing his mouth for a while, he looked at Thesevitz.


“Is Count Ohrid trying to tie you up here?”




If his predictions were correct, the reason why Count Ohrid would do this was obvious. Diana.


How did she find out? Was she watching him? Or was the problem with handing over Philippa’s property? However, when Philippa handed over her property, she said it was property that even her family did not know about.


No, everything was an excuse. It was just that he was too complacent.


Unlike him, who was suffering from a sense of self-criticism, his close friend’s face did not reveal what the hell he was thinking of.


Even when he heard about his daughter’s existence, he had the same expression on his face.



[Are you sure you’re listening to me? You have a daughter.]


[I know.]


[You know?]


[Why do you think I’m here?]




[Philippa gave birth to a child here.]


[What? Are you saying that she went over the sea because she was pregnant? Is she crazy? If something went wrong….]



Cutting off Hermann’s words, Thesevitz asked.



[So, are you saying that Philippa is dead?]



He shut his mouth.


The empty eyes full of despair.


He could barely answer as if someone was squeezing his breath deep in his lungs.





[So it’s like that.]



Thesevitz looked at the corner of the desk meaninglessly. Silence enveloped the room. He couldn’t find a word of consolation. Since no words of consolation would reach him.


Thesevitz, who palmed his face, got up.



[Let’s talk about the rest tomorrow. …I want to be alone.]



Walking with heavy steps, Thesevitz approached the cupboard.



[Do you want to dri…. Ah, no, nothing. Yeah, see you tomorrow.]



This was Thesevitz who had already stopped drinking after going through bad things once. Hermann had no choice but to leave behind the man quietly tilting his drinking glass.


It seemed that Philippa had given birth to a child here and stayed a little before returning to the West Continent. When he heard the fact Thesevitz had tracked down…






Having been lost in thought for a while, he looked at Thesevitz.


“There’s something I want you to do.”


“What is it?”


Thesevitz wasn’t looking at him. He was looking at the broken ship, no, he was looking at the horizon beyond it.


“Now I’m sick and tired of chasing after someone.”






Count Ohrid’s office, which was full of antique furniture with vine-patterned decorations, gave the impression of the family’s wealth and the long years of maintaining it. Each thing in the room was Ohrid itself.


And if someone had to choose the newest thing in the office—


“Is the class okay?”


Diana raised her head.


She put down the book she was looking at a while ago on her lap. She was waiting to drink tea with Grandmother.


“Tell me if it’s too hard. I heard that you fell asleep late last night too.”


“Ah, yesterday? It’s because after I did the homework that Teacher Conrad gave me, I was curious about something.”


Teacher Conrad was a tutor that Grandmother attached to Diana.


“I went to the study and found an interesting book, but as I read it, it had already become late.”


Diana smiled brightly.


“Although it’s a relief if it’s like that….”


“It’s really fine. I do it because I like it.”


“Good. Don’t overdo it.”


“Come to think of it, I heard you got to ride that horse.”


“Ah, even if I don’t, I’m thinking about its name.”


She had also learned horse riding consistently. Yesterday, she finally climbed on the blue maned horse for the first time.


It had been a month since she brushed its mane and walked around holding its reins. It was a success reached after consistent hard work.


Of course, everyone was so worried that she couldn’t even dream of running with it.


“Be careful. Since that horse is too wild.”


“Yes. I’ll be careful.”


“I don’t like knowing that such a small and insignificant creature, the horse, was choosing its owner. Though seeing that it chose you, it seems like it’s smart.”


In the end, Diana burst into laughter.


Diana, who jumped up and ran, tightly hugged Grandmother who was sitting in a chair.


“Grandmother, you know I really like you, right?”


“Am I the one you like most?”


“Of course, you’re the first one.”


Grandmother, who was rubbing her cheek on Diana’s bright hair, paused.


“But I heard Spencer brag about being the first you like most….”




No, she meant, just when did he brag about that? She burst into laughter. Grandmother asked in a serious voice.


“Who do you like more, Grandmother or Grandfather?”


“Now is Grandmother.”


Grandmother looked dissatisfied.


“Diana. I’m saying that if….”


Grandmother stopped talking and looked at Diana. Dianan tilted her head at her.




“No, it’s nothing.”


Grandmother stroked Diana’s head and raised herself up.


“It was a useless thought.”


Diana brought Grandmother a cane.


“Turns out you must have waited for a long time. I’ll have to tell them to bring out the tea.”


Even if it was slow, Grandmother preferred to walk in the house rather than use a wheelchair.


At that time, she heard a knock on the door.


The number of people who could enter the office was very limited. Grandfather, a maid who had been serving Grandmother since childhood, the butler, and Diana.


“Come in.”


Two people were seen through the open door. The butler and—


“Count, the Little Young Master has returned.”


A welcome came after the unexpected meeting. Following the butler, Senir entered the office.


‘It’s the first time since I came to Grandmother’s house, right?’


She hadn’t seen him for quite a while, but nothing had changed.


A delicate face like a wax doll, a calm expression, graceful manners.


Senir also saw Diana. When he saw her, he blinked his golden eyes exactly twice, then headed towards Grandmother.


“Greetings to the Count.”


“Yeah, it’s been a while.”


Then he bowed his head slightly toward her again.


“Turns out, the Young Miss was also here.”


Diana hesitated, also bending her head reflexively.


‘Did he call me Young Miss just now?’


Senir, who looked back at Grandmother again, calmly said.


“I did not know that you would be with the Young Miss because you were in the office. I will organize what I have done and report it right away.”




“Then I will get going.”


She just blinked at the situation that was over in an instant.


It had been so long since they met, but he only greeted like this then parted? She didn’t know when Senir would return if he left the mansion again. Seeing Senir heading back to the door, Diana hurriedly said.


“Excuse me—!”


At her shout, Senir and Grandmother looked back at Diana.




But what should I say? Don’t just go? Go after we talk a little bit more? Won’t I look like an insistent person? But…


Waiting, Grandmother asked.


“Diana? What’s the matter?”


“Uhm, how about drinking tea together?”


Grandmother looked back at Senir and said to the butler who was still at the door.


“Prepare the place.”


“Yes, understood.”


It was tea time that she thought would simply end with a teacup. Because until now, it had only been simply drinking tea in Grandmother’s office or on the terrace attached to the office.


But somehow, it became a full-fledged tea party, setting up seats in the garden. Senir and Diana went down first while the butler was preparing for the place. Grandmother said she would follow after finishing her work.


“It’s the first time since that day.”


Unlike Diana, who couldn’t open her mouth easily, Senir remained unchanged.


“How have you been during that time?”


“Everyone was so nice to me, so I’ve been doing well. How about Senir?”


“There was nothing different from usual. Except that I didn’t have time to come back home due to a lot of work.”


The soft, gentle voice and beautiful appearance remained the same.


“Ah, by any chance, do you like pearls?”




At the sudden question, Diana opened her eyes wide.


“Yes. Among the places I visited, one was famous for pearls.”


Senir smiled.


Even with their leisurely pace, before she knew it, they arrived at the garden. She could see the place that had been prepared. Between the brightly bloomed bushes, white tables appeared, with a few checkered ones here and there.


“It’s very pretty here, too.”


Diana was amazed. It was a place that she used to pass by often, but when it was put down with tables and chairs, it became a good place to relax. At that time, she heard a rustling sound between the bushes.

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