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At the falling sensation, Diana woke up in fright. Her hair which touched the floor stretched long. Diana looked around her surroundings bewilderedly.


“My goodness! Young Miss, are you all right?”


“What, ah, what’s happen….”


The culprit was Sky. Diana looked discontentedly at the pillow whose tail was wagging.


“You can wake me up in another way, you know.”


Sky, hmph, snorted and slowly headed towards the mansion.


Diana yawned as she stretched. The dark turquoise ribbon, which decorated her chest was shaking.


“Why am I so sleepy even though I slept so much?”


“Young Miss, it turns out you are getting a lot of sleep.”


At Michelle’s words, Diana nodded as she rubbed her eyes.


After coming to the Ohrid mansion, time flew by quickly. She had already spent two winters, and now the third winter was approaching.


Sky grew a lot, and Diana grew a little. Although she still looked younger than her age, her appearance looked a lot better when compared to when she first came to the Ohrid mansion.


“Young Miss, the Count is looking for you.”


“Grandmother is?”


Diana tilted her head.


“For what matter?”


“She didn’t tell me. Shall I prepare to comb your hair and wash your face?”


Diana nimbly wiped around her mouth to see whether she drooled without herself realizing it.


“Is it very obvious that I fell asleep?”


“It’s not that, but rather it seems you’re still sleepy.”


“Then it’s okay. I’ll surely get awake as I walk.”


She walked out the backyard together with Michelle. As she got closer to the mansion, Diana ran heading toward the person who was standing under the stairs.




“Run carefully.”


“Why are you out here?”


“I was gonna take a walk with you. I mean only if I’m not a distraction.”


“Of course you’re not!”


Smiling brightly, Diana linked her arms with Grandmother’s. And then Grandmother familiarly rested so that she would be comfortable. Using a cane on the opposite hand and leaning onto Diana, Grandmother slowly walked.


“I’m thinking about expanding the backyard a bit more.”


“More? Then, wouldn’t the backyard be too big?”


“It doesn’t matter. After all, there’s no one in the separate building now. I am thinking about demolishing the wall that is shared with the separate building and merging the gardens.”


“Then what’s going to happen to the separate building? The separate building has no garden, right?”


Diana’s chattering voice spread through the garden.


“You like the backyard, don’t you?”


Diana’s ears suddenly turned red at Grandmother’s words which were trivial.


“Or by any chance, you don’t like it?”


“N-No. I definitely like it! I really like it!”


“Yeah. Then that’s enough. So I’ll have to tell them to proceed like that.”


She had come to a conclusion. Diana smiled faintly.


“Then from when do you plan to start the construction?”


“If it’s in line with my thoughts, I want to proceed right away, but no matter how I see it, it must be able to proceed in the coming winter.”


Diana slowly led Grandmother towards the direction where there was shade. Although it had entered autumn, the sun was still hot.


Grandmother opened her mouth again.


“Marchioness Lombell will be visiting the main building tomorrow.”


“The main building?”




“It’s interesting.”


“Well, after you came here, it’s the first time, right?”


“Yes. It’s the first time.”


The Ohrid mansion was divided into a total of three buildings through two steel-barred windows. Each was respectively called the west building, the main building, and the separate building.


If you enter the inside of the first wall, there was the west building, and it was a place where external guests were received or where the employees were staying. Most of the guests were met at this west building.


The main building was inside of the second wall. As the access of outsiders is almost cut off, in the main building, is where she, Grandmother, Grandfather, Esteemed Mother, and Senir lived.


“Then what should I do? Should I stay in my room?”


Since they still haven’t revealed her publicly, not showing her figure—


At that time, Grandmother said to her with a stern face.


“This place is your house. Why do you have to hide?”


“Ah… that- is right…?”




My house. Somehow the feeling of warm energy spread in her heart. Looking at Diana who was grinning, Grandmother continued her words again.


“I intend to prepare for your debut.”






Marchioness Lombell’s mood was very low. Even at the teacup that was put in front of her, she didn’t touch it.


Marchioness Lombell and Count Ohrid were at a similar age. However, the radius of activity was different. It was absolutely not a close relationship. However, even if they weren’t close, there was a lot of news that reached her ears.


The influence of Count Ohrid, who lost her daughter and her heir disappeared, gradually decreased.


People naturally flocked to Baron Ovalon. Since if ever Count Ohrid dies, the noble title would belong to Baron Ovalon.


Count Ohrid was now finished. It was when everyone thought so.


Count Ohrid put up some commoner whose identity was unknown as her heir. It sure was possible under Imperial law. If he just entered the family register, then he had the right of succession ahead of Baron Ovalon.


However, no one had ever done that.


After Count Ohrid decided internally Senir as her heir, she lived a secluded life in the mansion. At first, everyone thought that she would come back after a short break. However, the period of her not appearing lengthened. Rumors about whether there was something wrong with the Count’s health have also circulated.


When such a count requested a meeting, the Marchioness of Lombell also couldn’t help but be surprised.


The Count visited while avoiding people’s eyes, and the Marchioness of Lombell returned all the maids and faced the Count alone.



[I plan to hold my birthday banquet in a month.]



The Marchioness of Lombell held the teacup without shaking even at the surprising words. It was a very elegant gesture to the point that it was impossible to catch even one flaw, but inside there were raging winds.


Count Ohrid says that she’s holding a birthday banquet? This is something new. The Marchioness didn’t even remember when the Count last held a banquet.



[The Count surely didn’t ask to talk and came all the way here just regarding the banquet, right.]



Count Ohrid smiled faintly. Marchioness Lombell was a bit surprised. It was because she read affection from that smile.



[There’s a child whose face I’ll show.]



Come to think of it, had she ever seen the Count smile?



[Please take care of the child.]



At that shock, the answer ended up a little late. The Marchioness of Lombell’s eyes became sharp.



[…Don’t you know well that I don’t teach just anyone?]


[That’s why I’m asking you.]


[What if I refuse?]


[Refusal, you won’t be able to.]





That’s how she ended up coming to the Count of Ohrid Family. This situation was very unpleasant.


Marchioness Lombell was once part of high society’s powerful figures and even now when has retired, she still wielded influence as a doyenne. There were never ending lines of nobles who would line up just to have a chance at requesting learning from her.


Teaching wasn’t just simply learning. It meant becoming the person’s support in high society. It was not a seat to be exchanged recklessly like a deal.


However, as she was half threatened like this, she did it. It was natural for her high pride to be damaged.


With nothing more to see, it was a refusal.


She was going to do only the bare minimum of her duty. Just to the point where Count Ohrid couldn’t pick on her.


There was the sound of the long-awaited knock.


Marchioness Lombell raised her chin straight. There was then the sound of the door opening. The continuing footsteps were light. After putting down the teacup, Marchioness of Lombell turned half a beat late.


As soon as she saw the girl who came in, she couldn’t help but harden just like that.


“Hello. I am Diana. It’s an honor to meet you.”




Marchioness Lombell couldn’t immediately reply. 


She has experienced lots of situations as she dominated high society. However, she has never been silent for so long like this.


‘…I guess now I’ve also aged.’


Now, the name that was buried inside her memory came to mind.


Philippa Ohrid.


In an instant, all puzzles were put together.


‘To think that I couldn’t notice this before.’


The masked girl who keeps going in and out of the Ohrid mansion. She showed a distinctive move every time. There was a rumor that came to her ears even if she wasn’t interested. The thing that made even Marchioness Lombell surprised was the words that she had tamed the notorious blue maned horse from Nohibaden.


The taken photo of the girl who was riding the horse and running was sold at an enormous price single-handedly at Figarosa, and there was said that the reporter had turned their life around with one photo.


The reason Count Ohrid asked for her was for the Count’s granddaughter. There was no way she didn’t know. Since there was no one who would prattle recklessly to the Lady who had Marchioness Lombell as her support.


“I am Antales Lombell.”


She knew that this deal would bring a huge benefit to the Marquess of Lombell Family.


“I heard from Grandmother. She said that you’re a person who has very many things to learn from.”


“If it’s Grandmother?”


“Ah, it’s Count Ohrid.”


On the girl’s face who said Count Ohrid as Grandmother familiarly, there wasn’t even a speck of showing off. Only the light of deep affection towards family.


“If so, it would be Dianna Ohrid.”


Marchioness Lombell said sharply.


“When introducing yourself, it is good to reveal your last name to reduce each other’s mistakes.”


It was something that she naturally spat out as how her usual character was. Sure enough, there’s no way the arrogant Ohrid would accept thi….


“Yes. I’ll keep that in mind.”


However, the girl bowed her head as she said thank you for making her realize a new fact.




From the Esteemed Mother, the present Count, and also Philippa Ohrid.


Antales Lombell had faced three generations of the Ohrid Family. They were all immeasurably arrogant people. It was to the point that Baron Ovalon was arrogant. What’s worse, even Senir was arrogant.


Inside the Marchioness’ head, Count Ohrid’s affectionate smile came to mind.


“Since I took charge of Lady Diana’s education, from now on, you can call me Marchioness Lombell.”


Marchioness Lombell admitted her defeat.

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