The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 19 - The game is too easy (5)

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Before I went to sleep yesterday, luckily I was able to watch a video of some lunatic streamer analyzing the tutorial of this game.


He hid in the place where Dongsoo hyung said earlier and recorded the scene of the game, and analyzed the characteristics of each assassin one by one.


From assassin No. 1 to assassin No. 9.


It was a video that analyzed in detail from the weapons they had to all kinds of patterns.


It was a long and boring video that even heavy users would get tired of, so the number of views of the video was not that high.


What kind of madman would put so much enthusiasm into a tutorial that he made to hide?


Except for lunatics like me, of course.




As soon as the test began, assassin No. 1, which was the nearest, immediately threw a dagger at me.


Soon after, the second assassin, who was sitting in the back, immediately rushed towards me while killing the sound of it’s footsteps.


Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any signs.


Maybe it was because they weren’t made to be cleared in the first place, It was impossible to tell how the attack was coming.


However, these guys had a fundamental weakness.


The AI ​​isn’t very good because of the limitation of being a tutorial NPC.


In other words, the battle proceeds only according to the pattern entered in advance by the game maker.


I bowed my head quickly exactly 1.2 seconds after the test started.




A gruesome crackling sound came from behind his face.




An assassin with a sword stuck in his neck fell to the floor with a death cry.


The dagger that I avoided was exactly stuck on it’s throat.


Good thing that I calculated the time of the first dagger attack in advance yesterday.


Firstly, one died.



[Current Survivors: 9 People]



The attacks of other assassins continued smoothly as well.


Is it because I’m not hiding?


The assassins who originally would be fighting each other were blatantly rushing towards me.


However, the attack pattern didn’t change.


Then there’s no need to revise the plan.


The heart of my plan is assassin No. 1, who threw a dagger to me in the first place.


He was the only one here that has a throw-in weapon.


He has a total of four daggers.


According to the game settings, even a single touch is death due to the poison in the dagger.


It just used one, so there are three left.


It takes 5 seconds to throw the dagger again.


As long as It doesn’t cut my neck, assassin No. 1 one will continue to throw it until he uses all of it.


I lowered my head as I slid towards the floor.




Over my head, I could hear the assassins’ weapons passing by.


And soon the sound of a dagger cutting through the air was heard again.




The sound of the flying dagger was so small that it could not be heard without paying close attention.


Should I say that it’s only noticeable if you’re paying close attention?


In any case, as soon as the dagger was induced, I bowed down, and another victim, who was pierced by the dagger, fell to the floor.



[Current Survivors: 8 People]



The one who just fell down is assassin No. 4.


And this guy has a very special item.


A very deadly and effective item.



[You have acquired a special item ‘Bottle of Poison Dance’!]


[You have acquired the special equipment ‘Gas Hood’!]



According to the original tutorial, assassin No. 4 uses this solo dance to instantly kill the other four assassins.


That meant it was a fatal poison.


Like assassins, they seem to be carrying only terrifying things.


Anyway, as soon as I picked up the bottle, I immediately threw it in front of me. 


Wearing the gas hood, I quickly moved out.


Soon after, several message windows appeared in front of me.



[Current Survivors: 7 People]


[Current Survivors: 6 People]


[Current Survivors: 5 People]


[Current Survivors: 4 People]





4 people at once.


Seeing that there are no longer flying daggers, it seems that assassin No. 1 was poisoned and died.


It’s a shame but now there are only 4 people left, including me.


That means there are only 3 enemies left.


And when the number of survivors is this small, another device installed in the room is activated.




The darkness inside the room brightened in an instant, and the voice I heard earlier resonated once more.


“There’s less than half left! In order to achieve great work, sometimes you have to get out of the dark. Will you be able to show your skill in the light?”


It’s a thought that popped into my head a while ago, but for the only NPC that can talk in the tutorial, he says too many useless things.


I looked around the room with a frown.


My eyes were used to the darkness, so I was just dazzled by the sudden light.


I’m sure there are people saying that it’s a god tier game since it realistically implements even the smallest details.


It was a sense of reality that could not have been realized if it were a first-generation virtual reality game.


This realistic sense makes me more immersed in the game.


High assimilation rate?


Aside from that, I was under an illusion that I could even feel my heart beating.


Before I knew it, my vision returned to normal, and the first thing I encountered was a sharp dagger.


The assassins who regained their sight faster than me were rushing at me regardless of who came first.


If four people had pressured me from all directions, I would have died inevitably.


Unfortunately, there were three of them, and I was able to twist my body in one direction without difficulty.


And immediately grabbed the guy on the right and dragged him.


The remaining two daggers dug into the body of the man I had put in front of me.



[Remaining survivors: 3 People]



Maybe it’s because the muscles are pierced too deep?


One of the two remaining daggers did not fall out of his corpse, and could simply cut off his neck.





[Remaining survivors: 2 People]


[The final duel begins.]



At last, only one person survived except for me.


The last survivor who attacked me without saying anything just now said, raising the corners of his mouth, as if it had been inputted in advance.


“I’ll kill you and become a proud shadow again……”


“What a piece of digital.”


No matter how perfect a game is, there will always be some flaws.


Didn’t you think that the player would be right in front of the assassin?


I simply shoved the dagger into the neck of the last survivor, who had hardened in front of me because of the lines, and then lightly brushed his hand.


“Why can’t you do something this easy? Sighs.”



[Remaining survivors: 1 person]


[You have successfully completed the tutorial!]


[You have acquired the hidden challenge <Celestial Death Star*>!]

TL/N : 천살성(天殺星) is one of the thirty-six rivers, a star in China’s folklore. An ominous creature of the flesh that governs a person’s life. In astrology, it’s a bad omen


[You have acquired the hidden challenge <Bug Player?>…..]



Just like last time in <Excalibur>, countless messages announcing the achievement of the challenge filled my eyes.


“What….Am I seeing right now?”


“Ah, as expected, it’s really fun to play games like this. Hyung, would you like to try clearing it like this? I’ll kindly inform you…”


“You, how did you do this? Did you cheat? A bug? No, that’s impossible.”


Dongsoo hyung, who was bewildered, was looking at me while stammering.


I shrugged my shoulders towards Dongsoo hyung, and replied in a way as if it was no big deal.


“It’s the power of preparation.”


“…… Enable the dashboard again.”


On the fifth stage, I had to concentrate quite a bit, so I purposely disabled the dashboard.


As Dongsoo said, when I enabled the dashboard again,  I couldn’t help but frown at the texts that filled my eyes.



– What did we just see?


– I sent a report to the headquarters right away.


– Khan hyung, can you reveal the capsule report? Isn’t that bug play?


– I don’t it’s explainable unless it’s a real cheat or bug


– Explain.


– Must. Explain.


– Explain!


– Explain!



I don’t know what you want me to explain.


But I couldn’t help but open my mouth wide as I watched the subsequent outburst of support.



‘Official AOA’ sponsored 1,000,000 won!

[Who’s that fucking awesome player??!?!?!?]*

TL/N : This was originally in english



– Wow lololol fuuuc lololol 1 million won?


– Isn’t that AOA’s official account?


– Crazy lololol


– Given that it’s a sponsorship with an official account, isn’t strongman’s play officially recognized?


– You mean, what you’ve shown so far is normal play?


– The official account must be an impersonation.


– No no, that’s a real official account. It is often seen in other shows as well.


– Anyway, a legend. Whatever it was, a legend.


– Hello, tomorrow me! How are you? I’m a NEET today as well. I wish you were still NEET*…..

TL/N : 트수 is a slang that refers to NEETs on twitch



I don’t know what’s going on, but there was one thing for sure.


“Is this what capitalism tastes like?”






“I’ll introduce you to the MCN company, and adjust your broadcasting equipment… no. Just call the conditions first. I’ll figure it out for you. How much should we start with?”


Maybe, really very maybe.


I may have reached a new turning point in my life.

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