The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 22 - Chicken box (1)

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Much of my life has changed since the joint broadcast with Dongsoo hyung.


I thought I would never play the game again, but the success of the previous two broadcasts shook the whole idea up.


12 million won Sponsorship from Dongsoo hyung’s broadcast.


Originally, the sponsorship settlement would be made in a month, but Dongsoo hyung didn’t hesitate to settle the settlement to me first.


It must have been that he was still a good person in the past and now.


Besides, I was able to receive a great gift from the capsule maker <Phoenix>.


It was PX-Infinity, the capsule I used at Dongsoo hyung’s house.


Did you enjoy the huge promotional effects thanks to the play I showed you on the show?


Anyway, I wasn’t the type to give up gifts, so I received it.


There was no reason to refuse because you could sell it.


“Whoaa, King X Godfinity! Hyung, see I told you. You’re really meant for broadcasting.”


After the capsule manufacturer <Phoenix>’s engineers came to my house and finished the installation, Jinhyuk was looking at my capsule with an ecstatic expression.


The capsule that Jin Hyuk had prepared for my discharge was collected and refunded by <Phoenix>.


He sold off my military discharge gift, but Jinhyuk didn’t seem too upset.


No, he was rather excited with a slight blush.


“Are we now the streamer brothers? Wow, we can really make a proper content. I think it’s going to be fun to do a Yanghak* broadcast of the talent-filled brothers. You’re going to do it, right? Dongsoo said he’s going to push me. Let’s go!”

TL/N : In short it refers to a character that is moderately strong rather than the strongest characters, more in notes (1)






“I get it so could you tone down a bit.”




He seems to be trying to persuade me somehow.


Actually, there was no need to convince me like that.


Because I was already thinking positively about broadcasting.


After slightly scratching my head, I looked at Jinhyuk and said.


“Are you done looking at the capsule?”


“If I try this once…”


“Yeah, it doesn’t make any difference if you use this anyway. Go back quickly and turn on the broadcast.”




But he listens to me very well.


Jinhyuk looked at my capsule as if it was a shame and smacked his lips.


Then he sighed deeply and went back to the room where his capsule was installed.




As soon as Jinhyuk left, I lay on the bed next to the capsule and fiddled with my phone.


It’s still morning, so I was going to lay down a bit.


After accessing the Internet through my phone, I recently went back to the site.


Internet Broadcasting Gallery, also known as IBG.


In the old days, I used to go in whenever I had time. Although I didn’t go in after I betrayed the streamers.


When I just betrayed the streamer and put out the world’s first raid, criticisms that are indescribable were pouring at me.


From primary cursing to padlips*.

TL/N : a word used to insult or demean parents or ancestors.


Those who were at the forefront of accusations against me were the IBG guys.


Of course, I deserved to be called names at that time.


At that time, it was an event that would have been widely reported on the terrestrial 9 o’clock news.


Anyway, to me, the IBG wasn’t a place with very good memories.


Rather, it was a site that was reluctant because low-level users were lurking everywhere.


However, it is true that there is no place like this to see the reaction.


I took a sip of soda and checked the list of posts.


In the IBG, stories about me were still flowing.


Among them, I clicked on the post with the most comments.


<Title: Strongman’s future move predictions.>


Content: I think Khan will push him well, and won’t he sign a contract with the famous MCN soon and start broadcasting? I’m looking forward to it. Still dragging. I changed my underwear 8 times today. I hope you turn on the broadcast soon.


The post was on the very ordinary side. However, the comment box was almost like an arena.


TL/ N : ‘ – ‘ are comments and ‘ L ‘ are replies


– Only 2 broadcasts, what do you look forward to seeing? Isn’t that just a fluke? I saw that someone did the analysis after watching the video.


L You don’t know how to play games. Do you watch the video that was analyzed? It only explained how the dagger assassins attacked.


L Just look at the other streamers going crazy trying to imitate strongman. No one is following the video report properly. Everyone is bewildered because they couldn’t even kill the first assassin.


– There were one or two people with good physical strength. Even if you are strong or something, the bottom line is quickly revealed. Those bastards who only know how to play games physically smh.


L lololol asshole, you didn’t even watch the video properly but you’re spewing those physical bullshits lololol, you’re saying that it’s possible to do that by only physical strength?


L If you look at it, you’re right lolol the brain is also a part of the body ~


L Those who doesn’t even know how to game are the most X like

TL/N : I think “X” is referring to a swear word


L The guy who sees that and calls it a physical sucker) He’s just an asshole haha


Seriously, IBG’s posts are always at a terrible level. If anything goes wrong, they are fighting in the comments, and a cyber arena is held.


It’s the same as any other community, but this place was exceptionally severe.


I had no choice but to grin at the comments.


Most of the comments were blind praise towards me.


Those guys are the ones who become ‘fools in the corner of the room’ just by holding the keyboard.


It wasn’t a bad reaction.


I’ve been to several other communities besides the IBG, and it’s the same there.


In particular, it seems that a lot of issues are still occurring on the TGD* site, where there are many users of Twitch.

TL/N : a korean twitch community site




After I finished surfing the web, I put my phone down on the bed while stretching.


The situation was much better than I intended.


If the build-up goes well as it is, there may be a situation where the jackpot will pop at the same time as the debut.


Of course, Kimchi soup was difficult*.

TL/N : it’s similar to the idiom “to count one’s chickens before they hatch”


Since luck is as important as skills when it comes to internet broadcasting.




While I was burying my face in bed with my phone upside down, a phone call came in.




Then, Dongsoo hyung’s voice came over the phone.

[Brother, you didn’t forget today’s appointment, did you?]


“Of course.”


[I’m leaving now, so take a shower.]


Today is Saturday.


It’s the day I have an appointment with Dong-soo.


He didn’t give details on what kind of appointment it was, but it’s probably related to broadcasting.




As soon as I hung up, I immediately called Jinhyuk’s name out loud, and Jinhyuk, who was preparing for the broadcast in the room, ran to me.


“What’s wrong, hyung!”


“Brother, I don’t have anything to wear today, so please lend me your clothes.”




“No, I haven’t been able to shop properly after being discharged.”


Brothers can share clothes with each other.


I was trying to take his clothes and carry him without saying anything, but I thought of Jinhyuk a little.


Don’t you think so?


Notes :

(1) Yanghak : In games or cartoons, it indicates that a named character sweeps away a swarm of enemy mobs. It is often played by characters that are moderately strong rather than the strongest characters. At least, this is to appeal that it is much stronger than the general level. It refers to a force that boasts superior combat power than ordinary ordinary people due to specific physical conditions or knowledge of how to use a weapon, but is inferior in technology and whose innate strength, sense, and simple weapon usage are all of its capabilities. In general, it is easy to apply when a real master appears while causing a genocide against the general public, but there are plenty of the strongest characters as well.

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