The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 23 - Chicken Box (2)

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The place I arrived in Dongsoo hyung’s car was a famous MCN company located in Gasan Digital Complex.


A company that has many streamers specializing in virtual reality games and has many large company streamers including Dongsoo hyung.


Chicken box.


It was a place with quite an unusual and interesting name.


I am also familiar with this place.


This is because most of the streamers I worked with during <Gaia Online> belonged here.


“Oh oh! Nice to meet you, Mr Sha! I’m Lee Sungjae, the head of the Chicken box’s planning team. Thank you so much for coming from a long way!”


“My neighborhood is in Gwangmyeong, so it’s right next……”


“Isn’t it originally the farthest place next to it? What a pleasure to have such a precious person come!”


Mr. Lee Seong-jae, the head of the Chicken box’s planning team, held my hand and his eyes sparkled as soon as he saw me.


His first impression was quite peculiar.


He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, not a suit, a bracelet on his wrist and earrings on his ears.


Unlike his older face, he seemed to say ‘I live young.’ with his whole body.


I wasn’t saying it was disrespectful.


It’s just that the vibe he’s giving off is a little unique.


It would have been more plausible if he was a streamer rather than the head of the planning team.


“Sungjae hyung, can’t you see me?”


Dongsoo hyung pouted his lips as he looked at Sungjae. Then, Sungjae answered with a shrug.


“You’ve already signed with us. Mr. Sha haven’t.”


“It’s a caught fish, isn’t it? I have a year left to renew my contract.”


“Hey, why are you doing that again, huh?”


He seems to be quite close to Dongsoo hyung. The two sat down, exchanging jokes a few times.


I followed them to the couch, and soon a staff member brought me a glass of iced Americano.


“First of all, I was really impressed by the AOA tutorial video.”


“Sungjae hyung.”


“Hyung is working right now. Just stay out of this.”


“Wouldn’t it be better to just talk comfortably? I think Chanshik would like it more. Chanshik also said that he becomes bad guy* on Twitch.”

TL/N : I think he’s referring to his concept


“Ah….. really?”




I don’t know what you mean.


But I soon realized why Dongsoo hyung said that.


Sungjae coughed several times and opened his mouth with a slightly reminded face.


“I watched your video this morning as well.”




“Don’t you think there’s a slight sting coming from somewhere? Actually, I got urinary incontinence after watching that video. I’ve already changed 20 times this week…”




I was about to pass the Americano to my throat, but I choked a little.


Then the staff hurriedly brought me a tissue, and I couldn’t stop laughing while wiping my lips.


“Chansik, just take it easy. Sungjae hyung is originally from there.”




“Yeah, this person was named in IBG. It’s the worst of the worst.”




I see.


Sungjae frowned at Dongsoo hyung’s words and firmly shook his head.


“Why are you talking nonsense? I have to talk about business from now on, so get out of here.”


“Ah, why?”


“There are Yuseon and Serin outside.”


“What about them?”


“Today is their contract renewal date. Go and say hello.”


If it’s Yuseon and Serin…


It’s probably those people I know right?


Dongsoo hyung nodded his head at those words and got up from his seat. And he looked at me and he said cautiously.


“It will be good news. Don’t be burdened, if Sungjae hyung keeps putting pressure on you, tell me. got it?”


This guy…


It’s real.


I nodded at Dongsoo hyung’s words, and Dongsoo hyung tapped me on the shoulder and then went outside.




It was the moment Dongsoo hyung stepped outside.


Sungjae, who was in front of me, said with a big sigh.


“Sometimes I want to hit the back of his head. Look at that broad back.”


A playful tone, as if trying to relieve my tension.


To that, I replied with a slight shrug.


“I guess that’s why he got a good shot in the back of his head.”




“When Dongsoo hyung was on <Gaia Online>. He was hit by a guy named Sia, right? Maybe it’s because Dongsoo hyung has a wide back on his head.”




Sungjae laughed out loud at my words and said, raising his thumb at me.


“You’re as bad as I’ve heard!”


“Mr Sungjae, too.”


“Okay, now that the third party is out, let’s get to work.”


Sungjae nodded lightly and soon held out the envelope in front of him.


And he continued his speech in a calm tone.


“Actually, our Chicken Box has a principle that we should not sign a contract with a rookie streamer. Mr. Sha… “


“You can call me Chansik comfortably.”


“Ah, thank you. As Chansik knows, there are many cases in this industry where people flashes and then sinks in an instant. It is no different from the entertainment industry. So we tend to bring in proven streamers most of the time.”


No wonder the company’s status in the Korean Internet broadcasting industry was truly remarkable.


It’s the number one MCN that many streamers want to sign.


Sungjae looked at my expression seriously and said,


“But in this case, we decided to leave it a bit out of the question. We’d like to make a formal contract with Chansik. We want to take responsibility for your broadcast debut and support you. What do you think?”




When I showed a slight hesitation, Mr Sungjae held out another card he had.


“There’s a good event for Chansik.”




When I reacted, Sungjae smiled and nodded.


“It’s a big event that we’ve been planning since last year. Do you happen to know what year this is?”


I tilted my head at the sudden question of the year.


“It’s 2030.”


“Yes, 2030. In other words,  they are called Gyeongsul-yeon*.”

TL/N : The year of Gyeongsul (庚戌年) is the 47th year of the Sixty Zodiac. Divide the lunar year by 60 and the remainder is 50. (2030 is one of the third millennium years)


He took a sip of the water that had been placed in front of him for a moment, then said with a small smile.


“Do you know what the most stimulating sauce is for Koreans?”


Then a thought flashed through my mind.


Gyeongsul-nyeon, a stimulating sauce for Koreans.


What if you combine those two keywords?


“No way……!”


“Perhaps the rumor is correct. I’m sure you’ve heard of a game called <Samurai Wars>.”


<Samurai Wars>.


It is a popular game in Japan, and it is a representative so-called ‘Ilppong*’ game sponsored by the Japanese government.

TL/N : a word refers to a love of Japanese tastes from an artistic point of view, which is different from that of the first generation. (?)


It has modes such as <Battle Royale> and <Team Battle>, and it has been released for 6 months.


It was still a game that had not missed the top spot in Japan.


Only then did I realize what madness this company was planning.


“If you showed your ability in only two joint broadcasts, I think you would be the main character, how about it? Isn’t the picture we drew attractive enough?”


Then he pushed the envelope toward me again.


I slowly opened the envelope and raised the corners of my lips.


“I think today’s talk is very productive.


“Haha! Right? I think so too. Wow, it’s already refreshing just imagining it. Don’t you think so?”


“Well, do you have an event name in mind?”


Sungjae answered my question by slowly nodding his head.


“Sinking Archipelago, that’s how we named it.” 




“Oh, if you have any better ideas, I’d appreciate it if you could come up with any suggestions.”


It’s not polite to kick an opportunity that’s rolled in.


The smell of the jackpot was vibrating very strongly.

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