The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 24 - Chicken Box (3)

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The contract with Chicken Box went smoothly.


It didn’t take a long time for the chicken box to complete the contract because it was prepared in advance. 


All I had to do was listen to the terms they gave me and sign the contract and it was all over.


Originally, I didn’t intend to proceed with the contract right away, but I had to nod my head without realizing it due to Mr Sungjae’s brilliant persuasion. 


Because the event prepared by the Chicken box was amazing. 


“I guess Chicken Box gives up on the Japanese market altogether?” 


As I put the contract into the envelope, I asked.


Then Mr Sungjae shrugged his shoulders.


“Because it’s a market that doesn’t have a lot of merit. Sales are also mediocre. In that case, I think it would be better to solidify your reputation in Korea through this event.”


“Who’s plan……….” 


“I did. What do you think? Isn’t it trustworthy?” 


“Ah…… yes.” 


Maybe it’s because he used to be a bad guy. 


This person is also not a normal person.


Sungjae smiled and handed me his hand. 


“I look forward to your kind cooperation. Oh, Chansik, you said you’re 26 this year, right? 




“You’re quite young among the streamers who signed with our company.” 


The main focus of the Chicken Box is Dongsoo hyung and the streamers brought in by Dongsoo hyung.


Most of them were veterans who had been broadcasting for a long time, so the average age was quite high.


“The official announcement of our contract with Chansik will be made next Monday.”


Currently, my video is spreading on the Internet at a rapid pace.


Due to the nature of Internet content that heats up quickly and cools down quickly, it was also good for Chicken box to present as quickly as possible.


Since foreigners are also watching a lot of my videos, it was an opportunity to raise their global awareness.


After sharing the contract with me, Sungjae got up slowly.


“Welcome to the family. The company will also work harder so that this choice today will not be regrettable in the future.”


“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


The reason why I signed the contract so easily was surprisingly simple.


This is because Sungjae added a clause of termination to the contract.


A clause in which a contract is automatically settled if a certain amount of revenue is not achieved.


It may seem like a clause that can reduce the company’s risk, but this clause was what I requested.


In the worst case scenario, there was a possibility that the broadcast would not work out as expected.


“Even if you’re not a famous streamer, you’ll succeed somehow if you go to the game. Please remember that we have a professional gaming club.”


It’s been a trend since a long time ago for MCN to have a professional game club.


I nodded at Sungjae’s words.


“Whoa! Now I’m relieved.”




“Our CEO has been talking about Chansik since the day before yesterday. Get him in right now. He must have really enjoyed the AOA video.”


“That’s not… “


“The CEO is someone who knows how to watch games. Of course, so am I.”


It’s not that easy for a person to have confidence in a person.


It is possible only when there is no doubt in one’s eye.


But Sungjae was giving me a very hard and hot look.


Are you saying that it’s always a burden for a man to look at you like that?


“Ah, there are two streamers from the company in the lounge next door, and I think it would be nice to say hello to each other after signing the contract. Aren’t you a co-worker now?”


You said the people in the next room were Yuseon and Serin, right?


It’s most likely the people I know.


I bowed my head slightly at Sungjae’s suggestion, got up from my seat, and headed to the lounge located next door.


When I opened the door and entered, I saw three people chatting happily.


All of them are faces I know.


Not to mention Dongsoo hyung’s, the other two women also had familiar faces.


“Chansik, how did it go? Did you sign the contract?”


Dongsoo hyung, who saw me enter the lounge, asked with a smile.


“When I came to my senses, the contract was over.”


“Originally, the first contract was like that, you know. I’m sure they made a special request and met the conditions well. Our company usually does things like that very thoroughly. Oh, right. Say hi. You’re new to these people, aren’t you? The left is Yuseon and the right is Serin.”


“Oppa, if you say my real name, who understands? Nice to meet you, I’m Streamer Suncat. Congratulations on being part of the family! I really enjoyed the video. Can you teach me later, too?”


“Even if he teaches you, I bet you can’t do it.”




“Hehe, hello, Sha. My name is Serin! My streamer name is Serin, so it’s easy to remember.”


There were two very active streamers.


These two usually work together often and have been broadcasting together for quite a long time, so they must be close.


Yuseon is 28 years old this year, and Serin is 27 years old this year.


Their age difference is only one year.


Besides, there were only three female streamers in the Chicken box, so it might be natural to be close.


I said with a slight bow towards the two.


“My name is Kim Chansik. I haven’t decided on a streamer name yet.”


“Aren’t you going as Sha?”


“Well, I guess it would be if nothing major happened.”


“Uhh…. I, Mr. Sha.”


Serin, who introduced herself pleasantly, looked at me and opened her mouth.




“I’m really sorry, but can I ask you a favor? There’s something I’ve been wanting to do since I saw your broadcast.”




All of a sudden?


“If it’s something I can do.”


“That head, can’t I just touch that head once? It should be very pleasant to touch… Oh! sorry. Was it too rude?”


“Ah, no, Serin noona*. It’s alright.”

TL/N : A term used by males to address an older female


There’s nothing to refuse when a pretty noona says she’ll pat me on the head.


As soon as I agreed to it, Serin came up to me and gently touched her hair.


My hair hasn’t grown out yet, so it must be pretty tactile.


“Wow, it feels like this.”


…… Are you sure that this noona is normal?


No, there was no normal around Dongsoo hyung in the first place. Including me, of course.


Ah, noona stroked my head for about five seconds, and soon she tilted her head and asked me.


“By the way, did I tell you my age?”




“I thought you were calling me noona.”


Ah, right.


Without realizing it, my old habit came out of my lips.


Before I could make any excuses, Dongsoo hyung, the most nosy brother of all, smiled and said.


“It’s because Chansik was originally from Twitch. He knows a lot about streamers.”


“Ah, I see. I was wondering where I saw it.I think it’s kind of familiar. Isn’t that right, Yuseon unnie*?”

TL/N : a term used by females to address older females




“All soldiers who have been discharged look the same. So I guess that’s why, haha…”




Get a grip, Kim Chansik.


If you get caught, you will really die.

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