The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 28 - Chicken Box (7)

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To be honest, I didn’t have any particular hostility towards the Japanese.


I’m just an ordinary Korean.


I don’t want to lose anything related to Japan, I’m just a person who wants to win regardless.


In addition, it was even more so when it comes to games.


There’s nothing better than to trash talk to crush someone’s mentality, and it was the cause of my bad image during my <Gaia Online> days.


I don’t regret it.


Because that’s also my way.


Of course, because of my actions, I’ve heard rumors of ‘the devil’s talent’ about me.


It was also a memory when I think about it now.


By the way, when I turn on the broadcast next week, my nickname will be revealed to viewers without change.


To be honest, I’m worried and feel kind of uncomfortable.


But that’s a separate feeling from regret.


“What are you thinking about Chansik?”


After the game, Dongsoo hyung, who came out of the capsule, stretched and asked me.


“It’s nothing.”


Starting with Dongsoo hyung, the other two streamers also came out of the capsule.


They yawned because they were tired, and then looked at us and said.


“I’m going to the bathroom”.


When you get out of the capsule, you want to solve the delayed menstruation.


Like that, Yuseon noona and Serin noona left the capsule room, and only me and Dongsoo hyung were left in the capsule room.


Dongsoo hyung was slightly tired, leaning against the capsule and fiddling with his phone.




Dongsoo hyung, who had been looking at his phone for about five minutes, approached me with his eyes wide open.


“Hey, look at this”.


“What is it?”


“Just watch it.”


Dongsoo hyung handed me his smartphone, and a video was playing on the screen.




“It seems that one of the Japanese players who fought with us was a streamer”.


On the screen, the streamer was dying countless times by my character, and the trash talk I spit out was exposed.


It seems that Koreans brought the video of the Japanese streamer to the community.


The title of the video is ‘Bridal Mask*’.

TL/N : Notes (1) 


I scrolled the video and saw the comments section, but the comments were burning hot.



– Lil Fatman lolololololololol He’s really crazy


– His personality is crazy. How can a person be like that?


– Little Boy Fatman? Honestly, I’m frowning. He looks so barbaric and out of place.


Over-immersive bastards are fr disgusting lolol please see the game as a game. Don’t over-immerse yourself.


– As a country of courteousness in the East, you should keep good manners in the game. Um, Don’t you think so? Ahem!


– He seems to have crossed the line, but it’s refreshing. Look at the fucking chat window, everyone is having a seizure. Is remote electric shock possible through broadcasting in that town?


– By the way, ‘Lil Fatman’. Doesn’t it sound like some sort of villain that appears in comics?


– He’s so vicious, but he’s so good. Are you sure he’s Korean?


– There’s a Korean flag in front of his nickname.


– Yoru isn’t usually like that, but he’s really good. Is he a pro gamer?


– Kuaaaaa! Grandmaaaa! Take the shot down!*

 TL/N : notes (2)


In the comment section, a heated discussion about my identity continues.


“I mean, to be honest, you think that broadcasting should also depend on luck, don’t you?”


As soon as I checked the comments, Dongsoo hyung  put his hand on my shoulder.


Then he looked at me with warm eyes, and he finished speaking.


“You seem to be lucky too.”


Notes :

(1) Bridal Mask (각시탈) : In Korea during the 1930s, a mysterious figure wearing a traditional bridal mask appears to protect the people from Japanese oppression.

(2) not sure what it actually means but I think it refers to when someone wants to order at a restaurant


Glossary :

hyung : a term used by males to address someone older who has the same gender

noona : A term used by males to address someone older who is a female

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