The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 29 - A Villain Appears (1 & 2)

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During the weekend, the video of a Japanese streamer became a hot potato* in Korea.

TL/N : Media usually refers it as ‘hot topic’, more in notes (1)


‘Little Boy Fatman’, who openly insulted the Japanese in <Samurai Wars>, the iconic game of Japan


When all kinds of speculations about the player were circulating, the famous MCN <Chicken Box> released a notice.


<Title: Hello, this is Chicken Box.>


Content: In the hot summer weather, we would like to hold a new event.


With the joining of a new member next Monday, our streamers from the chicken box will be conducting a joint broadcast on <Samurai Wars>. Details will be provided through a later notice.


A very vague content.


However, well-witted netizens thought the notice must have something to do with the current hot topic, ‘Little Boy Fatman’.


And their speculation spread quickly, and even other netizens who were ignorant of the video were introduced to ‘Little Boy Fatman’.


Rumors have created rumors.


Some netizens went to the broadcast of a streamer from Chicken Box and asked questions.


“Little Boy Fatman? Of course, I watched that video too. We also don’t know because it’s company related work.”


“Eiyy, If I knew, I would’ve invited him as a guest!”


“They said he is really good at games, but his physical is crazy. Did you see the sense of force when canceling the <Hook> skill? Because it was sexy.”


Khan, Suncat, and Serin, famous streamers belonging to the Chicken Box, proceeded with their own broadcasts overcoming the flood of questions.


The ripple effect was so great that even reporters wrote articles about ‘Little Boy Fatman’.


<Who is ‘Little Boy Fatman’ who insulted Japan?>


<Bridal Mask* that appeared in 2030!”>

TL/N : notes (2) 


<Crushed Japanese pride, cheering Korean netizens>


<Virtual reality game that crosses the line. Necessity to Regulate Chatting>


<Gamer, repay the disgrace of Gyeongsul-yeon*!>

 TL/N : notes (3)


Thanks to reporters’ bait,the interest in ‘Little Boy Fatman’ was constantly amplified throughout the weekend.


Naturally, the interest was directed to a new member that Chicken Box will unveil on Monday.


This is because most netizens were convinced that the new member was a ‘Little Boy Fatman.’


Monday has come with so many people’s expectations.



After looking into my phone once, I sighed and sat on the chair.


“Are you nervous?”


Shin Youngsik, an employee dispatched from Chicken box, looked at me and smiled.


Today is the day of my first broadcast.


How can I not be nervous?


“Hyung, relax. You were doing fine last time, but why are you scared all of a sudden?”


Jinhyuk said while gently rubbing my shoulder.


This is a small room in my house where my capsule is installed.


Last time <Phoenix> provided the capsule with the streamer tool installed, so there was no need for any special work.


In addition, Shin Youngsik, an employee of Chicken box, had come in advance and finished all the broadcast settings.


From dashboards, which can be called broadcast management tools to small channel designs.


As they said earlier in Chicken Box, there was nothing I should do.


The current time is 6:30pm.


There are 30 minutes left before the broadcast starts.


“Khan said that he would host on time. I think you can access the capsule at 7 o’clock.”


Dongsoo hyung promised to host me, saying he would voluntarily support me.




Simply put,you can think of it as handing over the viewers.


Sending viewers who were watching Dongsoo hyung’s broadcast to my broadcast as it is.


Currently, as many as 20,000 people are watching Dongsoo hyung’s broadcast, it was a ridiculous opportunity to call it a rookie’s debut.


To be honest, I feel sorry as a human being too.


Did he look at my expression? Youngsik, who was still watching me, threw a word.


“Do you know that Khan is the co-founder of Chicken Box?”




“I just want you to know. If the company is doing well, it’s good for Khan.”




Somehow, I felt like he was taking me one-sidedly.


It was such a relationship.


“Ah, then perhaps with the CEO…”


“The CEO is Khan’s older sister.”


“So it was family management.”


“If I have to say so, I guess so.”


It seems like my conscience is slightly relieved, but it isn’t at the same time.


Argh, I don’t know.


Even in order to pay off the debt I owe to Dongsoo hyung, this debut broadcast has to end successfully.


Of course, even if you hit the jackpot, will you be able to pay off the debt you owed in the past?


Youngsik quietly smiled as he looked at my solemn expression.


“Have you decided on today’s broadcast title?”


The broadcast title was like the first impression I made to the viewers.




I thought for a moment, and then slowly nodded and answered.


“Little Boy Fatman. Please do it like so.”


“That would be enough. Ah, the company has told Twipod Korea to pay attention to the server. Broadcasting will not be as unstable as last time.”


During the joint broadcast with Dongsoo hyung, excessive viewers flocked in an instant, making the broadcast unstable.


He probably had that part in mind.


That’s how the final preparation was completed, and the broadcast began in 10 minutes.


“Ah right, Youngsik.”




“Can you set the chatable language to only in Korean and English?””


“Of course. But why… Ah!”


“Even if Japanese guys curse, they won’t say it in English, right? Wouldn’t that make the chat a bit more lively?”


“Then perhaps the ban…?”


“The pad lip*? Just cut the pad lip first, and skip the rest if it is too much.”

TL/N : a word used to insult or demean parents or ancestors. 


“You might become a trash can.”


“I like it.”


In order for a small streamer like me to firmly establish itself, it was necessary to recruit a fixed audience.


A unique character that definitely sets it apart from other streamers.


I already have the concept in mind.


Of course, if you play the game very well, you will attract viewers who are passionate about your skills.


But in my opinion, that alone was not enough.


There had to be something that supported the overwhelming ability.


There was a time when this word was popular in Korea.


Devil’s talent.


There were no other word that stimulated and attracted people as much as that.


“Now you have to slowly connect to the capsule.”




Following Yeongsik’s words, he slowly opened the capsule and went inside.




Jinhyuk said happily to me lying in the capsule.


“If you succeed, you’ll help my broadcast too, right?”


“Brat. Fine, this older brother will help you if he succeeds”


“Okay, I’ll have to work hard to attract aggro on hyung’s broadcast as well.”


…I don’t think that’s really necessary.


After greeting Jinhyuk lightly, I quietly uttered the command while wearing a headset.


“Samurai Wars.”



[Game <Samurai Wars> will be played!]



A familiar scene I saw on Saturday passed by, and a waiting room resembling a Japanese-style garden unfolded before I knew it.


I smiled lightly as I checked the rate of assimilation.


And I swallowed my saliva while activating the dashboard of Twitch.


“Streamer mode on. Start broadcasting.”


My debut broadcast has begun.


Notes :

It was a really long chapter :D, this was supposed to be 2 separate chapters but since the original ch 29 is too short I decided to just combine it with the (was supposed to be) chapter 30.

(1) Hot potato : Although it’s usually referred as ‘hot topic’ by the media, it has a totally different meaning (from what I found from my research). What ‘Hot potato’ means is like a literal hot potato :  ‘I put it in my mouth, but I can’t spit it out, but I can’t swallow it’, ‘I can’t hold it in my hand and I can’t eat it either.’ etc. -> this was so confusing to me so i just let it be as it is

(2) Bridal Mask (각시탈) : In Korea during the 1930s, a mysterious figure wearing a traditional bridal mask appears to protect the people from Japanese oppression.

(3) Gyeongsul-yeon : The year of Gyeongsul (庚戌年) is the 47th year of the Sixty Zodiac. Divide the lunar year by 60 and the remainder is 50. 2030 is one of the third millennium years.


Glossary :

hyung : a term used by males to address someone older who has the same gender

noona : A term used by males to address someone older who is a female

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