The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 30 - A Villain Appears (3)

Author: Hanms Editor: Hanms

[Streamer ‘Khan’ hosted 17,532 people!]



As soon as the broadcast began, Dongsoo hyung immediately hosted me.


However, Dongsoo hyung wasn’t the only one who hosted me.



[Streamer ‘Suncat’ hosted 4,557 people!]


[Streamer ‘Serin’ hosted 4,210 people!]





These people?


Among the streamers belonging to the Chicken box, 4 streamers who were currently broadcasting unilaterally threw the hosting.


As a result, as soon as I started the broadcast, I was greeted by nearly 30,000 viewers.



– What kind of broadcast is this?


– What’s this


– Khan bastard lolol another listen and see broadcast to host.


– What’s this?



Of course, hosting doesn’t mean that all viewers will remain on my broadcast.


Some of them quickly moved to other broadcasts, and in fact, there were about 20,000 viewers left.


It was pretty good.


The remaining viewers on my broadcast soon responded enthusiastically as soon as they saw the title of my broadcast.



– Little Boy Fatman?


– Lil Fatman *shakes*

TL/N : The raw used a slang used to express frightenedness when your body shakes.


– There’s a chicken box logo on it. I think he’s the youngest member mentioned in Chicken box.


– Whoa lololol Lil Fatman was really a new member of Chicken Box?


– Chicken box. I didn’t see them like that.


– Don’t you think you’ve seen the streamer’s nickname a lot somewhere?


– Sha?



I glanced at the chat window and didn’t say anything.




The chat window has become a fantastic mess.


Even Youngsik, who was watching his manager from outside, was entering a chat that was overwhelming.


And soon after, the first sponsorship that I had been waiting for broke out.



‘Khan’ sponsored 1,000,000 won!


[If you succeed, buy me a meal brother. Something very expensive. You know, right?]



Dongsoo hyung’s bold throw.


The sponsorship alone,the chat room’s public sentiment began to fluctuate.



– He’s the Sha guy.


– Then the Lil Fatman was Sha?


– Strongman debuted, congrats


– God. Is he Sha? God. Is he Sha? God. Is he Sha?


– He really debuted as a broadcaster.


– Someone posted a speculation on Tgether that Little Boy Fatman is Sha, but that was fr true.


– I’m going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.



There were countless other chats, but there were so many chats that I couldn’t even distinguish them properly.


As it is the historical first remark of the first broadcast, let’s express it well as we prepared in advance.


I took a deep breath and spoke to the audience in a very soft tone.


“It’s so fckin noisy. shut up I have to introduce myself.”



– ???


– ????


– What?


– Crazy lololololol


– Is he normally this kind of guy? It’s because I don’t know.


– Yeeah He was like that when he was a guest last time. I heard he was Twipod’s bad guy.


– Of course, agreed


– He’s a Twipod Shinto-Bul*. I support.

 TL/N : It means that the body and the soil (ground) are not different. It is used in the sense that using domestic agricultural products is good for the body.



I liked the reactions.


All right, let’s keep going like this.


“I’ll explain the title of the broadcast. That, the Little Boy Fat Man you know is me. I played the game in advance to learn in advance last Saturday, but I didn’t know there would be a streamer on the other side.”



‘Pro-inconvenience’ sponsored 1,000 won!


[Do you really have to show that you’re a  human garbage? Japanese people also watch Korean Twipod a lot. It’s disgusting to see you turning on a broadcast so proudly.]



Oh, that’s the question I expected.


As soon as the sponsorship appeared, I answered with a sly smile.


“Don’t watch it if it’s disgusting. I don’t even care about Koreans so do I have to care about them? You know that watching this is the legend of your life, right?”



– lolololololololololololol


– Whoa lolol


– Are you really someone who turned on a broadcast for the first time today?


– Crazy lololol


– He’s indeed a bad guy. He’s a bad guy!


– A bastard without a back lololol


– I’m subscribing.


– It’s 7 o’clock in the evening though ᅲᅲ


– That’s mean



In fact, there are quite a few people who are crazy about stimulating things and go crazy.


Don’t articles like “Internet broadcasts that go too far” still come out?


I nodded satisfactorily looking at the chat window.


“Anyway, today’s broadcast is <Samurai Wars>. no more questions If you want to ask a question, sponsor okay?”


Questions must be answered for a fee. Mustn’t it?


Notes :

I think the next chapter will be fun fufufu

*Starting from now I will change ‘twitch’ into ‘twipod’ since that’s how it was originally written in the novel*


Glossary :

hyung : a term used by males to address someone older who has the same gender

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