The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 31 - A Villain Appears (4)

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The viewers stopped leaving.


Rather, the number of viewers was rapidly increasing over time.


Viewers who came in after watching the AOA tutorial video that I played, and viewers who came after watching the video of a Japanese streamer.


There were even viewers hosted by Chicken box’s streamers, so the chat room was more chaotic than I thought it would be.


If you move hell to the chat room, I think it’ll feel exactly like that.


Low-level aggro that pops out everywhere.


And various memes that even I can’t easily distinguish.


Calm down.


I’m the owner of that hell.


“I’ve been preparing <Samurai Wars> diligently over the weekend. Everyone, look forward to it.”


‘I Have a Question’ sponsored 1,000 won!


[Until when will you broadcast? haha, If it’s long, I’ll order chicken in advance.]


I told them to pay and ask questions, but they really paid and asked questions.


It was a very desirable viewer’s attitude.


I replied with a glance at the sponsorship.


“Today is just four hours, and within that time, I’m going to beat Japan properly.


‘Hurray the Japanese Empire’ sponsored 1,000 won!


[Lolololol a bastard with no conscience. You’re thinking of doing a broadcast with the fcking villainous nickname. Aren’t you afraid of the anger of the Japanese?]


Even before answering the sponsorship, question marks and various swear words began to overflow in the chat window.


– ???


– ???


– Please ban that over-immersive bastard lolol


– These days, Japanese are good at Korean too.


– He’s a bastard who tries to pull aggro from other streamers’ broadcasts.


– Fuck off I’m only saying the truth


– Weebs please refrain yourself during Gyeongsul-yeon*. You punks.

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Perhaps because there were so many various viewers, I didn’t have to react to it.


They hold a battle on their own.


I looked at the chat room as if It was pathetic and proceeded with the broadcast quickly.


No matter how fun it is to watch the fight, the broadcast should proceed as broadcasted.


“Today, we’re going to be broadcasting a competitive match for <Samurai Wars>. The goal is to complete all five rounds of the batch before the broadcast is over, I will only look at the grade and stop the broadcast, I won’t answer questions this time.”


In the <Team Battle> mode of <Samurai Wars>, there is a competition mode that is divided into grades like other games.


The grades are divided into a total of 6.


<Grand Master>, <Master>, <Diamond>, <Platinum>, <Gold>, and <Silver>.


Of course, there is a class called <Bronze>, but it is not a human’s class, so I will leave it out of the question.


In any game, the class like Bronze… was a class closer to something other than humans.


Anyway, the maximum grade that could be received in the placement was Platinum, and today’s goal was also Platinum.


If you win all 5 matches, you’ll get platinum.



[<Team Battle>’s mode <Competitive Match> is starting.]


[Searching for a match]



I was able to achieve quite a lot by studying this game over the weekend.


I don’t know about other heroes, but at least I did research on this hero called Yoru.


Of course, I practiced using a few other heroes besides Yoru, but the placement was only going to be done with Yoru.


Because he’s a fun hero and the one I’m most confident with.


I realized something for sure over the weekend, but there was no hero in <Samurai Wars> who would create variables as much as this Yoru.


In particular, the mechanism of the skill <Hook> was not limited to movement.


While I was quickly conducting the simulation in my head, the match was found, and my body was moved to a new battlefield.



[Entering <Yasukuni Shrine>]



All maps in <Samurai Wars> are based on the actual topography of Japan.


One of the reasons Koreans hated <Samurai Wars> so much is because of this map.


Yasukuni Shrine.


Although it was a map that not only Koreans but also numerous users protested, this map called <Yasukuni Shrine> survived firmly.


It was even the most frequently used map in the <Samurai Wars> pro game competition held in Japan.


As soon as the first round of the placement match was decided on this map, the chat window became noisy.



– Hatesukuni Shrine lolololol


– Grandma! Bring me exactly 100 bowls of soup in advance. I’m going to eat it all by myself.


– The matching god is helping us to film a legend from the first broadcast.


– Oi lololol look at the enemy team. There are three Japanese streamers.


– ??? Are they famous?


– Yup yup yup The Japanese version of Twipod is full of evil to attack Lil Fatman. All three of them are ranked in the top 500. One is a pro gamer.


– Can’t we teach them how to do it?


– Honestly, no matter how talented he is, wouldn’t it be hard to be against current prol gamers and rankers?



When I peeked at the chat window, it was said that a number of streamers were caught over there.




Actually, it’s what I expected.


Still, I didn’t know that they’d attack openly from the first round.


In addition, it means that there’s someone who succeeded in attacking.



– You will never win with the broadcast turned on.



It meant that there would be people who would attack me, too.


Well, fortunately, there’s only one person.


The remaining four users are chatting peacefully even after seeing my ID.



– What’s wrong, buddy?


– Look at that bastard’s ID. Little Boy Fat Man. Aren’t you angry as a Japanese?


– Oh, I know that person too. But  he seems like he’s really good at the game. Can’t we get carried?


– What? You’re still Japanese…


– Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s better to win. Don’t you think so? I mean, it’s a placement match.


– Me too.



Mhm, yeah.


Like usual rank games, nothing is as important as placement matches.


It’s an understandable reaction. I nodded, watching the chat quietly.


I’m not a troll, so there was no need to curse them.


Um, Rank is important.



– Mkay, just trust me. I’ll bring victory



I chatted pleasantly and then took a deep breath.


Honestly, I thought it was 1 vs 11, so it’s a relief.


It’s doable if it’s 5 vs 7.



[The match will begin]


[Occupy the base]



It was time to show the results of my weekend preparation.


Notes :

Sorry, I’m not feeling well at the moment so this chapter’s translation quality was probably a bit lower than usual.

(1) The year of Gyeongsul (庚戌年) is the 47th year of the Sixty Zodiac. Divide the lunar year by 60 and the remainder is 50. 2030 is one of the third millennium years.

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