The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 35 - A Villain Appears (8)

Author: Hanms Editor: Hanms

As soon as I received the mission, I quickly slashed the samurai who was struggling in front of me.


It seemed to be using some knives, but honestly, they were all expected attacks, so I could avoid them without using skills.


“Jo… sen…jing”


That person just said Josenjing*, right?

TL/N : a single Japanese name for Koreans, more in notes (1)  


It’s kind of weird to say this with the nickname Little Boy Fatman, but how dare you swear Josenjing?


“You’re all dead. Josenjing? How dare you curse at Koreans?”



– Little Boy Fatman: You dare to insult Korea?


– hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahah I’m tired of myself.


– Yup, our cursing is a good one^^


– Josenjing? Ah pfft, you’re crossing the line again.



In fact, when I first turned on the broadcast, I had a plan on how to lead the broadcast.


The chicken box event itself, called sinking archipelago, was originally meant to bring the Korea-Japan war code to the game.


The more angry the Japanese player was, the more the chat window of my broadcast was on fire.


So far it’s been going very well.


Now is the time to give the best impact for today’s broadcast.


I once again checked the ultimate gauge.



[Ultimate charge is complete!]



As soon as I confirmed that the ultimate was charged, I ran straight to the base without going around the outskirts anymore.


‘Night’s Rest’ is the ultimate weapon with the highest destructive power among all <Samurai Wars>.


It was the ultimate ability to kill a large number of people in a short period of time, so I had to go to a place with as many people as possible to get a great scene.


The base of the first round of Yasukuni Shrine was located at the front gate.


A very wide open place.


In other words, it was a comfortable place to run wild.


There was already a fierce battle at the main gate.


A fierce 5v5 head-to-head duel, thanks to the one I just killed before.


Citations were flying, and colorful skills were filling the field of vision.


Meanwhile, I used a hook to climb onto the shrine’s bronze torii.


And I looked down at the ground with a pretty cheeky expression.


Then the sorcerer, who discovered me, immediately blew a fireball toward me.




Now is the time.


I cast ‘Night’s Rest’ while raising my shuriken.



[Ultimate is activated!]





Then, the small shuriken in my hand quickly grew into a black Japanese sword, and darkness spread in all directions.



‘Luxury watch, don’t get sick’ donated 1,000 won!


[Ryu Seungryong Kimochi*!!!!]

TL/N : It refers to a line of a ‘Overwatch’ character, it means “Receive the dragon’s sword”


With the sponsorship  that recalled old memories, I immediately fell off the torii* and used the skill ‘Moonlight’ towards the sorcerer. Then, in the blink of an eye, my body reached in front of him.

TL/N : a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine.


The freaked sorcerer quickly tried to restrain me, but it was too late.


I swung my sword in that position and cut off the sorcerer’s neck.


One person cut.



[Little Boy Fatman (Yoru) → Junmai (Kaen)]



As soon as the shaman is killed, the cooldown of ‘Moonlight’ is reset once again.


The duration of ‘Night’s Rest’ is only 4 seconds.


Without hesitation, I recast ‘Moonlight’ and caught up with our team’s samurai and sword-to-sword enemies.


Several scenes flash by in a blink of an eye.


When I first used this skill, I couldn’t adapt easily, but after trying it a few times, it feels rather thrilling.


The speed is incredible.


And I once again cut off the samurai’s head by swinging my sword horizontally.



[Little Boy Patman (Yoru) → Kaiser (Chuusee)]



Two people cut.




Another sorcerer, who noticed that I used the ultimate weapon, summoned tree roots from the floor and tried to bind my legs.


But it was about 0.2 seconds late.


In the meantime, I had already changed my position using ‘Moonlight’.



[Little Boy Fatman (Yoru) → Yuka (Key)]


[Little Boy Fatman (Yoru) → Yon (Jihi)]



Luckily, there was even a healer next to the sorcerer.


Thanks to that, I was able to finish two people at once, and all I had left was a stupid samurai looking at me with a devastated look.


The remaining duration of ‘Night’s Rest’ is only 1 second.


As soon as I checked the time, I immediately cast ‘Moonlight’ and climbed the torii again, then cast a hook towards the samurai on the spot.


Then the body of the samurai standing below was dragged to me like a magnet.


This is the climax.


I swung my sword greatly as I fell toward the rising samurai.




Then the samurai’s body was separated from the air, and a kill log emerged in the upper right corner.



[Little Boy Patman (Yoru) → Seros (Tate)]


[You succeeded in capturing the base]



After killing the last samurai, he landed lightly on the floor.


All the remaining enemies on the base died and brought the first round.


The team members who watched my play were frozen like ice with their mouths open.


It wasn’t just the team members who were shocked.



–  Wow.


– No, whoa, wow!


– It’s really a X Legend. Is watching this on live the legend of my life?


– Was Samurai Wars originally a game like this?


– No lolololololololol


– No, what is it lololololololol


The firepower of chatting explosively rises.


I smiled as I looked at the chat window. And said, shaking my hands lightly.


“Go change your underwear*. It smells so bad that it getting all the way here.”

TL/N : Notes (2)


Notes : 

(1) Josenjing : Originally, it had no racist meaning, but it began to be used as a derogatory word for Koreans during the Japanese colonial period . On the Internet , it is also used in a similar sense to Hell-Joseon .

 -> Hell-Joseon : a Korean internet coined word that became famous in the 2010s . It is a compound word of Hell and Joseon , meaning ‘Korea is close to hell and there is no hope at all’. It also has the meaning of ‘Korea is a bad country to live in, comparable to hell’. It was mainly used in the Internet community including DC Inside, then spread to social media and the like, and was widely used as it was reported by the media.

(2) This also appeared in previous chapters but I honestly don’t know what it refers to… does it mean like being scared??

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