The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 36 - I imagined becoming a large enterprise just now (1)

Author: Hanms Editor: Hanms

After the debut broadcast of streamer ‘Sha’ ended with the highest viewership of 70,000, a huge ripple effect spread around various Internet communities.


The ripple effect was so great that a small event in the game changed a lot of reality.


[<Samurai Wars> Pro League, the consecutive cancellation of registrations!]


[Japan’s pride crumpled at Japan’s symbol]


[Is he a hero or a villain?]


[Anonymous <Samurai Wars> Pro League Sponsor is in the process of discussing in terminating the contract]


Numerous Japanese pro gamers and streamers attacked this Korean streamer, but all faced humiliating deaths.


That’s also by a player who hasn’t started the game for less than a week.


On top of that, a short video of some Japanese streamers reacting while drooling was being added, and the controversy was spreading in an instant like a fire spreading in oil.


Countless articles were being posted in [tnote keyword=”TGD”]a Korean twitch community site[/tnote], a site dominated by Twipod users.



<Title: I Imagined being Little Fatman Just now lolol>


Content: Pick Yoru and brilliantly do a superplay, double-blooded viewers lolol, and even if I just do bad things as I please, people suck on me haha AH! Just thinking about it makes me happy lolol.


L it’s really real.


L Whose video are you referring to? It’s streamer Sha’s video.


L what else do you see?


L what? You still haven’t seen that? Lolol You lost half of your life.



In TGD, posts praising the god ‘Sha’ was being posted.


The spectacular scenes that he showed from the first broadcast.


The famous scenes that even professional gamers of <Samurai Wars> couldn’t easily show, and the streamer ‘Sha’ showed it countless times.


Previously, videos of Chicken Box streamers playing <Samurai Wars> were also sneakily uploaded, but they could not overcome the video ‘Sha’ showed.


Thanks to this, the top 10 of TGD’s popular video rankings were all filled with videos of ‘Sha’, and of course, the first place was the superplay that ‘Sha’ showed at Yasukuni Shrine.


Even the developers of Nippon Software, the producer of <Samurai Wars>, praised that they were inspired by the play of the streamer Shah through SNS.


Of course, the developers were heavily criticized by their fellow Japanese, but Sha’s Yoru play video only became much hotter.


Some Korean streamers quickly began streaming “Samurai Wars” without missing the opportunity, but most of them received disastrous report cards.



– Lolololol You’re so bad at this.


Just don’t just do it lololol Little Fatman painted the faces of Korean gamers with gold, but he paints shit in them?


– It’s not plated, it’s changed.


– Change? What’s that?


– You asshole.


– Ack lolololol.



Evil viewers went to every streamer who played <Samurai Wars> and began to fill up the entire chat window with the story of ‘Sha’.


Everything was going according to Chansik’s plan.

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