The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 37.2 - I imagined becoming a large enterprise just now (2), part 2

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At that time, I got a call from Dongsoo hyung.


The current time is 7pm.


If it’s this time, it’s time for Dongsoo hyung to do his broadcast.


“Yes, hyung.”


– When are you going to start broadcasting?


“I was going to turn it on around 9 o’clock. Why?”


– <Samurai Wars> A seat is vacant. We’re organizing a streamer party, and one person just left. I need a mercenary, can you?


Thanks to the performance I showed yesterday, most of the Korean Twipot’s big broadcasters were playing <Samurai Wars> today.


It was amazing that the game, which was not very popular, was enough for big broadcasters to have parties.


Certainly, the impact of broadcasting is great on the game side.


“Well… I don’t think it really matters.”


– You, too, turn on the broadcast and join. We’re betting right now.


“A bet?”


– Yeah, a kill bet.


Betting a kill


– Of course, you have a handicap. Honestly, agree it.


“What’s the handicap?”


– Let’s subtract 50 from the total number of kills. We’re going to play exactly six rounds. Do you think I’m a pushover? Do you want to make a bet with me?




No comment.


Anyway, I thought about Dongsoo hyung’s offer for a while and asked him.


“What’s the penalty?”


– There’s no penalty, but the viewers paid for the mission. In total, 300…


“Please wait a minute.”


There’s nothing more to hear.


Whether it’s a handicap or not, I’ll just go in and see.


3 million won is not even someone’s dog name.


After roughly finishing the call with Dongsoo hyung, I immediately connected to the capsule and started <Samurai Wars>.


At the same time, the broadcast mode was activated immediately.


Soon after, viewers who seemed to have heard a phone call with Dong-soo began to access at a high speed.



– [tnote keyword=”King”]not the accurate translation but the raw (왕이시여) is a word used by Jong-Woo Park when he made a brilliant play. It is said that it originated from playing the OST for the Game of Thrones drama while playing Azir. Sometimes another word is used instead of king for sarcasm.[/tnote]


– King


– Did our shazi come?


– Hyung! You’re going to use Yoru, right? Yoru, right? Please use Yoru!


– I came in as soon as it started, and there are already 200 legends…


– Can you behead them and say “Hiiing~”?


– Beheading!


– I want to behead again.


– Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!


– If you don’t want fall behind, hurry up and do it.



Chatting between various agro and evil is crowded.


I’m a bit used to it now, but I can’t believe these crazy people are my viewers.


In addition, everyone has gone crazy in a wide variety of ways.


Really, the world was full of crazy people.


Of course.


“I came again today. How have you been, my babies?”


I’m also a crazy guy.



– ???


– It’s fucking disgusting.


– Do you happen to be……?


– Respecting his taste.


– Oppa! Did you finally open up your heart?(Fluttering)


– Wow, I was so excited that I pressed follow twice^^


– The smell of trash vibrated, so I looked around the room… The monitor smells like trash.


– Don’t be silly and just behead them.


The firepower of the chat window was slowly rising, and a party invitation came in just in time from Dongsoo hyung.



[‘Khan’ has invited you to a party]



“As you all know, today’s content is a joint broadcast of <Samurai Wars>.”



– Samurai Wars again


– You played it once but Samurai Wars again


– What color is your panty today? I already asked five times.


– I. Like. Beheading.


The increasing haters sent enthusiastic support, and I accepted Dongsoo hyung’s invitation with a refreshing smile.


Then naturally, I moved to the waiting room where the party members were gathered.


I said a word while looking at the rank floating above Dongsoo hyung’s head.


“Hyung, where does the bronze smell come from? Aww, that’s too disgusting. Honestly, if you’re a human, Bronze is…….”


I thought Dongsoo hyung would take it well, but he was a little surprised and gave me a hint.


“What’s the matter hyung?”


“Crazy guy!”




Only then could I know why Dongsoo hyung warned me with his eyes.


The other four people in the waiting room were looking at me with resentment at the same time.


And above their heads, a Bronze mark was shining uselessly.




“are not…..”


“a human……”




It’s the second day since I started broadcasting.


We’re going to start after filming a legendary video today.

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