The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 39 - I imagined becoming a large enterprise just now (4)

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Simply put, it means the leader of the team. To make it simpler, how about the brains of the team?


It is the key role in leading the game and bringing the team together.


The importance was indescribable, as winning or losing may depend on the order.



[Moving to ‘Takeshima’]



“Ah, this garbage-like map.”


“You really can’t lose here. You know, right?”


“If we lose here, we won’t be able to broadcast for a while”.


The map was decided, and our party was immediately moved to the waiting room.


The biggest reason for planning an event called ‘Sinking Archipelago’ in Chicken Box, causing numerous controversies in <Samurai Wars>.


The biggest reason for planning this event.


Map Takeshima.


[tnote keyword=”Dokdo”]Dokdo is the island between the Ulleungdo and the Oki Islands in the southwest of the East Sea. The island is currently a territorial dispute area in which the Republic of Korea is effectively ruling, but Japan claims the sovereignty of the island. In Korea, in 1952, except for the case where former President Rhee declared a peace line and stood hard against Japan, he is generally taking a ‘quiet diplomacy’ policy against the Dokdo issue. Japan claims that the island is illegally occupying the island, and the ROK is demanding that the island be returned to Japan. [/tnote] in Korean.


Honestly, it was an unacceptable map for Koreans.


The streamers sighed with frustration as they looked at the map in front of them.


Perhaps this place was much more anti-Japanese than Yasukuni Shrine.


I looked at the agitated team members and spoke softly.


“It seems like the map is ‘Dokdo’.”




“We will call this place Dokdo Island in the future.”


In my words, some streamers even put on a moved expression. Who’s overreacting in case you’re not a streamer?


But the real over-reaction was starting in the chat window, not here.



– Kuaaaaa!! Grandmaaaa!


– If it’s like this, isn’t the god of broadcasting helping us? lololol how could this map be picked?


– We’re going to make a legend today.


– The other team has 6 professional gamers.


– Tokyo Giants *shaking*


– Whoa lolol honestly they are bastards without conscience. How can professional gamers throw a party of 6 people to attack? Lmao


– Fools lolol You also don’t have any pride.


– It’s just that he was faking it.



Looking at the chat window, Japanese professional gamers seem to have been caught as opponents.


The Tokyo Giants.


I think it was one of the guys who was fooled by me last time.


Professional gamers were targeting streamers during practice, so it was worth knowing that level.


After slightly increasing the transparency of the chat window for a while, I slowly looked back at the streamers and said.


“Explain the map briefly. Due to the setting here, Japanese-style buildings are built instead of rocks, and the first round starts at a small shrine. The area to be occupied is the main gate like Yasukuni Shrine, and a base is formed on the Torii gate installed in the main gate area.”


The makers of this trashy “Samurai Wars” were not enough to make Dokdo a map, so they dug up a rocky mountain and built Japanese-style buildings there.


The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs also protested strongly to the Japanese government about this game from time to time, but did the Japanese side tell you to contact the game company?


That’s why <Samurai Wars> was not popular in Korea.


To be honest, I didn’t realize it in the past, but now that I’ve played it myself, I know.


It makes me feel dirty to think that this trashy game is even active in the pro league.


I gritted my teeth gently and delivered the operation to the streamers.


“I’ll form a combination.”




“Komuljui and King Jongwoo, please be healers. And for the other three, I think it would be better if you pick the heroes of the samurai side.”


“You don’t need a sorcerer or a ninja?”


“It’s going to be a melee game, so I don’t think the sorcerer will be useful. And I’m enough being a ninja alone.”


Komuljui and King Jongwoo, who played the role of healers, did not look very good.


If it were their physical strength, they would prefer ninjas.


I approached the two separately and whispered quietly in their ears.


“The map is a little narrow, so the healer’s physical strength is the most important. You know what I’m saying, right?”


“What you’re saying is…….”


“You’ll trust us…….”


“You know exactly what it is. I watched your broadcasts often when I was in the military. You’re good at any game. In addition, in the first round, healers have to survive as long as possible.”


People are very simple.


In such a stimulating situation, do you even get compliments?


That’s the end of the game.


At my words, the two nodded, burning their fighting spirit greatly.


I briefly gave instructions to the other three, leaving them behind for a while.


“Let’s focus on defense skills and rub them at the base. I’ll attach both healers.”


“Then what about you? You’re going to use Yoru, right?”


“There’s a lot that Yoru can do here. It’s enough being alone.”


If you are a three-Samurai two-healer, you will be able to fight quite well on the base, even if it is disadvantageous in numbers.


In addition, if the healer’s physical strength is good, he will be able to endure a long time avoiding enemy attacks.



[The match will begin]


[Occupy the base]



As soon as the hero was selected after forming the combination, the game began immediately.


As I said, the streamers ran toward the base as soon as they started.


And I started moving in a different direction from them.



– ???


– Running away in underwear alone?


– Hurry up and show us Ryu Seungryong’s kimochi.


– I want to behead him.


– Isn’t that too much lol



In the slightly transparent chat window, I could see the viewers urging.


I looked at the chat room for a moment and said something.


“Shut up and watch. I’ll show you something fun.”


In the first round, there was no need for such a detailed order.


Because the first round of Dokdo Island was just a fishing spot for Yoru.


Why is it a fishing spot?


You’ll know when you see it.


This Dokdo is a typical map where there is a drop-off.


Basically, the cliffs are all over the place, so if you take a wrong step, you will fall and die in that state.


If you can use it well, a pretty fun play will be created.


I used a hook to quickly start, and then headed for a passage through which the enemies had no choice but to pass.


And as I climbed up the high cliff, I looked down leisurely.



– It’s fucking useless.


– You’re going to a cliff in this situation? Hmm…


– I’m disappointed.


– Our devil… you’re the one who looks so scared.


– Oh, you’re not going to behead someone today? I’m disappointed.



The chat window kept getting noisy, so I disabled the function for a while. Then slowly looked ahead.


Soon after, a healer of the enemy was seen running fast through the aisle.


As soon as I found him, I tried the hook.




There was no room for the healer, with a hook, it was pulled in front of me in an instant.


“You can’t do anything if you have a hook stuck in your head, right?”


The healer, who was dragged up to the hook, struggled, but soon covered its mouth with the sight unfolding under its feet.


The place where I was standing is a small stone beak where only one can climb up.


The healer was actually hanging from the end of the cliff by my hook.


Apparently, it seems to be afraid of heights as the healer’s complexion has become surprisingly bad.


I smiled bitterly as I looked at such a healer. Then I said while bringing the shuriken to the hook.


“<Samurai Wars> God game and you. They let you do bungee jumping for free. Don’t you think so?”




“If you know Korean, the next time you’re dragged, you should say, ‘Dokdo is Korean territory!’ then I’ll just kill you. Okay?”




The hook is cut off.




The healer began to fall off the cliff with a disastrous scream.


Looking at it, I hummed the song that came to my mind.


“Dokdo is our land~!”


I’ll make you throw up whenever you see this map.

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