The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Chapter 41 - I imagined becoming a large enterprise just now (6)

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It seems that the ID of the guy I was bothering was ‘Tsujio’.


A message popped up saying that someone had ended the game, and soon the fish disappeared from the fishing ground.


“Oh… he’s not coming anymore.”


I reactivated the chat window that I disabled.


 As expected, the chat window was constantly heating up like a furnace that never cooled.




– A professional gamer is running away lolololololol.


– Honestly, why don’t you fix the thing that makes it impossible to break the hook? lolol


– Wow lolololololol


– Did you hear him saying Dokdo is Korean territory? Lolololololol


– This is a fun sauce for the next 100 years.


– He must have a fear of heights.


Aah, it’s so sweet.


I really wanted to hear that from the Japanese.


Besides, how thrilling is it to think that it’s being broadcasted nationwide through my broadcast?


‘Gukppong Mission Man’ donated 100,000 won!


[Historical moment’s audience fee, wow lolol I couldn’t help but spend money on this. Let’s all get drunk! Gramdaaa!]


“Thank you.”


Sponsorship is also exploding.


I feel like I missed 10 million won yesterday and today, but let’s check it out after the broadcasting.


I glanced at the chat room and grinned, then closed the chat window again to look ahead.


I thought it was cold, but before I knew it, an enemy was flying toward me with a strange wing in his head.


Among ninja heroes, it is one of the techniques used by the hero ‘Hine’.


It’s a flying skill called ‘Flight’, and the disadvantage of that skill is that it falls again when the disc holding it disappears.


Therefore, if there is a hero who can attack from a distance, it is a skill that is not easily used.


Nevertheless, the reason he flew so proudly was probably because he was certain that I could not attack from a distance.


“Why are pro gamers so stupid?”


A person’s natural anger makes normal thinking impossible.


Did you say Tokyo Giants? Thank you so much for adding another stuffed video to my video list.


I smiled and threw the hook towards the disc.


However, the opponent moved his wings as if he had expected, and gently avoided the third hook in a row.




You’re a pro gamer, aren’t you?


I know it’s pretty hard to move around with that skill, but it certainly seemed like a pro gamer.


He flew up to me on a disc, pulled out a thin sword, and jumped at me.




A thin long sword penetrates my neck.


At the same time, I could see the face of the Japanese looking at me with burning eyes.


“So what?”


I’ve been telling you, it’s better not to get carried away by anger to win the game.


When you get angry at something, you make mistakes.


I had to be more calm than anyone else when I wanted to beat my opponent.


Otherwise, you’ll make mistakes like this Japanese professional gamer.




‘Revenge of the Night’ was already activated before the Japanese sword could stab me in the neck.


I smiled as I did earlier as I looked at the Japanese who had lost their weapons.


I didn’t have to use a repair sword.




Just kick it away and it’s over.


The Japanese man who failed to attack in vain fell off a cliff and fell to his death.


[Little Boy Fatman (Yoru) → Satoshi (Hine)]




I think it’s the guy who risked his life to save the healer.


Now that we’re done with the fun, let’s go decide the round.


It’s not fun if you drag the game loosely.

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