Hunter World Chaebol Household Chapter 10 - Excessive power

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Wondering if it was really okay to attack the dungeon like this, Jeong-Hoon shot the Orc in the head with a pistol that he was gripping firmly.

An orc came tumbling down after a gunshot.

And behind Jeong-Hoon—


“It’s a great shot.”


“It’s a hit again this time.”


“I’ll slowly bring the next guy.”


The three vassals are applauding modestly and praising Jeong-Hoon’s shooting skills.


“… You’re clearing the dungeon, right?”


“You can say it’s true. Is there a problem?”


“No. It feels like I’m playing golf instead of attacking a dungeon.”


He never actually played golf, but he did felt like he’s playing golf that’s common in dramas and movies, 

Jeong-Hoon smiled bitterly, it was like a dungeon version of the scene shouting “Boss, nice shot!”


“If you want to play golf, I’ll make a schedule next time.”


“No, I don’t want to play golf.”


It’s just that the situation is the same.

Golf is a common hobby only for the upper class because dungeons form easier in crowded places.

He thought it didn’t suit him that much.


“Oh. Golf is said to be exhausting but dungeons are dangerous because you don’t know when it will be opened. It’ll be better and more popular if rich people make a hobby of shooting monsters in the dungeon.”


There, the rich can enjoy their hobbies as the rich do, and killing monsters does not feel repulsive, and the more monsters die, the more beneficial to mankind.

In other words, it is a hobby that benefits in many ways.


“Then shall we run a business?”


“I’m kidding.”

Jeong-Hoon was just joking around as he wasn’t nervous anymore, but Butler Joo answered seriously.


He shook his head.


“What if a huge accident occurs inside the business? The escorts will risk their lives to get the rich to escape safely, and if there are any casualties, the business will be ruined.”


If done wrong, it can become a hobby with the highest injury and mortality rates.

In addition, in order to open and operate such hobbies into businesses, negotiations with the government must be made, and Lumen’s reputation, which influences various societies, is also flawed.


The tragedy caused by a dungeon left unattended for a long time had already been seen in another country.

Representatively, North Korea is a prime example.


“You have grasped the strengths and weaknesses of being a businessman, not just  humanitarian issues. You are wonderful.”


“I don’t think it’s particularly great. Just by looking at the news in the morning, you can tell how futile operating a business is if countless victims come out of it.”


In other words, Jeong-Hoon, who emphasized that this was only a joke they could make, looked around.


“Why is the maid of honor so late when she said she’ll be luring monsters out?”

It was time for her to come back, but when she didn’t come, Jeong-Hoon was worried.

It is said that there is no pressure at all, but that’s because the trio is too strong, not because this dungeon is easy.


As such, Jeong Yi-Young’s late return, the lowest ranked among the three, is a worrisome part for Jeong-Hoon.

Something unexpected might have happened and a monster that is too powerful for her to handle may have appeared.

Jeong-Hoon is still at the entrance of the dungeon, so the dangers lurking inside are still unknown.


“You don’t have to worry.”


“I know, I’m not worried about anyone, but still…”


“The 12 vassals are not weak.”


Certainly, it can be said that S-class is not weak, but it is Butler Joo who decided that it is possible to raid the dungeon safely by mobilizing three of the top ten guilds to which an S-class belongs.

In other words, even if it is an S-class, it is a dungeon where you may face a crisis.

However, Butler Joo did not worry about Jeong Yi-Young at all.


“I was a little late because I couldn’t see the Orcs nearby.”

Jeong-Hoon was surprised and relieved at the voice of Jeong Yi-Young, who suddenly appeared from behind and reported.

As Butler Joo said, she was safe.


“Really? Then, should we go a little further inside?”

Jeong-Hoon, who took the magazine given by Yeo Tae-Hyun, reloaded his pistol and regained his stance. He concentrated his mind as he watched the orc running from afar.



Jeong-Hoon, who lacks knowledge about dungeons, doesn’t know if they were at the entrance, center or the second half. But as the two other vassals including Butler Joo said they’re at the center, he did not say anything. However, he kept looking around as he doubted that they’re already in the middle of the dungeon.


“Are you sure we’re in the middle?”


“If you feel the reaction from the core of the dungeon, you’re in the middle.”


“But why does the monster that comes out weaker?”


The core of the dungeon that the awakened instinctively feelsis nothing to Jeong-Hoon, who can’t feel the core’s reaction. He made a face saying that he couldn’t understand.

I can’t see the orcs that used to come out well at the beginning, and most of them only see monsters such as Kobold and Goblin.

However, the numbers are quite large, so I am assisted by three people, throwing grenades, and gaining experience in this and that.


“Oh, it’s a bad day again.”


Jeong-Hoon, who killed one Kobold with a dagger, which the three of them deliberately pushed towards him, saw that the blade was damaged and clicked his tongue.

The appearance of Jeong-Hoon holding a broken dagger in a blood-stained suit was quite bizarre.

But no one cared about the appearance.


Among the blood on the suit, there is no drop of Jeong-Hoon’s blood. All of them are monster blood caught by Jeong-Hoon in a close combat.

And the damaged dagger has already eaten the blood of dozens of monsters.

Rather, it is surprising that Jeong-Hoon, who is a beginner and non-awakened, can fight so neatly.


“13 monsters. You’re getting better and better.”

Therefore, Yeo Tae-Hyun gave a new dagger and exclaimed pure admiration for Jeong-Hoon’s skills.

Even with the first dagger alone, the blade went out after killing 5 of them.


“Well, it’s strange to compare with you guys, but it’s already the fifth dagger. It just feels like a waste of money.”


Yeo Tae-Hyun wanted to say that it was more surprising that he had only used 5 daggers so far, but, anyway, he stayed quiet because of the words of the lord, Jeong-Hoon.


It said that the blade was damaged, but compared to the first dagger, it’s just drenched in too much blood which makes it hard to lift.

It is enough to clean it well and change the blade once. It’s not that it cannot be used anymore, so it cannot be compared with the first one, which has to be treated as scrap metal.


“Lord, I know it well because I am leading the Shine Mall, but it is rare among hunters to use a dagger so well.”


It’s not just that the supply squads follow and carry a bunch of bullets and daggers.

Moreover, daggers are treated as one-time consumables, not as many as bullets.

An object that can be said to have already done its purpose by killing one.

Jeong-Hoon, who caught 13 with such a thing, is rather strange.


“Are you sure you only worked at the Dungeon Logistics Center?”


“No. I did other things besides the Dungeon Logistics Center. It was just 80% of the dungeon logistics centers.”

Jeong-Hoon smiled bitterly because he was praising him for his good skills.


Jeong-Hoon’s self-defense teacher is Butler Joo. He is an SSS-level Awakener who is said to be treated as a member of the national government.

He is a person who can only rely on his abilities, but he is not satisfied with that, and he is an SSS-level man who honed his skills.

Learning from such a master, Jeong-Hoon’s technique had no choice but to be sophisticated.


“It’s all thanks to Butler Joo. He’s a bit strict, though.”


“… Lord, Butler Joo is kind.”

When I saw Yeo Tae-Hyun’s face, which had turned dark, as if something had touched the trauma, Jeong-Hoon didn’t say anything and looked at the monster lured by Butler Joo from far away.



The second half beyond the middle of the dungeon. Jeong-Hoon, who entered the area called the core, still looked around in a relaxed manner.

Then he looked at the orcs in the distance, and Jeong-Hoon made a welcoming expression on his face.


“Oh, I can see the Orcs again in the second half.”


“I see.”


“Isn’t this dangerous?”

Unlike Jeong-Hoon, who has no tension as the Orcs he had caught countless times so far, Butler Joo and Yeo Tae-Hyun had a hard expression on their faces.

And the figure of Jeong Yi-Young, who was standing still from behind, disappears.


“Huh? What’s wrong?”


“The maid just went on a reconnaissance. Let’s wait for a moment.”


Jeong-Hoon nodded at the relieving words of Butler Joo, and watched Butler Joo and Yeo Tae-Hyun, who were cleaning up the orcs around him in an instant.


The battle of the Butler Joo, who is an SSS-class and possesses supernatural powers of body strengthening, is simpler than expected.

He attacks the orcs with overwhelming physical abilities.

He doesn’t wield it just because he believes in his strength, he wields it based on his skill.


Yeo Tae-Hyun, who has a subspace power, approaches the orcs and cuts them off with his superpowers.

Jeong-Hoon scratched his head when he saw him catch the Orcs with the control of opening and closing the subspace, calling it the best supply unit ability.


“I heard it’s possible only in theory, But it really works.”


It is said that even if you do it with a moderate grade, it’ll be pushed out of the subspace, not into the subspace, but when you see him using it to cut monsters, the control is impressive, I understood how great the output of SS class is.


“Oh, there’s an escapee”.


Jeong-Hoon, who believed that the Butler Joo and Yeo Tae-Hyun can never miss one, thought that they let it escape on purpose.




The pistol doesn’t pierce or injure the leg.

Rather, an orc-like monster would have scratches on its legs.

However, Jeong-Hoon, who was aiming for the gap created by the scratch, quickly grabbed the rifle he was carrying on his back and shot it at the orc.


Penetration cannot be expected, but if you shoot for a vital point, it is enough to cause fatal injury.

And Jeong-Hoon, who rushed to the gasping Orc after suffering a fatal injury, took out a dagger and stabbed the Orc in the neck that was exposed.



Jeong-Hoon, a first-timer to catch an orc with a dagger, frowned at the huge amount of blood spattered from the orc.


“I want to throw away my suit.”

It was so uncomfortable that I wanted to take it off right away, but it was not just a suit, but a suit with tremendous technology that was not announced to the world.


On top of that, it is also a valuable defense device that protects Jeong-Hoon’s life.

“When we return, we will dispose of it immediately.”


“… Throwing away this expensive thing? Aren’t you gonna wash it well before using it again?”


Even without considering the function, it is expensive because it is a tailored suit, but it is not unusual from the fabric.

The option of throwing it away already does not exist, but Jeong-Hoon shook his head at the words of Butler Joo, who treats it as a disposable item.


“It’s a transitional product under development anyway, so there’s no need to feel sorry for it.”


And Jeong-Hoon nodded reluctantly to hear that washing could break the function.


“How much is this, Butler Joo?”


“It’s a little less than 100 million won.”

Thanks to his gentle answer, Jeong-Hoon felt his head spinning.

He came in to fill his bucket list, but thanks to that, 100 million won was lost.

Even that 100 million is purely the price of a suit.

If he includes the amount of weapons they used and the labor costs of 3 vassals with S rank or higher, it will rise several times more.


“I can’t even do a dungeon raid.”


“This is a good deal. When the three guilds were moved, the labor costs needed were roughly 1.2 billion won.”


Considering Lumen’s enormous capital, that amount of money is a firefly in front of the sun, but Jeong-Hoon, who has no sense of reality at all, just sticks his tongue out.

E/N : It’s a metaphor. It’s saying the sun gives off light and fireflies also gives off light, but the light made by fireflies is little compared to the sun. This means the amount of money the labor costs are little compared to the lot of money Lumen has.


“My Lord, Butler Joo, there’s a problem.”

Meanwhile, Jeong Yi-Young, a superpower who uses telekinesis, came back from reconnaissance and made a serious expression.


As an S-class Awakened woman, making such an expression means that something unusual has happened, so Jeong-Hoon’s expression hardened in an instant.


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