Hunter World Chaebol Household Chapter 15 - You crossed the line

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Jeong-Hoon, Butler Joo, Ko Yu-Yeon, Woo Do-il, Lee So-Hyun, and Han Si-Eun were not a small number, so the group was divided into two cars.


Jeong-Hoon, who was alone with the Butler Joo and rode in a luxury sedan only the president could ride, opened his mouth to the Butler Joo who was driving.


“I said it was okay, but is it really okay?”


“It’s all right, your Grace, Do you remember the two leaders of the AP guild?”


Jeong-Hoon immediately nodded at Butler Joo’s reply.

Jeong-Hoon is worried about the AP guild in the first place.

“We had him arrested under pressure from behind. The only official action that Lumen could take was to deprive him of his membership, right?”


“Do you know that the AP guild leader admitted to all crimes and is now imprisoned for life?”


“What? Already?”


It has been less than a month since the AP guild’s corruption issue broke out.

However, he did not know that the trial had already ended and he would be in jail.


“The AP guild leader complied and went straight to life imprisonment.”


Jeong-Hoon shook his head because it was too fast.

It’s a ridiculous speed for a judgment.


“The judge acknowledged that he had been deprived of his membership and quickly evacuated him to prison.”


“What? What do you mean?”


“There is an agreement between the family and the government that was made at the time of handing over the Hunter Association to the country.”


The government, who took over the Hunter Association, was shocked to see the ratings of the vassals registered with the Hunter Association.

They saw a group that has the power to overthrow the government any time.

Therefore, Lumen, who gave away the association, was given some privileges.

“One of its privileges is that Lumen can step up and punish the association if they touch Lumen’s customers, and the association can punish those who have been deprived of their membership.”

“I mean, if the other person hits first, they have the right to hit back, but that’s a private sanction, isn’t it?”


“It’s just a privilege that some companies have in case there will be an argument with a guild.”


Jeong-Hoon nodded blankly at the calm words of the Butler Joo.

I forgot because I was not exposed to danger after I became the head of the family, and this world is an irrational world where non-awakened people may lose their lives to Hunter’s unjust violence.



Small guilds like Odyssey are usually located in the Hunter Industrial Center, the Hunter’s version of the Knowledge Industry Center.

So, Jeong-Hoon, who thought he would go there, unexpectedly came into a deserted mountain and in front of a temporary building, 

He looked puzzled when they stopped.


“Is this Odyssey’s office?”

When Jeong-Hoon asked So-Hyun, who got out of her car, she shook her head from side to side.


“Not at all, The guild office is in the Hunter Industrial Center.”


“This is the hideout for Odyssey’s guildmaster and his gang to use in an emergency.”


Butler Joo, who even used the word gang to undermine Odyssey, did not hide his displeasure.


“Really? Then why did we come here instead of going to the office?”


“I’ll explain it to you.”

When Ko Yu-Yeon, who came in the same car as So-Hyun, suddenly appeared behind her and answered, Jeong-Hoon nodded and looked back.

It’s good to find a hiding place, but it came so suddenly that I don’t understand.


“Before I came here, I declared war on Odyssey in the name of Lumen. Then, as predicted, I caught the guildmaster and his group moving this way.”


There are 28 people in Odyssey. Among them, 17 people, including the guild master, were involved in the corruption case.


In other words, good guild members have already done their best to avoid further damage.

If you quietly declare war, the guildmaster and his group will try to flee, but as long as they are enemies of Lumen, they cannot escape to foreign countries.

It was predicted that he would flee to the hiding place that was found by Lumen, as he had no choice but to run away inside Korea.

“That’s a surprising fit,”


“It’s not surprising, it’s natural.”

Jeong-Hoon sighed briefly on Ko Yu-Yeon’s proud face.

He certainly seems competent, but he’s not a lawyer, he just likes to play detective.

In addition, Jeong-Hoon is burdened with the appearance of showing off his pride all the time.


“Well, that’s good. Then let’s go get it over with.”


Jeong-Hoon shrugs his shoulders, thinking it’s fortunate that it’s a place where there are only a few people, as he was planning to use force to destroy it.

Perhaps he thought it was a sign, but Ko Yu-Yeon stepped up and slightly distorted the iron gate that blocked the entrance of the temporary building.

“What is this?”


“…Oh, my God. What has he done?”


Looking inside the iron door that Ko Yu-Yeon tore off, So-Hyun stumbled feeling dizzy.

Woo Do-il, who was standing next to her, quickly helped her.

And not as much as So-Hyun, but everyone here had a similar shocked expression.

What’s inside the gate was not a well-established hiding place.

There’s a crack in the air like a broken glass window.

And a faint light was leaking through the cracks.

“…shouldn’t we report this?


All of the people here knew what it was.

Jeong-Hoon also knows well because he went in one a few days ago.


“They are really crazy people who hide dungeons in their hideout.”

A dungeon gate that looks like a broken window means it’s not yet attacked. Once the core is found and destroyed, the space itself is shattered and the inside is visible, it’s not the broken glass window appearance.

In other words, this dungeon has not yet been attacked, and the Odyssey uses it as a hiding place.


“This is beyond the line…”

Anyone who has common sense in the world knows.

Even low-level dungeons are dangerous if they are not cleared for a long time.



Equipment is needed to target dungeons.

So, even if they found a dungeon, Jeong-Hoon hesitated to enter, but the problem was solved easily.

It wasn’t because he snapped his fingers and called Yeo Tae-Hyun, but because there was a huge amount of equipment loaded in the car that the four people, including Ko Yu-Yeon, were riding in.

Enough equipment for a small number of elite guilds to clear small dungeons.


“I’ve kept it in case, and it’s all good.”

Butler Joo calmly replied to Jeong-Hoon, who looked suspiciously at the equipment and wondered if he knew the situation.


“Well, the important thing is that, thanks to the equipment, we were able to get in.”

Jeong-Hoon, who came inside the dungeon, nodded his head and looked around.

It was a large meadow on an Oak Road.

But now, it is a cave that deserves the name of a dungeon.


“It’s pretty good for a cave?”

I thought the cave would be only humid and dark, but it was surprisingly not humid.

On the contrary, it is rather cool and pleasant. There’s a light on the ceiling, so it’s not completely dark.


“This must have been unknown at Odyssey, right?”


“It was meant to be used as a hiding place, so wouldn’t it be natural?”

It is a place to hide until things calms down, so even a cave-type dungeon would be easy to live in and will be well equipped.


When he thought of that, Jeong-Hoon was relieved that he would suffer less than he thought, but did not let go of the tension.

It is a dungeon that has not been cleared for a long time.

It is a place where it will not be strange if there is any danger at any time.


“Chairman Lee, are you familiar with dungeons? Didn’t you say you were a non-Awakened person?”


“Yeah? I’ve been in there once.”


When So-Hyun, who seemed familiar with Jeong-Hoon’s nervousness and vigilance around him, brought up those words, Jeong-Hoon nodded and replied.

There are 4 S-class or higher awakened with him, so it seems ridiculous in a way that Jeong-Hoon, a non-Awakened person, is on guard.


However, in a standard way, it is how one should act.

No matter how high-ranking an awakened person may be, all those who enter the dungeon must remain vigilant.

“Oh, right. Sir, I might unconsciously use my supernatural powers in the dungeon, is it okay?”


“It doesn’t matter. You can use it as much as you want.”


So-Hyun doesn’t want to endanger people. Jeong-Hoon and Si-Eun, who were willing to make time for her, were worried.


So she asked Woo Do-il to avoid putting too much strain on her body as much as possible, but the answer she got back was different from what she expected.


“Is that really okay? I got Hunter’s disease while using that superpower?”


“On the contrary, even if you use it more forcefully than before, it won’t reduce your lifespan.”


Since little is known about Hunter’s disease, there are many false perceptions.

One of them is that the more you use superpowers, the faster your lifespan decreases.

It is true that the body collapses beyond its limits due to excessive use of superpowers.

However, since it has already exceeded its limits, the superpower itself is strengthened. And, the collapse of the body does not accelerate.

There is no difference between using superpowers and not using it 


“Honestly, even if you are an F-class when you become an Awakened person, it is a fact that you are a superhuman compared to ordinary people.”


“Well, what’s wrong with that? Does it mean that a hunter’s physical abilities are also superpowers, so they are always in a state of invoking superpowers?”


“That’s right, It’s a fact that every time you use superpowers, pain comes with it, that’s why a wrong perception has spread.”


Although she is a patient with Hunter’s disease, it was the first time she had heard of it, so So-Hyun looked at Woo Do-il suspiciously.

If this were true, she would never have waited for the day she died in her bed.

Rather, she would have killed as many monsters as she could by the moment she died.

“Then why don’t you announce it?”


“Because we don’t know the criteria of Hunter’s disease, and after all, it’s a matter of business.”

In other words, So-Hyun looked angry when she was told that it was meaningless to announce it.


However, Woo Do-il continued to speak calmly.

“The reason why the pain comes when you use your superpowers is simple. It is because our powers unconsciously suppress the pain from the collapse of your body.”


There is no limit to the use of one’s abilities.

There is a condition that depends on the amount per day, and there is also a superpower output that can be used according to grade.

If you use the powers suppressing the pain of Hunter’s disease elsewhere, you will naturally feel pain from the disease.

“That’s a bit of a problem.”


“It seems unlikely that you will ever use your abilities that much, but if that happens, you can take this.”


“Is that a painkiller? I ate that in the morning, too.”


“It’s a stronger painkiller than usual.”


“Dr. Woo, does the patient understand only when you explain it like that?”

Ko Yu-Yeon, who was watching Woo Do-il, who was giving painkillers with a simple explanation, intervenes.

He doesn’t just want to tackle, but he looks like he has something he really wants to say.


“It’s stronger than usual painkillers. What else do I need to explain? Do you want me to talk about my medical expertise?”


“It’s not that, but there’s no explanation at all of how strong it is, how much pain you can suppress, than the pain relievers you take normally.”


Woo Do-il shook his head at Ko Yu-Yeon’s expression of frustration.


“That’s the difference between the individual patients. How can I say it with confidence?”


“Couldn’t you tell me, on average, how many times that is?”

Ko Yu-Yeon, who is told to speak based on statistics on the likelihood date and drug efficacy that cannot be said recklessly about the differences that occur between patients.

Both were not wrong, so Jeong-Hoon nodded and watched the quarrel between the two.

“Butler Joo, are the two of them having a bad relationship?”


“It’s the worst. None of us is as bad as those two.”

Normally, Butler Joo would have mentioned the 12 vassals even with a low voice, but since there is an S-class hunter, Si-Eun, he used the word ‘us’ and smiled bitterly.


“It doesn’t have to be good relations, but I hope they don’t get into trouble for nothing.”

If it is an ordinary dungeon, dangerous situations will not occur because Butler Joo and Han Si-Eun are all strong.

However, this is an unattacked dungeon that has been neglected for a long time.

It was Jeong-Hoon who sighed because he did not know what kind of danger awaits them.


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