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Between the intruder and Catherine, there was a lot of hostility and tension. Regardless, Catherine raised her chin as if she had something to say.


“I can’t even laugh. Isn’t it too late to pretend you don’t know?”


The cold man’s purple eyes were strangely diverted. There was a long silence with one eyebrow raised around the basement, but the man’s sword remained close to her neck.


“Courage is something to be praised. Besides, I’m in a great mood today. I’ll let you live if you open your mouth— Tell me your purpose if you don’t want me to split your hair on the wall alive.”


After a while, the sound of coming out is a threat rather than an apology and reflection. Catherine pushed the sword closer to her neck once more as she slowly began to rise.


“My purpose is to erase this damn big graffiti, and unlike yours, I’m in a pretty bad mood. I don’t know what you’re mistaking for myself, but would you like me to do one thing instead, whether you’re going out or cleaning someone else’s house?”


Then she walked down the stairs and wiped the mud away with a mop, but she sighed deeply as she realized it was the mark that would happen again if the man stayed here.


‘It’s still complicated, but a strange man arrives here—’


Isn’t that what a lion does to its prey? For some reason, the madman only picked up his weapon and remained still, his gaze fixed on Catherine.


So, what should she do? She didn’t think she’d be able to communicate with him, so it was time to get to work. The red-glittering pattern on the floor blinked and then went black.




To make matters worse, a single candle mysteriously fades away. ‘You’re lying, aren’t you? Tell me it’s not true.’ Her legs were completely drained because she felt so empty.


“My last candle—”


She worked so hard today to keep that safe! Catherine sat with her back against the wall. She wanted to throw anything and everything she could get her hands on.


‘Wait. Calm down, Catherine. First of all— First of all, take a deep breath first. We’d better go up to the ground for now. It’s too dark here.’


The man’s existence was erased from her mind the moment the light went out.


Catherine found it difficult to believe that she had suddenly become violent and pessimistic. Poverty is a terrifying thing! Perhaps it is difficult to grasp the wall and stand up because of a sense of shame. Even if there was no light, she could return to her bedroom by going up the stairs and relying on the moonlight and starlight. The bed is dirty, but if she covers it with a cloth and sleeps—




She stammered to find the handle of the wooden door at the time. The basement was embroidered with a brightness that differed from the light of the candle. Catherine gradually opened her eyes, which had been forced shut by the sudden influx of light. It was a light that flashed quickly, causing panic. When the view was restored, a silver-haired man with an uninterested expression looked down at her.


“At the sound of your breathing, I thought you’d killed yourself—Was it just nervousness?”


This guy is a wizard. Catherine’s entire body is stiff.


‘My lovely Catherine. You should never get close to an outside wizard if you want to live happily with this mother for a long time. Do you see what I mean? Keep your mother’s words in mind at all times.’


For the first time in years, Catherine remembered, as if by instinct, the warning she had received from her biological mother when she was five years old. A sphere of light floated in the air, slowly circling the man. The intruder’s clothes were torn here and there, and he was dressed shabbily, but he had a strong presence in terms of his distinct appearance, despite his shabby clothes.


“Dealing with you is annoying. Don’t waste any more time, and reveal your purpose. Before I actually kill you.”


However, good looks do not clean up mud on the floor. Catherine, exhausted, untied every button on her top, regardless of the presence of a man.


“What the hell—”


A button on a shirt that slowly loosens. The man’s facial expression remained unchanged. All he had to do was raise his brows. Catherine unbuttoned the button halfway, took out the housing contract she’d hidden inside her underwear, and moved it quietly.


“Look. My name is Catherine Phanya. This paper proves Catherine Phanya is the owner of the mansion. It means that I own the land, buildings, basement, and sky. Do you see how ridiculous threatening me with this is?”


A mysterious intruder will burn it with magic, and she waved the contract in his face before folding it up and tucking it into her underwear.


“—Catherine Phanya?”




“You bought this land?”




“This mansion?”




A simple response crumpled the face of a man who had previously been calm or cold. Catherine clicked her tongue as she grabbed her forehead as if she was suffering from a headache.


‘By the way— it reminds me of a face I saw somewhere.’


It was comparable to the masterwork on which the craftsman had spent his entire life. Strangely, it’s difficult for her to forget once she’s seen it, but it’s difficult for her to recall where she saw it.


“So, you— I mean, Lady, you’re the new owner of this place?”




She didn’t even want to mop the floor anymore. Catherine simply wanted the tactless beauty intruder to leave as soon as possible.


Soon after, the man raised his arm and wiped his face dry.


“Ha, what is this—no, I’ll apologize for being rude first. And it would be preferable if you simply buttoned your clothes first.”


“It would be faster for you to get out of here than for me to button it all up.”


The man, who wrinkled his brow once more, nodded and turned around. She raised herself up, relieved that she could communicate with him, but Catherine’s gaze toward him, as she attempted to climb the stairs, became serious.


“Hey, wait.”


Catherine rushed after the man before he disappeared. The man who turned his head at the call seemed to be struggling not to look down at her chest.


Catherine did not hesitate to open her mouth for the sorcerer, who was very gentle when it came to intruders.


“Because there aren’t any candles—Can you leave that light behind?”


In her own way, it was a desperate wish.




The man’s magical sphere shone nonstop all day. She was so tired on the first day that she fell asleep without knowing if there was a mouse or a bird as soon as she returned to her bedroom, but on the second day, it was so bright that she couldn’t even fall asleep.


Finally, the third evening arrived. The glistening area was pushed into the corridor. The location was changed from the hallway to the underground warehouse a day later, on the fourth day. It had been completely thrown to the ground.


“Wait a little longer. When the mansion is cleaned, I’ll erase it without a trace.”


Catherine double-locked the basement warehouse for the day she returned to clean up, fearful of a strange pattern.


Everything went smoothly after that in its own way. When she reflected on her life in Orléans, she felt sorry that she couldn’t make more of a complete mess. Of course, cleaning the mansion was so important that the sadness vanished for half a day.


“Oh, good. As expected, alone is the best, I’m glad I left home.”


She thought this was real peace. At least until afternoon tea time starts.


The color of the freshly brewed tea was extremely vibrant. It was lovely because it was the tea Catherine had just brewed a few moments before. Long white fingers holding a teacup, red herbal tea dripping from the teapot, and—


“Now, there’s a ghost—”


“Doesn’t it have a nice scent?”


She thought she was seeing a ghost, but based on the sound of the voice, it does not appear to be a ghost or an illusion.


Catherine, who had been standing far in front of the kitchen, moved slowly. The man’s silver hair reflected in the sun sprayed colorful colors every time she walked around the kitchen.


“The temperature is just right, neither too hot nor too cold. Were you a maid? I didn’t get the feeling.”


“—Who are you?”




The man with his nose in the teacup raised his head. His cobalt-colored eyes, as clear and transparent as glass grains, shifted to her. A smirk appeared on his neat face, just like in paintings.


“I never expected to be asked such a stupid question. Don’t tell me you forgot everything in a matter of days.”


Memory? Catherine will have to shake her head and nod if the memory of a man means ‘don’t you know who I really am?’


It was definitely a familiar voice and silhouette. However, the eyes of the man she remembered were purple, not fresh cobalt. 


Staring at her, the man slowly rested his chin.


“You didn’t really forget, did you? But I thought he had an impressive look— This hurts my pride a little bit.”


“No, I didn’t forget.”


Straight eyebrows twitched beautifully.


Yeah. That strange scratching tone and attitude made it clear.


The man was right about the shameless man who broke into the basement a few days ago. Although the color of the eyes is quite different—.


‘Was I mistaken then?’


The gleam in an extraordinary person’s eyes is frequently mesmerizing. This was especially true when the other party was a lunatic, but when she considered the case of this man, she immediately understood. That man’s beauty must-have spilled over that day. Catherine simply chose to understand it in that way.


But why did he come back into my house after being kicked out so severely?


Catherine took the teacup from the cupboard and sat in a chair away from the man. She then poured in the remaining herbal tea to enjoy the scent. It’s the first tea she bought in the city, and it smells great, as a man says.




The sound of fingernails tapping on the table gradually increased as she swallowed a sip and two sips. Later, it became so distracting that it was difficult to ignore. Catherine gave a nervous look, and the man with the dull face opened his mouth.


“By any chance, are you having a hard time talking to people?”




Catherine responded to the abrupt remark.


“How many minutes have you lost your memory?” We’ve only had a brief conversation.”


“True, but—”


A man swept his chin with a hazy tongue. Catherine’s expression was a little complicated.


“Don’t you get asked what’s going on here all the time? What’s going on here, and who are you?”


There is nothing she can do. Catherine politely inquired about the purpose of the intruding for an unidentified man.


“What brings you back here? Do you really want your trespassing to be reported?”


The man laughed briefly as he shook his head. The only thing that made sense was the sound, but the corners of his eyes and mouth were frozen.


The response came rather late.


“What about looking for another mansion?”

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  1. The synopsis made it seem like she would have some power in the relationship but turns out it was laughable and she can’t make him do sh*t. The devil male lead, the handsome male lead, the strong male lead, blah blah perfect male lead, so cool he threatens your life like you’re a bug to him.