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At Cesare’s request, the woman took a deep breath. The action was also so quick that she became tired of refining it over and over again. The woman who wiped the flowing saliva shouted with a loud voice.


“Your Highness, that maid dared to slap me. Look at this! How strong does her hand to make my face swollen already?”


She doesn’t even recognize the lifesaver. For this reason, favors should not be given recklessly. After saving the woman who was supposed to be the food for the gargoyle, the only thing that comes back is this, isn’t it?


Catherine looked up at Cesare with sincere eyes.


‘Look at my innocent eyes. It was all for the peace of the Duke residence. I didn’t hit her because I wanted to.’


「Catherine. The gaze of Cesare is so creepy. I want you to restrain yourself. It’s hard to hold back his anger.」


Cesare didn’t seem very interested in the situation. Otherwise, it would not be possible to have a peaceful atmosphere while waiting for a fish to be caught on a fishing line by the river. Cesare covered Catherine’s eyes with his warm hand. 


“What’s this hand?”


“It makes me feel a little uncomfortable when you look at me with such burdensome eyes.” 


The texture of the skin reaching the tip of her eyebrows was tickling. She shook her head to shake his hand away, and a short, low laugh fell from the top of her head. 


“Well, I can roughly see what the problem is.”


Cesare’s gaze turned to the woman ten steps away.


“So, what’s your name?”


The answer was immediately heard.


“Rosa Moore, Your Highness. Your only cousin’s child!” 


“Why do I have so many relatives who claim to be the only ones? If I put them all together, I think I can build a new country.” 


It is also a skill to spit out sarcastic words with such a smile. People will think that he’s saying hello to a close relative. 


Cesare raised his chin, and the servants who had followed closely clashed next to the woman. The servants turned the woman’s arms in the opposite direction, restraining them as if she were criminals.


“Your Highness? What is this— Your Highness!”


“I understand the covetousness of the Moorish fortune, Miss Moore. I remember your name, you said you didn’t have enough dowry for remarriage. However, the amount you were asking for was too much for me to bring to the Viscount family.” 


“I can’t believe it! I’m Your Highness’s cousin’s child! How much money do the Grand Duke’s have—!”


“You know, that amount of money is a small amount to me. But I must have told you yesterday afternoon. I have no intention of giving anything, and if you have to beg, choose Christopher as your honeymoon destination. Didn’t I tell you that we’ll rent you a hotel and also lend you people?”


“I didn’t come here to ask you anything like that!”


The woman who was screaming stopped for a moment and stopped talking. Her white cheeks turned red. Of course, Cesare had a look on his face that didn’t show any emotion whatsoever she said. 


“Yeah, you probably wouldn’t have crossed a long road to ask for something like that. Coincidentally, there are dozens or hundreds of people claiming to be relatives like you. Even my money would be in danger if I took them all. Just think of it.” 


It wasn’t a sweet tone, but she wondered where it was that he didn’t give it up coldly.


Only Catherine, standing in the middle, began to feel uncomfortable in the heated air between them. It wasn’t enough that she slapped her cheeks, so chasing each other has long since become a story of a distant country. 


“Call a carriage and take this cousin’s child to the cousin’s child’s mansion. Ask the cousin’s child directly where the cousin’s child’s mansion is located.” (Cesare annoyed when she keep call herself 종질 so he keep repeat it )


The woman’s face quickly turned pale. Soon, a strong foot struggle began. 


“Can’t you let this go? Let go! I’m Your Highness’s cousin’s child! I’m the woman who will soon become the Viscountess! I mean, I’m not the kind of person you’re going to be rude to!”


「Catherine, I don’t know what the hell she means. Seeing the riots like that, I think the meaning of that is the mother who gave birth to and raised Cesare.」


Cesare naturally ignored the one word. 


“Miss Cousin’s child.”


It was a very calm call, and the woman was surprised and stopped struggling.


“No nobles of any country, let alone the imperial family, can be rude with my people. But you, who came here under the pretext of my blood ties, are acting so rudely—. Was it the intention of getting me angry?”


There was a huge temperature difference between the voice and the words delivered.


As if it was not worth talking more, the servants disappear with the woman surrounding them in their stirring hands. Catherine, who was acting as a spectator, looked at the back to the end with a reluctance between embarrassment and awkwardness. 


“Your Highness, I have something to tell you.”


As soon as the woman got farther away, Gren, who she didn’t know when he came, approached Cesare.


“And Lady Catherine, it’s been a while.”


“Ah yes, it’s nice to see you.”


It’s been a while, but it’s not enough to hear that it’s been a while.


Gren lowered his head lightly and turned towards Cesare.


“The front of the mansion is in a rather bustling state. Cardinals on the trail say they will inevitably visit—”




“Bring them in.”


Against the background of the screaming of Meow, Gren, who approached like a ghost, disappears like a ghost. 


Cardinals are on the way. Those who received the Pope’s orders and were entrusted with the task of exterminating the monster. With the right to kill, they can kill without punishment if they have a good cause. 


She doesn’t know who the hell is giving the right, but Catherine, who has the devil and monster on both sides, starts to feel uncomfortable.


The cat, who had its tail on its own, ran away with a quick step. Even if the fellowship was cut in half, it was fortunate that one of the two would live. 


It was a sudden visit, but Cesare was still relaxed. Although his white face was distorted openly, it was purely the result of unbearable annoyance, and it felt irrelevant to the Cardinals. 


“I’m sorry for showing you the ugly side of me. As you see, my mansion is crowded with unwanted guests.”


“No, I guess I ran without knowing anything. I’m sorry.”


Cesare shrugged.


“You don’t have to be sorry for this much. I was quite surprised at the fact that you slapped her on the cheek.”


The words reminded her of the fact that on a rainy night, she held a shovel to kick the Imperial Knight. 


‘This seems to change my impression in a very strange direction.’


At this point, it seemed that an appropriate excuse was needed.


“There was a good reason for that.”


“It must be. It seems like an absurd reason, so there is no need to explain it.”


Cesare softly refused Catherine’s right to speak. He looked like he didn’t care if she had a reason or not, so she decided not to add anything either. 


“Can I touch you for a moment?”


After standing still, she raised her head at Cesare’s question. His gaze turned to the necklace on which he hung the key. 


“Ah, yes.”


His fingertips lightly touched the nape of her neck. He only touched it lightly, but Catherine’s necklace shattered to pieces. 


Cesare hung the missing key from a pendant string and hung it around Catherine’s neck. His shirt, which reached down to her nose, smelled of hot coffee and paper. It wasn’t a great scent, but it was strangely calming.


“This is why it’s worth seeing.”


Is it worth seeing? How did he see this ignorantly large pendant hanging around her neck?


Scary to ask the question, the size of the royal pendant was reduced to the size of a thumb.


“The size is magically adjustable.”


“—I would be grateful if you gave it to me, but I can use it, right?”


“You can.”


It is an answer without hesitation. Cesare gives Catherine a small, thick-looking leather bag.


‘Is this cash?’


There are days when the sun will shine even in the mouse hole!


Since she has received a definite answer, she can use it comfortably.


She didn’t know the day would come when she had a royal pendant. After all, it’s something she traded for with her life—there are more things in the world that she can’t get from her life.


It didn’t seem like this was a loss-making business.


“Your Highness, I have brought them here.”


Behind Gren, who returned, stood two middle-aged men in yellow shirts. A calm and good-natured impression of the time. A benevolent smile on their lips.


However, the air changed rapidly for a moment. The cardinal’s eyes, which were bowing to Cesare, suddenly radiated a sharp glare. The lion’s hoot that came out of them was a loud and fierce cry that made her ears tingle.


“Yes you damn devil! You foolish, where did you dare set your feet here!”


First of all, Cesare was the devil. The problem was that the fingertips were pointed exactly at Catherine.


“This cunning devil— she was meant to appear as a woman and seduce the Grand Duke!”


What kind of reaction should she show here?


Catherine hugged the leather bag once it had come into her hand. She doesn’t know what the problem is, but she thought that protecting this should be the top priority. 


“Excuse me, Grandpa. I’m sorry, but I think you’re wrong.” 


Does the title grandpa hurt their feelings? Or did she consider their words false? The cardinals began to get angry like fire.


“Who are you acting like a human in front of? How dare you hide that evil mind in the middle of a human heart!”


“Evil mind? I don’t know what you are saying— I was just about to eat.”


Although she announced that she was a human being in a peaceful way, the atmosphere of the cardinals was still ugly.


The snort came from Cesare, not from her. He gently stroked his chin with his large, articulated finger, and opened his mouth in surprise. 


“Are you old? Or crazy? Well, I guess they both mean the same thing.” 


They’re cardinals. The cardinal of the way to perform, which is also the same as the influence of the Holy Pope. 


Catherine stared curiously at Cesare, who spit so-called raw slurs in front of them. And she looked even more curiously at the cardinals who seemed familiar with Cesare’s swear words.


“The Grand Duke needs to develop awe of our Vatican. The slander doesn’t get better over time!”


“This is all because of the corruption of the heart that the Grand Duke had been under Shagweed II. If you entrusted it to the Vatican, you would be able to properly distinguish between right and wrong!” 


Despite the roar of the cardinals, Cesare did not hide his annoyance, clicking his tongue and sighing.


“This Lady is my guest. Don’t waste your time with bullshit, talk quickly. And get out of my house.” 


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