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What was more surprising than the fact that the luxury ferry trip started today was Cesare, who was about to go to the theater with only three hours left. 


It is good to travel by ferry and to go to the theater. But does he have to announce the schedule on the same day?


“The theater issue was decided last night, so we had no choice but to go to the theater. I’m not really going to see the play, so don’t worry and let’s go.”


Cesare, who opened the carriage door, nagged Catherine. It was hard to refuse, so she got on the carriage for now. Damian, who hung from the window, cried as soon as Cesare moved to the opposite side of the door.


“Lady, in Lady’s eyes, I may seem to be a foolish knight to be dumped by Cesare, but I’m more famous than you thought. There are also many people who don’t get along well with me. I mean let’s step back on the decision—.”


“That’s not going to happen, so stop making excuses.”


She cut his words like a knife and took out the cash from her bag and handed it to him.


“This is pocket money. Buy necessary items in advance. Oh, tell Rose that you are on vacation for a week.”


Damian turned his back with a gloomy face, and soon the carriage departed. It’s been a while since she saw such a luxury carriage, so she felt strange.


“Did you know? A horse-drawn carriage was developed in the western part of the Empire, and it was stated that a carriage moved by power other than horses was used.”


“Ah, is it a carriage that uses a magic stone as its power? I heard the risk is high, but it must have been developed eventually.”


Magic stone is a gem infused with magical power, and it is more expensive than electricity, but has twice the energy efficiency. Wizards who felt the limits of their own development mainly produced and sold these magic stones. Because the unit price is so high that it is consumed only by the upper class, it was also an indicator to distinguish between classes.


“This carriage is that carriage.”




Catherine straightened her neck and stared straight ahead. The horse was really nowhere, and instead, the man in the front seat, who seemed to be the attendant, was operating the machine. It seems that she didn’t check it because she was in a hurry.


“Really—  I don’t know how many times I’m surprised today.”


“It’s much faster and safer than a carriage. So we’ll never be late for boarding.”


There’s no reason to be late for boarding time. Did Cesare want to say that?


As Cesare said, the speed of the carriage was very fast. It was very surprising that they arrived in just 10 minutes, a distance that would have taken 20 minutes.


“It’s so fast. It’s like being on a train.”


With Cesare’s help, she stepped onto the ground and, under his escort, entered the theater. Cesare with her hand on his arms, said.


“Safe is also the reason why the Crown Prince loves me so much that he wants to kill me.”


“—The magical carriage?” 


She didn’t know the name of the Prince would appear here. He shrugged with a face that said it was nothing.


“I bought all the magical carriage commercial districts in the Eastern part. He was going crazy because he had a stomach ache—. I think it’s really crazy when I look at what he does.”


“Didn’t we talk about something similar last time? I guess you don’t get along well.”


“Like I said back then, it’s not good one-sidedly. Because I don’t really care whether people like me or have a will to kill me.”


When she listens to Cesare, she often feels like she’s hearing a story from another world.


“Can you tell me something like that?”


“Story? The part where I don’t care about what emotions humans have?”


“No, the story of the Crown Prince Saferan.”


“Don’t you have to get to know me, too? That way, I can use my authority, property, and power more efficiently.”


Cesare would be the only one who could utter such romantic words casually with such a beautiful face. Catherine thought that his indifferent tone was indeed worthy.


“By any chance, do you ever talk like that when you’re dating a girl?”


Cesare, who was walking slowly in time for Catherine, replied a beat late.


“Do you think so?”


“I didn’t mean to ask like that— I thought anyone would fall for it.”


Cesare lowered his head slightly, creating a picturesque smile.


“Do you mean that you’ve fallen for me now?”


Catherine had a hunch. If she doesn’t respond properly here, she can be teased. The classical music that followed interfered with Catherine’s brain activity.




The staff lined up on both sides greeted them with their backs down. A daylight theater that is empty and a string quartet that fills the hall of such a theater. With neatly dressed staff.


‘If it’s a welcome like this— Probably because of Cesare.’


The Magnolia Theater is the largest in the area, and the theater is one of the finest in all of the Empire. If it’s so popular, is it the wish of a country Lady like Orléans to watch a play at the Magnolia Theater?


Of course, Catherine, who was not interested in the play, could not agree with them. Intellectual knowledge was just a way for Catherine to communicate with other Ladies. 


Standing at the end of the carpet, the manager leaned down with a nervous face.


“There is no greater honor than this, since Your Highness Cesare came personally. If it is not rude, may I ask who the Lady next to you is?”


Cesare turned to me. It was meant to speak directly.


“I’m Catherine Phanya. Your Highness’s—”


She can’t be called a contractor. If she mentioned that she was a lover like last time, it was clear that it would spread beyond Christopher and across the country. After a moment of deliberation, she was able to come up with an appropriate answer.




The manager opened his eyes wide. 


“Are you learning magic from Your Highness?”


Because the only subjects that Catherine had properly learned were magic and devilology, she nodded roughly.


“That’s right.” 


“Your Highness declared 5 years ago that he would not accept disciples— That’s surprising news.”




She looked up at Cesare with a frown on her face. Without a word, he dragged Catherine’s arm into the theater.


At this point, even if she says she’s his neighbor’s daughter or his mother’s friend, they’ll say ‘No! It’s been ten years since Your Highness cut himself from his neighbors!’ or ‘No! Your Highness’s mother didn’t even have any friends!’


“Did I answer wrong?”


“It won’t be a problem.”


“They said that you declared that you would not accept disciples five years ago?”


“If you look at it that way, it’s almost 800 years since I signed a contract with a human.”


As he escorted Catherine to a seat in the center of the theater, he laughed briefly.


“Come to think of it, it’s been 1200 years since I signed a contract with a human. Does this make you less concerned?”


There was a laugh at the playful tone.


“It’s a problem because it’s not used well.”


A thousand years. Isn’t it a frightening time for Catherine to dare to imagine?


“Why are you ignoring my question?”


“A question? I don’t think it’s a question of whether I fell in love before, right? I didn’t even feel it was worth answering.”


“But I think it’s worth it.”


The lights in the theater go out, and the curtains on the stage begin to slowly open. Cesare whispered quietly in her ear.


“It’ll be over in 20 minutes.”


It can’t be, that means this play is a 20-minute play.


Coincidentally, Catherine’s prediction was correct. The play was finished in only 20 minutes, or in less than 20 minutes.


However, it did not mean that the story was over. Just before the proper structure of conflict begins. It literally cut off.


‘What the hell is this?’


Catherine, pondering the meaning of this half-play, asked Cesare, who had just stood up.


“Will this theater company be on the Lilith?” (I’m not sure about this, they put it as 릴리스호 if you have any idea feel free to comment and correct me 🙂 )


“You know it well.”


“I guess the permission should be granted. As far as I know, the shipowner is a different person.”


Upon receiving a pen from an employee, he wrote something down on the notepad. The contents of the memo she checked up close were very concise.




“I’m Magnolia’s biggest investor. If they want to use money and reputation, they have to be evaluated first by me for the newly completed script.”


“But do you do the evaluations on the day you get on board?”


“Today isn’t the first time. Roughly— I’ve been turning down about ten times.”


It is difficult to determine whether ten is a large number or a small number.


“How was it?”


Catherine narrowed her eyebrows at Cesare’s question.


“If you ask me that, I don’t know much about theater.”


“I was simply asking if it was fun or not.”


“How do you evaluate a piece of work in only 20 minutes?”


“You’ll have to get used to it, because you’ll be doing it for me from now on.”


Catherine opened her eyes wide. Did this devil come to make fun of today?


“Me? Why?”


It’s Catherine who should wrinkle her face, which she couldn’t because Cesare gave her a rather sad expression on his face.


“Why? Can’t you do this in our relationship?” 


“Our relationship—.”


“Isn’t that a bond that is deeper than blood ties? As I must have said, it’s an exchange of souls that can’t even be compared to a romantic relationship or blood relationship.”


Having said that, there was nothing she could say. For now, let’s close her mouth.


‘It was me who sold my soul though—.’


Why does it feel like she has become preposterous?


Cesare seemed to have accepted Catherine’s silence as positive.


He easily threw off his disappointed trace and led Catherine out of the theater.


While he exchanged opinions with the head of the theater, Catherine stood in front of the carriage and stared at his slender back.


Catherine gained wealth from the contract with him. Then, what did Cesare get from her?


Catherine asked quietly as Cesare approached.


“This can be a sudden question—but what do you get from our contract?”

He said that unlike other devils, he was not lacking in power. He looked down at Catherine’s cheeks, feeling a shallow concern.




It was that kind of reason.


“To be honest, I’m not sure. I had a great urge to create awe and fear in humans when I was just waking up. As time passed, everything became annoying. I don’t even want to bother with living creatures.”


“Why didn’t you make a contract with a human for 1200 years?”


“It’s a very human question. Well, if I had to explain—.”


This thought was a little long.


“Because there was no one I wanted to sign a contract with.”


Cesare laughed softly.


“Is this enough to answer the question? If you don’t like it, you can ask more.”


Catherine shook her head. It seemed that any similar question would get a similar answer. Cesare’s face was always relaxed, but she could have felt that way because he was a man who could hide his feelings skillfully.


If she seemed nosy, he would have nothing to say, but Catherine didn’t want him to feel empty or lonely. Even if there are only a few questions that came and went.


The two got back on the carriage and headed for the mansion.

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