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Unfortunately, Cesare was taken to the Duke’s residence by Gren, who visited him on the way to the port.


‘Let’s meet in front of Lilith. Don’t move a single step from the wharf until I find Miss Catherine.’


‘Why don’t we go in and meet each other later?’


‘I’m sorry, but the combination of you and Damian is not trustworthy.’


The shaky expression on his face when he moved the carriage remained in her mind like a painting. After all, she thought that there is no time for rest for a person who is equal to an Archmage and a Grand Duke. For that sort of thing, he even used to visit Catherine quite often.


Catherine, who was left alone, returned to the mansion and packed a simple luggage bag and a money bag like a lifeline. And it was Damien and Meow.


“Do you really have to take Meow?” 


Damian said, sitting next to her with a very dissatisfied face.


“It is quite dangerous to drag a monster into an area that will be isolated for a week.”


“You think this kid is in danger?”


「Well. This body is the ruler of the night, so it’s absolutely dangerous.」


As anyone could see, Meow mumbled as it was piled up in a suspicious blanket.


“Of course, you don’t have to think about that. I just gave you a warning as an Imperial knight. That way, I won’t feel guilty no matter what happens later.”


Wouldn’t it be disrespectful to say that if there was such a sense of guilt that it would disappear?


「Don’t worry. I’ll never get caught unless a human with a monster allergy comes next to me.」


“Allergic to monsters? Huh, Meow. Is there such an allergy?” 


「Damian is more stupid than me, who is three years old. Of course it’s an example.」


Because the port is a very complex place, carriages can’t enter and exit. Therefore, the two had to take a small train going to the port. However, coincidentally, as soon as they got on the train, the priest sitting across from her found out about Meow’s existence.


“Huh! C-cat—.”

Damian pretended not to know and put its tail through the blanket.


“I think you’re a passenger on the Lilith. I’m sorry, I— Achoo!”


The priest, who sneezed loudly, continued to talk.


“C,cat, a, allergy— Ahchoo!”


“You seem to have an allergy.”


The humbly voice returned to the worse question.


“Ah, there is, but it’s not that bad. But if it keeps coming out— Are there any monsters around? Haha! I also have a monster allergy. Seeing that my nose is itchy, I don’t think it’s because of this cat, and there’s something nearby.”


What to do when that monster clearly looks like Meow? Damian, who was sitting there without a word, folded the blanket more meticulously. and whispered to her


“I’m not dumber than a three-year-old cat, am I?”


She ignored his words and explained the situation to the priest with the most pitiful face possible.


“This cat is an animal that I raise. It might be because of the hair that is flying, so I’ll hide it well.”


“Oh, was it? But the cat looked too young to carry it around.”


“But I was worried, I didn’t have anyone to take care of my cat. If I don’t take care of my cat because it’s still too young, it could die.”


In an excessive expression, the cat gently shook its tail embedded in the blanket as if it didn’t like it.


“Hmm, that must be very difficult. If it’s only in the cabin, it’ll be fine for cats as well.”


Fortunately, the train stopped at its destination in less than five minutes.


As they got off the train, they could see a white, elegant body that half covered the sky. Even though it is not very far away, the end of the passenger ship can’t be seen at a glance. 


She couldn’t compare because she had never visited Imperial City, but it’s such an overwhelming size. Even Catherine, who had a quiet personality, had no choice but to open her mouth. 


“Wow, it’s really big.”


“Don’t be discouraged, Damian. I’ll buy you a ferry bigger than the Lilith later.” 


“Thank you for saying that. I should be alive until then.”


It was a pity that she couldn’t explain to Damian why she was serious rather than joking. The priest who followed, smiled broadly at them. 


“Then— I’ll be on my way now. Achoo! If I meet you upstairs, I hope we can have a light cup of tea. Achoo!” 


“I hope you enjoy your trip.”


“Yes. I hope you two enjoy your last trip.”




The priest’s back, which disappeared through the crowd, was strangely uncomfortable.


“Did you just hear that? I heard this is the last trip.”


Damian replied with a grumpy face.


“I guess we look like a commoner who gets lucky and gets it.”


It was quite logical for his argument. The two walked along a long line of passengers to wait for Cesare.


「Thump thump. A dangerous smell vibrates.」


Meow pulled out the main lantern between the blankets.


“It’s dangerous in crowded places.”


「It’s not like that. The smell of devils, monsters, and believers mixes and stings your nose. Ugh!」 


A bunch of fur fell from Meow, who was vomiting. Unfortunately for her, Catherine was not impressed with it because she was incapable of recognizing the presence, unlike Meow.


“Don’t keep pulling your hair out secretly, Meow. You will get dragged by the bald priests.” 


「It’s okay. I’m going to pretend to be a doll from now on. Hup!」  


Meow opened its eyes wide and hardened its body. 


Damian, who looked down at the scene, loosened the blanket and placed Meow on Catherine’s shoulder. It looked like he was passing it on to Catherine because it was too cumbersome to manage anymore.


Soon after, the surrounding murmur began to grow. People’s heads turned in one direction. In the middle of it, there was a handsome silver-haired man who showed off his tremendous presence. It was clear that it would be Cesare without having to look more. 


“—What do you think about just pretending not to know and running away, Lady?”


“You know we can’t do that.”


Cesare strode over with his long legs and got right in front of them. With a relaxed smile, Cesare tapped Damian’s shoulder. 


“Don’t you think your expression is worth seeing? I guess your desire to run away is like a chimney, Sir Damian.”


“Hahaha! Not at all. There’s no way.”


“Catherine, not this way. Follow me.”


He walked to the other side of the long line waiting for boarding. The envy and awe-inspiring gazes persisted in Cesare, but none of them stopped him from stepping forward. 


‘Well, who would dare do that.’


Looking at the path that was bursting, she felt a great burden to follow. Damian was already walking far away as if he were a stranger. But one thing was quite important to Catherine.  


“I have a favor to ask of you, Cesare.”


“You can tell me.”


“Can I change my appearance only while on Lilith?” 


Cesare made a puzzled face.


“Will your enemy be on the Lilith?”


“No, even if it’s not an enemy, I think I’ll meet people I don’t like.”


Past ties with Salon’s noble woman or sister.


They were the most fundamental reason that made Catherine contemplate whether or not to board the Lilith. Of course, Catherine herself found it troublesome, but she didn’t really care. But she was worried about Damian and Cesare.


“I’ve left my house, but there are probably a lot of creative rumors going around. I think Cesare would be uncomfortable.”


Cesare stopped walking and stared at Catherine. And he chuckled as if he was listening to a funny story. 


“No one in the world can make me uncomfortable, Catherine.”


In front of them lay a long staircase leading up to the hull. Cesare took Catherine’s hand lightly and climbed the stairs first. 


“However— if you want to. Let’s go up and I’ll help you.”


“Thank you. It’ll be comfortable for each other.”


“Meow on your shoulder looks comfortable, too.”




Cesare hands two golden tickets to the flight attendant standing on the stairs. It was a ticket with the names of Cesare, Catherine, and Damian on it. 


“It is an honor to sail with you, His Highness Grand Duke Cesare and Miss Catherine Phanya. The cabin crew will guide you directly. We wish you a pleasant trip.”


The Grand Duke can’t be treated the same as other people. When they said that there were only one or two people waiting, it must have been an entrance exclusively for VIPs. To be sure, Catherine’s devil was exceptional in many ways, both externally and internally. 


“Ah! I’m sorry, Miss Catherine Phanya. In order to provide the highest level of safety and rest for passengers on our passenger ship, all animals are not allowed on board. If you don’t mind, cats are—”


Was there such a rule? Catherine hurriedly held the cat in both hands to hide her shaking eyes. 


“It’s a doll.”


Catherine answered, picking up a cat on her shoulder. As a natural reaction, doubts arose in the eyes of the flight attendant.


“I was often misunderstood because it looked like a real cat. If you can’t believe it, you can try touching it.” 




Meow, who had been in special training for 10 minutes just for this moment, stiffened. The click of Cesare’s tongue could be heard from nearby. The crew’s face, touching the cat’s hands, head, waist, and stomach with a keen gaze, gradually relaxes. 


“Then, I hope you have a comfortable trip.”


No way, would they never have thought that a monster was acting? Passing through the dazzling aisle for the VIP, Cesare burst out laughing. 


“It went well just for a few days. But in this, you’ll be caught quickly even if you make a little mistake. If the opponent was a figure in the Vatican, it would be quite difficult.” 


“Huh. This body is a pure blooded gargoyle! If I put my mind to it, no one will ever know who I am, unless it’s a Great Devil like Cesare!” 


Cesare’s stiff eyebrows twitched strongly once, as if in surprise.


“When you say you’re good on your own on the subject—. You picked up everything, Catherine.”


There were not many guest rooms reserved for VIPs guided by the flight attendants. Catherine sighed in relief as she made sure her own cabin was close to Cesare’s cabin. 


“There is a party on board this evening. Before you leave, wash your hair and body in water with this powder. It will change your hair, eyes, skin color, everything.” 


Catherine took the small glass bottle that Cesare had given her. A mysterious iridescent powder was swimming in it. It’s only been a few minutes since she asked, but where the hell did these things come from?


“If I learn magic, can I make something like this?”


“Magic is a study that can only begin to walk if you have both talent and effort. Your affinity for magic is not bad. So, if you work hard, you may see the light.” 


Damian had suspicious eyes.


“I heard the efforts for geniuses are different from what ordinary people think—”


“Are you talking about yourself, Sir Damian? To be honest, Catherine doesn’t need to make an effort. Because I’m next by her side.” 


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