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And he added to Damian, who was staring at the battlefield.


“By the way, she turned eighty this year.”


She thought he would look exhausted after hearing the story, but he still kept his eyes on the battlefield. Catherine felt somewhat awkward in Damian’s unusual appearance.


‘Damian is also a knight.’


When he saw the Marquis of Phanya for the first time, his eyes sparkled with admiration and curiosity.


Perhaps because the Marquis of Phanya stepped forward, the subjugation of monsters was soon over. If it’s not a mistake, it seems that the Marquis of Phanya’s gaze entering the castle gate briefly turned this way.


As she went down the wall, the Knights, who recognized her, flew like a swarm of bees.


“Who is this!”


“No, it’s Lady Catherine, isn’t it? Why did you grow up so much?”


“Idiot, Lady has always been big.” 


Catherine stood among the big knights who rushed over to her and greeted her. The time is clearly daytime, and she has to experience the darkness of midday, shrouded in long shadows.


“Huh! It feels like yesterday that you were still as high as my waist, but you’ve become a real Lady now!”


Her face was examined in the air by a person who had just measured her waist.


“Lady, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, but let’s laugh a little! Do you remember my name? Yes? Somehow, the annoying expression on my face is the same as when I was a kid.”


Someone kept asking questions to Catherine.


“Get out of here, you smelly things! Can’t you see the Lady’s rotten expression!”


Catherine was treated like a glass doll that was swaying.


Catherine was still surrounded by noisy guards and had to move frantically. Somehow, even if she didn’t reply once, they were still communicating with each other.


‘I’m only being treated like a kid here.’


Even at seventy, she may still be treated like a kid, as she was in Phanya.


「Whoa! I thought I would die from a stuffy nose because of you guys!」


“I’m sorry. But they didn’t disappear just because I told them to disappear.” 


「Catherine, you’re treated like a child here!」


The knights scattered and disappeared only after they arrived at the marquis. She hadn’t even met the Marquis of Phanya yet, but she was already feeling exhausted.


Damian, who was following along like the other party from afar, said with a tired face.


“Coming here, I think I’ll be able to understand the source of the Lady’s personality.”


“What’s my personality like?”


“Do you tend to be calm and indifferent about other people’s affairs?”


It was a comment she had heard often.


Meow, who had come down to the ground and brushed its body, stretched out for a long time.


「If you are surrounded by uncles like that old woman, you have no choice but to change like that! Uh… Catherine is so great.」


“I’ve only spent a few months here in a year.”


「I also spent most of my time outside, but the short time I had with Catherine had a bigger impact.」


Meow rubbed its cheek against Catherine’s leg with those words. Catherine carried Meow into the mansion after hearing it. Meow’s argument seemed to be correct.


Catherine climbed the stairs to the Marquis of Phanya’s room without hesitation. 


Catherine, who is Phanya’s bloodline, climbed calmly, while Damian, an outsider, was more nervous.


“Two autographs… Two autographs…”


Catherine looked at Damien and decided to get him two autographs.


Marquis Phanya’s room was already wide open. When she entered carefully, she was taking off her armor under the care of the servants.


The Marquis of Phanya was close to a semi-transcendent, so she maintained her middle-aged appearance even though she was over 80. Catherine and Damien sat quietly in a chair in the corner of the room. 


Shortly after, the Marquis of Phanya, who hadn’t glanced at her, asked.


“What is that monster?”


Catherine lowered her gaze to the yawning Meow curled up in her lap. And she said frankly.


“It’s a gargoyle. It’s been a while since we lived together.” 


Meow, waving its tail softly, raised one front paw and greeted her.


「Meow! Catherine Grandma! Nice to meet you!」


It was a cute figure that would have caused breathing difficulties if Rose had seen it.


“Is that Sir Damian Rhodria?”


Damian, who had been staring at her stiffly, got up from his seat and bowed his back. He had the look of a knight who knew her and saw her for the first time.


“Yes. It is an honor to meet you, Your Excellency.”


“I think I’ve heard rumors a few times. There is a bastard born with only swordsmanship in the Imperial 1st Templar. I think he had a nickname called the Black Lion, is that right?” 


Damian replied, bowing down in embarrassment.


“Uhm, I think you can forget that nickname.”


“You look fine.”


“Thank you.”


The Marquis Phanya took off all her armor and sat down on a chair. Then she asked Damien, who sat back.


“So, are you my granddaughter’s lover?”


Damian shook his hands in astonishment.


“No! Never! It’s not like that! Never!”


The Marquis of Phanya glared at him with a ferocious look.


“What was the reaction?  Did you find the question about Catherine’s lover to be insulting?”


“Haha, is that possible? I’ve never had such a glorious misunderstanding in my life. Lady Catherine’s lover? Isn’t this the position that any man in the Empire would want?”


No one wants that kind of thing.


“That’s true.”


However, the Marquis of Phanya put her head down with an expression that she deserved it. Catherine let out a sigh.


“Then… Catherine.”




“What about this newspaper?”


What is to come has come. Catherine read the text from the newspaper held by the Marquis of Phanya.


「The Grand Duke of Cesare, a woman from a noble family on the outskirts and a burning scandal. If it’s for love, you’re willing to give up your territory?」


That damn capital newspaper came all the way to Phanya. Did the delivery man have wings on his legs?


“Remember, Catherine! Unless Cesare Jean Uld Christopher Morello Dwin Carnival Chesler Sturisto Hunt Beaton Blue Juul Demue en Mariana and Holy Iterana visit Phanya in person and get our family’s permission, this grandmother can’t accept it!” 


Cesare Jean Uld Christopher Morello… what?


Confusion over the name lingered for longer than Catherine had expected.


It was the first time she had heard his full name since she knew the character of Grand Duke Cesare.


‘I’m sorry, Grandma.’


She already signed a contract with Cesare in exchange for souls. There was one truth she didn’t need to reveal, so Catherine nodded her head gently.


Damian, sitting next to her, whispered.


“Lady, did you come all the way here to get scolded?”


“No, it’s just… I want to say hello.”


The Marquis of Phanya had never once scolded Catherine. If the Marquis of Phanya had really pushed Catherine, she would not be able to sit still.


Then Marquis of Phanya asked, taking a glass of wine from his servant.


“Catherine, do you know how your poor sisters are doing?”


Why are you suddenly mentioning Maggie and Anne? Her grandmother was as indifferent to others as she was. So there must be a reason to be mentioned.


“I heard that Maggie got a job in the Imperial City, and I went to Anne’s wedding a few days ago.”


“Anne’s wedding? Why did you go there?”


“I’m going to flip it over.”


“Well, just like your mother, you’re good at those things.”


Slowly rolling the glass in her hand, the Marquis of Phanya continued.


“I had something to tell you, but since Grand Duke Cesare is involved, it seems that it is difficult to advise you.”


Catherine tried to roll her head. The only thing the Marquis of Phanya could tell her was advice. If Cesare and her half-sister were involved—.


“Are you talking about the battle for the successor to the throne?”


The Marquis of Panya swallowed the drink slowly and said.


“Do you know exactly who the second daughter is working for?”

The second daughter was Maggie.


“I heard that it was Crown Prince Saferan.”


“Sir Damian next to you is also the Crown Prince Saferan’s man. I don’t know what kind of connection he formed with the Crown Prince, but it is clear that he is a member of his close circle.”


Actually, she already knew that. The reason Damien hid in the mansion in the first place was because of the devil summoners’ circle in the basement.


‘It’s been a long time.’


After Damian tasted Cesare’s fist, it seemed that he had no desire to return to Crown Prince Saferan. So Catherine had nothing to worry about.


“Then Catherine. Are you the Grand Duke Cesare’s person? Or Crown Prince Saferan’s person?”


It was an unexpected question. She tried to hide it, but she could not hide her bewilderment easily.


Catherine was, of course, from Cesare. But she couldn’t answer easily because she was in front of the Marquis of Phanya. She had the feeling that she was in love for no particular reason.




“Catherine, I don’t know your intentions, but since you’re involved with them, you won’t be able to relax. Let your grandma know if you have any wishes. The House of Panya will give you strength.”


“I’m just….”


Her thoughts were mixed up. Although she has no interest in politics, isn’t the Marquis of Phanya saying that she will give her strength?


It was Catherine’s turn to speak up.


“I just want to be the best wizard in the world.”


There was a brief silence. The Marquis of Phanya opened her mouth without a slight change of expression.


“Seeing you say something out of the ordinary, you must have never seriously thought about it. Yeah, well, let’s put this aside—”


She can’t fool her grandmother. Catherine swept her cheek with an awkward face. However, until a few days ago, she had dreamed about becoming the greatest wizard in the world.


“Why did you come to Phanya?”


Catherine rolled her eyes and looked at the Marquis of Phanya. The Marquis was already emptying the second glass.


“There is no way you came here after hearing this grandmother’s words. Didn’t you come to Phanya for a different purpose?”


Catherine felt slightly guilty at the words. It was her maternal grandmother who cheered her more than anyone else. If she was going to visit Phanya in this way, it was right to visit her before the Marquis of Phanya’s letter arrived.


‘I should be nicer to my grandmother from now on.’


With that determination, Catherine revealed her purpose of coming to Phanya.


“I know my mother is not human. Please tell me about my mother.”


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