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At first, she was afraid that Cesare would ruin the Hanging Garden in all the fuss they were making.


However, contrary to expectations, such a disaster did not occur. The whale was leisurely swimming among the tall buildings in the Hanging Garden. The wizards were busily running around the tower to prepare for Cesare’s visit. 


A response like this was not a visit but an invasion.


‘It’s only natural that it’s the highest level of warning.’


Before Catherine knew it, there was no one left around her.


In the noisy tower, no one could hear anyone else there. Damian’s steps, standing in the distance, seemed to be the only noise coming from the quiet tower.




“What if I’m beaten to death by Sir Cesare?”


His voice was half to blame for Catherine, half for giving up everything.


“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him well.”


“You don’t have confidence in your voice.”


“Don’t keep telling me. My brain is working full right now.”


How did Cesare know?


As Catherine asked herself, she soon realized it was a stupid question. If she plans to go to Busperfield with him and then doesn’t show up, he will definitely think she left on her own.


‘But I came early on purpose because of that?’


The time she promised to visit Cesare was late in the afternoon, and now it was just after lunch. It’s not time for doubt yet, is it? At that moment, a voice passed through her mind.


‘I’ve put my magic in it, so you’ll be safe to go without me.’


“Right, you said you put a magic on the admission ticket back then—” 


He could feel where she was and what she was doing. Catherine sighed at her stupidity and wanted to bang her head against the wall right now.


She never thought of it when she thought she should go to Busperfield by herself. It is right to throw away such a heavy and useless head. It smelled so bad of rot that even crows would keep away. 




Then Damien grabbed Catherine by the shoulder and dragged her behind him. Around where there was no breathing sound, the steps started to get closer without stopping.


Not long after that, ten heavily armed men came out of nowhere. The wizard, who seemed to be the captain up front, rudely opened his mouth.


“This is the order of Commander-in-Chief Giovanne. I hope you two will follow us.”


Damian responded with a stern voice.


“Do you think we will follow you in this situation? I guess you don’t have a brain to use at times like this because you used up your brain while studying.” 


The wizard’s face became more determined.


“If you don’t follow us right now, we’ll have no choice but to use force.”


“No, I mean, will we follow you if you say it that way?”


Damian seems to have a really good talent for touching people’s nerves.


The wizard, who had a frown on his face, raised one arm and gave orders to the men behind him.


“I can’t help it. From now on, we’re going to capture—.”


“You can’t help it? Then there’s nothing we can do about this side, too!”


Damian’s new model was shot in an instant. Before the wizard could reflexively use his magic, he hit the back of his neck, breaking it powerlessly. 


‘There are times when Damian is useful!’


While admiring, he dealt with four men at once and dealt with them one by one.


When the number reached five, that was dwindling in a hand that did not even hold a sword. Damian turned his shoulder and smiled happily.

 “Wow, it’s been a while since I warmed up~.” 


She bet Damian became a knight because he wanted to beat people (though he was originally supposed to be a knight for the opposite purpose).


Catherine even gave Damian a formal scolding to stop him from getting worse. It was because it seemed like they were going to use violence at all costs, as there would be people blocking the way. 


“Damian, you didn’t have to go that far. Giovanni wouldn’t have forced us. Maybe it was because they were afraid of it?” 


“I think so, too.”


“But why did you do that?”


“They’re annoying.”


That’s right. Shaking his hand, Damian stepped back to the window. Remor’s huge size was still flowing through the buildings like water.


It was unknown whether Giovanne would have met him right away. But what is certain is that considering the people who had come to pick them up, Giovanne also seemed to think that Cesare had come because of Catherine.


“The only person who makes Sir Cesare come in person is the Lady.”


So, who am I? Cesare’s sole contractor.


“Let’s go out first. I think the closed door of the restaurant near the square over there would be good.”


However, Catherine didn’t move to the outside, which Damian pointed to. Using the magic key, they arrived in a large drawing room where Giovanne greeted them.


When she goes back to Cesare, it doesn’t matter if Giovanne is with him. But what if Belial is together?


‘No. Even later, Asmodeus can reveal my face to Belial.’


Then it was safer for Catherine to call Cesare over here rather than for Catherine to visit Cesare.




A red magic circle appeared in the air at her call. Queen came in with a size that was right for the size of the room.


「Again? Hmm…It smells like the Master and the nerd. Is the ignorant Remor here?」


Queen sniffed and pushed her face into the air. Catherine ordered her to do so.


“Tell Cesare that I’m here. So that no one else can listen in.”


「That’s easy. All right. I’ll have to tease the ignorant Remor for a while.」


A loud bang rang out. As the Queen stepped out of the building, the living room window was shattered. I’m sorry, Giovanne. I will compensate for the damage. 


After a while, the door to the drawing-room that had been closed quietly opened, and long legs strode towards Catherine.




Would three steps be enough? Is that enough to ease Cesare’s mind? She thought she had a good reason to leave him alone, but when she faced him, she felt guilty.


If it had been Damian or Percyville, she wouldn’t have felt sorry at all. Is this what Cesare refers to as a bond stronger than blood?


However, there was no cold stare that was expected. Cesare lifted Catherine’s chin and turned it around, taking a step closer. Then he withdrew his hand in a somewhat relieved voice.


“It doesn’t look like there are any injuries.”


Cesare is…to put it bluntly, he’s looking at her as she looks at her little sister, who hasn’t said a word.


Catherine was deeply relieved by his reaction. She’s glad Cesare is the strongest in the world. He doesn’t get surprised or scolded too much no matter what happens.


“It’s fine. If they hit me, I will hit them back, but I don’t think I’m the kind of person they’ll hit with.”


“It’s not even funny anymore.”


Cesare’s slightly tense eyes seemed to have calmed down even with those words.


He pressed his forehead down and pulled a chair close to him as if tired.


But he didn’t say anything. He seemed to be waiting for Catherine to open her mouth on her own, so she asked first as he wished.


“Are you going to scold me?”


“Why should I?” 


“I lied to you and came here alone.”


Cesare crossed his legs and crossed his arms, straightening the position that had been lying loosely on his chair. He wasn’t smiling as usual, and that made Catherine nervous.


“To be honest… it was something I had expected for a long time.”


He expect it? Did he expect her to visit Busperfield alone?


“Since you didn’t tear the magical ticket, it didn’t look like you planned to hide it. So I’m not very angry.” 


It was only a mistake to carry the ticket even when coming to the Hanging Garden.


But Catherine didn’t bother to point out that fact. This is because Cesare said he wasn’t ‘very’ angry, and he didn’t say he wasn’t ‘at all’.


“I saw Cesare bring Remor, so I thought you were very mad at me.” 


“Not at all. Busperfield is a group of people who are very proud of their power, so I have to press them first to listen. So that’s the reason I bring Remor.”


Damian, who was leaning against the wall and quietly listening to their words, sympathized intensely.


“As expected, Sir Cesare’s military philosophy! It’s my taste.”


Cesare didn’t even think Damian was there. Instead, he answered Catherine’s question.


“Catherine. Are you that anxious?”


It meant that he knew she would ask Giovanne for help. Cesare continued his words before Catherine could even open her mouth.


“If I lacked an explanation to reassure you, I apologize. I think what I said made you uneasy. Again, Catherine. No one, devil or human, can be my opponent.”


“Wow, as expected Sir Cesare! You’re really amazing!” 


It was meant to please him, but Cesare gave a ferocious expression. Catherine shut her mouth quietly.


“I mean, you don’t have to do this. Asmodeus or anyone else, even if it scares you, they will never touch you. As long as I’m alive.”


In the name of Asmodus, Catherine glanced at Damian. Fortunately, he didn’t look surprised. He seemed to see it as a means of comparing himself to other powerful beings. 


“Of course, Catherine, you promised to protect me, but—”


Cesare couldn’t keep up with his complex eyes. Even when her mother or the Marquis of Phanya scolded her, she would rather be scolded for longer if she didn’t tell the truth.


It was best just to let him criticize her and keep quiet at times like this.


Cesare sighed, then suddenly took his hand off Catherine’s and got up. And he turned away from her.


“It’s a pity I couldn’t give you that much trust.”


His low murmur reached Catherine’s ears. It felt like her heart was pounding. 


She never imagined that he would fall into self-blame. She would never have come to Busperfield alone if she had known that.


Anxious, Catherine rushed over and hugged Cesare’s back.


“I, I’m sorry!” 


She could feel his muscles in the coat and vest that were over her cheek, and she could feel his broad back behind his shirt.  It was a thin and solid waist without any fat.


Cesare’s body was as still as a pillar stuck in the ground, even when Catherine suddenly hugged him.

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