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I Tamed The Male Lead’s Father



Debvoir’s footsteps stopped when he arrived at a familiar place.


The lush lawn shone with vitality.


Devoir’s shadow fell over it.


He turned his head and looked around.


However, Lili’s appearance was not even visible.


A mischievous voice came out of his mouth, annoyed by her disappearance.


“Tch, where are you?”


Devoir’s head was taut and spinning quickly.


‘Maybe she is taking nap in my room?’


Thinking that far, he was about to run out again.


Then a familiar voice came from behind.


It was only a few hours away, but it was Lily’s voice that Devoir wanted to see more than anyone else.


“What are you doing here?”-Lily.


At Lily’s question, Devoir turned his head.


Light red hair fluttered in the wind.


Lily, fixing her scattered hair, gave him a sidelong glance.


For some reason, Devoir froze at that moment.


He completely forgot what he was trying to ask.


Lily asked again.


“Did you finish your conversation with Lord?”


“Yes, of course.”


Devoir puffed up his chest and said in a loud voice.


It was an act to hide his shame.


A smile appeared on Lily’s face at his answer.


It was a smile warmer than the setting sun illuminating the grass.


“That’s a relief.”


After facing her smile, Debvoir could no longer bear the discomfort in his heart and averted his gaze.


Devoir had no idea why he was embarrassed, despite seeing Lily’s face every day and having known it since he was a small child.


Liri just looked at Deboir with placid eyes.


But Devoir couldn’t turn his head because Liri seemed to know what was going on.


Then Devoir felt a throbbing sensation on his left chest, where he hid the note.


Devoir, who brought his hand to his left chest, shouted at Lily.


“Lily! I like you!”


After confessing, Devoir ran off to the pool.


Lily stared at the back of Devoir as he raced out of the garden at full speed.


There was a vague look of bewilderment on Lily’s face.


“What’s wrong with him all of a sudden?”


The reason for Debuard’s absurd behavior was exposed at dinner that day.



Lily’s POV


I was sitting in the garden reading a book in my spare time without Devoir.


Jier, who came to my peaceful realm, spoke quietly.


“Lily, the Lord invited you for dinner .”


“Why all of a sudden?”


“That I don’t know about but the Lord has prepared a place for you and the young master to have a meal together.”


At Jien’s words, I tilted my head.


The first thing that occurred to my mind was why this situation happened.


Devoir, who is afraid of his father, will have dinner with him.


What I concluded was that the Lord wants to restore the father-son relationship.


I sighed as I thought of it.


It was because I was concerned that things might not go as intended.


But that was just my opinion.


Jien urged me, burning with a sense of duty that I should not make the Lord wait for me.


“Lily, at dinner time you need to dress up a little.”


“Yes, Of course.”


I nodded. Then Jien lifted the comb with a satisfied expression.


All of a sudden, I had to dress up, so Jien was hurrying.


“Then shall we begin?”


Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm.


It seemed Jien loved to dress me up.


‘Well, it doesn’t really matter.’


I nodded to Jien.




“Great!” -Jien 


With those words, Jien began to immerse herself like a craftsman refining works of art.


I would occasionally clap my hands to her performance after she finished dressing me up.


Then she smiled with a happy face.


“I’m the best!”


“Yeah! Jien is the best!”


I raised my thumb. Then, Jein’s also boosted up with more energy.


Tada-! At the end of the sound, Jien finished my makeup.


I was blinking my eyes in pigtails with a big ribbon in the mirror.


“Ah! So pretty!”


It was a bonus that Jien burst into admiration at the sight.




The dinner table was solemn.


Agnos and Devoir exchanged no greeting, who had already taken their seats.


But it wasn’t just silence.


An unexplained bitterness flowed between the two of them.


But the gloominess didn’t last long either.


As soon as Lily opened the dining-room door and entered, the two couldn’t hide their exasperation.


“Hello? Thank you for inviting me.”


Lily delivered her greetings in a soft voice.


At her greetings, both father and son’s reaction that burst out at that moment was minuscule.


“Cute!” -Agnos


“You’re so pretty!” -Devoir


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