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A smile bloomed on Devoir’s face as he hugged me tightly.


‘Is he like sleeping with me?’


I also laughed because I thought Devoir was still like a child.


Haha, he became so childish.


That’s because he’s only six years old.



I Tamed The Male Lead’s Father



Lily’s POV


After the objection that I, an outsider who does not share a single drop of blood with Ardellos, could not be permitted to enter the fifth floor, which is the deepest section of the castle, it was decided that our new bedroom would be a little room on the third story of the main palace.


Also, the rumors about my adoption went down.


Of course, Jien still looked regretful, though.


In the absence of Devoir, she kept complaining to me.


“Ugh, Lili. You don’t know anything. It’s better to be adopted for your future.”


“But I am content with how I live right now.”


“That’s because you were young. Don’t regret it later. Listen to me!”


Jien was persistent.


Of course, I don’t refute it because I know Jien has no bad intentions.


As I was smiling foolishly to divert Jien, She patted me on my back.


It was like a mother watching an immature child.


“I don’t know if you will cry later and regret it?” 


Jien’s voice is filled with confidence.


As if it was clear that I would regret it, there was even a strong determination in her eyes.


But I could speak as firmly as she was.


“I am not gonna regret it.”


At my words, a big sigh escaped from her mouth.




The news that an assassin had broken into the mansion spread widely.


It was a decision that completely exceeded my expectations, which I thought should not be disclosed to the common people.


“It was unexpected.”


Jien smiled and replied to my question.


“Why should hide it in the first place? We must get Lerothia’s cooperation, and Deldear is the enemy of all.”


“That’s true.”


“Ugh, I don’t know why they exist in this world! They should be captured and killed!” -Jien.


Jien’s harsh tone made me laugh.


I couldn’t bear to sympathize or refute.


As I remained silent, Jien looked at me and smiled in embarrassment.


Her eyebrows furrowed slightly as if embarrassed to be excited in front of a small child.


“Oh, what did I say in front of a child? Yes, it seems that the welcome ceremony is going as planned. Did you know that you are also attending?”


“Ugh, yes. But do I have to go?”


“Shouldn’t we go because the Lord hasn’t changed his mind? And you must look after the young master while the Lord is away because the young master is such a kind-hearted person. So that nothing goes wrong.”


I just nodded my head at her words.


I don’t know if Deboir is soft-hearted, but he has a delicate side.


I could tell just by looking at Devoir.


‘Because He fought with the Demon King for the heroine’s sake.’


The Heroine appeared before the man living like a sword and led a life of insensitivity. 

[Here, the author meant Devoir was living like a robot whose sole purpose was to defeat the demon king.]


And Devoir swears on everything for her lover.


‘Even his life was put into her hands.’ [meant Devoir will die for her]


Looking at it now, I can see the sprout. 


When Devoir clings to me, nothing else matters for him.


‘How can I get rid of that puppy-like face anyway?’


As I was worried about the future, a smile burst from Jien, who had been by my side.


“How come you’re mature? You look like a grown-up.”


At Jien’s words, I trembled, pretending to be surprised for nothing.


“Ahh, is that so?”


“Yeah. But you are looking normal now.”


Jien tilted her head.


Perhaps jesting, there was still a smile on her face.


‘It’s a relief that you’re just saying I’m mature.’


It seemed like I should have acted more thoroughly as a child.


However, I did not have the confidence to run around like Devoir.


‘I’m sure my facade will be exposed in the first place.’


That’s what I was thinking.


The door swung open, and Devoir strode inside, furious.


Then he started to grunt.


“Huff! It’s okay. I can go without Riri.”


Jien’s face turned white at his words.


It looked like Jien did not know Devoir was eavesdropping.


No matter how young he is, you must be careful not to fall out of the eyes of the only future heir in the Ardellos family.


With a troubled expression on her face, Jien sent me a rescue signal.


Facing her wobbly eyes, I eventually looked at Devoir and asked. 


“Really? You don’t need me?”




“I see. Arr doesn’t need me.”


In my words, Devoir’s expression changed suddenly.


The lips that had protruded until a while ago became stiff.


Then, his lips twitched over and over again.


I was about to laugh watching Devoir’s expression.


 Devoir screamed, his face flushed red in embarrassment.


“No! I can’t do without Lily!”




“It’s true! It’s true! Believe me!”


“Yes, I know.”


I nodded meekly.


It was because I knew better than anyone how much Devoir relied on me in the first place.


At that moment, Devoir’s desperate shout calmed down.


Then suddenly he asked me a question.


“Lily, you feel the same way, right? You can’t live without me, can you?”


Devoir’s eyes sparkled when he said so.


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