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I Tamed The Male Lead’s Father



My impression frowned. I was perplexed as to why the maids allowed us to share the same room.


“The Ardelos family would have been flooded with empty rooms, so why would they have put a noble young master and an unidentified child in the same room?”


It was around the time when I confirmed that he was utterly indifferent.


Devarus, who a nanny carried, looked in my direction.


The eyes that were swollen from crying came into my view.


Like the description says, with his big doe eyes and beautiful face, he will steal the hearts of many women.


‘But he is still a baby.’


I stared intently at Devarus.


Then his eyes widened as if he had seen something strange.


Eyes filled with tears glistened.


He looked at me with watery eyes and blinked repeatedly.


Then he burst into tears again.




“Oh no, why are you crying again?”




Oh, that crybaby. The sound of a loud wail made my head throb.


I got a headache and frowned.


I grimaced as I felt a headache.


Then one of the maids who had been flocking to Devarus came up to me.


Then she picked me up from the cradle.


“How can you be so quiet?”


Her voice sounded so sweet and kind.


Her hands were felt soft and still cautiously held ‘me’ the unknown baby and comforted me.


Another yawn escaped from my mouth because of the hand that was selflessly rubbing my back.


‘Huam (yawning), I’m sleepy again.’


My eyes met with Devarus.


Devarus looked at me, and I opened my mouth and yawned.


As if the crying had subsided thanks to that, sighs flowed from the maids’ lips.


“I’ll bring you some milk.”


“I’ll change the diaper.”


“Then I’ll bring you some new clothes!”


After dividing their roles, they dispersed.


I stared blankly at the scene, then looked at Devarus being put into the cradle again.


Devarus’s weeping eyes turned to look at me.


I turned my head.


Then Devarus burst into tears again.[T/N- Attention seeker lol]


The maid’s complexion, who found him, turned pale blue.


“Oh, Young master, it’s okay, it’s okay!”



“Young master! Please calm down!”




But her appeasement was unsuccessful.


It was almost the same time that the maid’s complexion turned dark blue, and Devarus’s crying became loud.




Oh, it’s too noisy. I let out a sigh at the sound of wailing.


When I secretly sighed, I could feel Devarus’s gaze towards me.


‘What, why?’ [T/N- she meant why he was looking at her ]


When I look at him with a blue gaze, Devarus’s cry became more muffled.


Even his face was dyed bright red, so I was worried that the roof would fly off if he left out like this.




Devarus’s hands were clasped tightly, and his body became stiff. It was the calm before the storm.


‘Aww, I need to cover my ears!’


I struggled to cover my ears at the expected noise.


Devarus, who was wailing loudly suddenly, stopped crying.


He giggled and waved his hand towards me.


“Kka!” [giggling sound]




In response to his reaction, the maid who took care of Devarus also looked back.

She looked at Devarus and me alternately and concluded. Then she held Devarus and walked towards me.


“Do you like the baby, Young Master?”




“Oh my, you seem really happy. Our young master is so cute.”


What do you mean cute, that crybaby?


I leaned back with a terrified expression as Devarus reached out even more toward me.


I noticed his fingers wriggling as if they were about to touch me.


As I looked up to him with a disgusted expression, tears welled up in Devarus’s eyes again.


I’ve never heard of male lead being grouchy(grumpy), but I can’t help him because I was young.


Ugh, I have no choice but to prepare for the noise pollution that will come again.


As I averted my gaze, Debvoir’s face became red again.[T/N- such a cheeky male lead]


Soon his mouth opened, and he was about to burst into tears again.




Ugh, I want to cover that damn mouth!


Without realizing it, I reached out to Devarus.


It was a movement full of the desire to keep his mouth shut.


But Devarus was strange. His teary eyes followed my hand and looked up.


Every time I moved my hand, Devarus’s eyes turned to me as well.


This time, I tried holding and lifting my hand a couple of times.


Then Debouard turned his head around.




A strange cry came from my mouth.


Neither was the sound of crying or laughing, but it attracted Devarus’s curiosity.


Feeling his gaze, I clasped, unfolded, and shook my hand a couple more times.


Then Debouard’s head moved along with my hands’ movements.


‘Ugh, what’s wrong with him?’


Is my hand better than a rattle?


Bewildered, I looked at Devarus.


His eyes turned to me intact.


Soon he burst into laughter.




Do you like me? When I shook my head, Devarus burst into laughter again.




Yeah, well, I was speechless and again shook my head.


Then, I let out a long yawn that was filled with a highly instinctive desire.




Ugh, sleepy, I rubbed my eyes, clasping my hands from the mattress.


I felt the soft texture of the cotton.


As I looked up with hazy eyes, the maid noticed my sleepiness rubbed my back, and talked to me.


“Are you sleepy?”


“Uaah.” [yeah]


I nodded my head. Then the maid exclaimed with astonishment.


“Oh my god! You understood my words!”


“What? Are you a genius?”


“Hey, there’s no way the Lord brought a child without no foundation.”


Soon, their question turned to certainty.


Now that the maid mentions it, they seem to be wondering.


Watching them pondering like this, I was about to say


‘If you’re like me, you’d probably do the same.’ [T/N- Our heroine have an adult mind so that she will behave like an adult,  but for others, they will think that she is a genious]



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