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I Tamed The Male Lead’s Father


A child whose name was not even given looked at the Lord and called him “Papa.”


Even though the child didn’t know anything, the lord started to laugh when he heard that.


The lord was cold-hearted, and even an ice sculpture will bow in shame in front of him. [T/N- I see Asellus you have got a competitor]


 But now, his heart is fluttering because of the baby’s voice saying “papa” to him, and he is listening to the baby’s voice like a piece of music.


This was enough to agitate the Ardelos mansion.


As a result, rumors of an unknown baby who accidentally rolled into the house spread very quickly.




The maids found a way to tame Devoir.


That should have been good news for me too.


I can escape the terror of his eardrums.


But I didn’t enjoy it at all.


Because the maids me as a scapegoat.


The maids put Devoir and me together.


It was because they noticed that his crying stopped when he is together with me.


And their predictions were right.


In doing so, the frequency of Devoir’s crying was surprisingly reduced.


“Huah” [yeah]


I looked at Devoir with a blank expression.


Then Debuard burst out laughing as if I cracked some jokes.






I stared at him moderately.


Then my mind went blank for a while.


How is it that a one-year-old baby has to take care of a baby of the same age?


I had a headache. I’ve been sleep-deprived all day.


It wasn’t that I didn’t like Devoir.


I was just angry that that kid’s behavior was harming me.


This guy was neglecting his duty to sleep, which should be kept as a baby.


I was yawning all the time, but I didn’t sleep well.


Rather, when I was asleep, he whined and hit me or cried 100 times to wake me up.


When I woke up from the seemingly intentional movement and looked at him, He stops crying and laugh softly.


‘He is looking like a prankster.’


Still, he is a baby now,


I was taken aback and looked at Devoir.


The only thing I liked about him was his face. [TL/N- I am telling yea she is Avil’s cousin.]


Even though he is still young, anybody can tell at a glance that he will be handsome in the future.


Such was the case with the small face, the concave eyes, nose, and mouth, and the sharp jawline that was not hidden from the baby fat. [A baby has jawline O.o]


The nose bridge was very high, and the lips that were squirmish were cute. Thanks to you, it was delicious to watch. 


The problem is, that’s all he’s got.


Woof. I have to put up with it. [Bearing him]


I couldn’t sleep properly, so I kept yawning.


Devoir, who was looking at it, shook his head.


Soon after, he also followed me with his mouth wide open and began to yawn.



Good job, Instead of letting him go, I patted the seat next to me this time.


Then Devoir crawled over and came next to me.


 He was already on his knees.


Thanks to that, he poked his butt and swept the entire floor.


The floor was full of stuffed toys for him.


Devoir, who was burying his face in the stuffed toys, raised his head and looked at me.


He smiled all over the room and held out the toy to me.




What is this? You want me to keep it?


As I nod my head, he hit the doll on my face.




I shook my head madly. That guy was tormenting me now.


‘Why am I growing slower than him!’


The anger was intense. As I wandered, the maid who was watching came and hugged me.


Soon after, she scolded Devoir in a friendly voice.


“Young Master. you can’t bully her.”




It was almost the same time as she hugged me. Devoir squeezed out a cry from his throat.


A thunderous cry rang through the room.


The maid was perplexed by the shrill voice.


She put me down hastily and began to comfort Devoir.


And I ended up laying beside Devoir.


Seeing Devoir like that, I burst into laughter as if benevolent.




“Hick, hick.”


Then the crying subsided a little.


I heard that if you cry and laugh one after another, you’ll get a lump in your stomach, but I didn’t know why he was fine.


‘Ha, it’s hard.’


I shook my head again.


In the end, I don’t have any other choice, So I held his mouth and put a pacifier on it.


Devoir, on the other hand, sucked the pacifier with a blank expression.


Good boy, sleep tight.


I yawned at him over and over again.


‘Can I sleep now?’


I was drowsily falling asleep.

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