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I Tamed the Male Lead’s Father Chapter

5 Part 2

Warning: this chapter contains many TL/N because it’s one of the hardest chapters till I translated it. I know readers might feel uncomfortable, but it’s my job to look into every nook and cranny to present the original story’s essence and make it readable as a translator. So readers, please bear with it. 


We grew up safely and celebrated our first birthday.


However, the birthday passed quietly because there were no parties.


Because of the headmaster’s decision that it was not right to hold a celebration party in a dangerous situation of subjugating the beasts in full swing.


It was exhausting for a newborn, much like a birthday celebration.


Anyway, time passed, and Devoir grew so much that it astounded me, considering he was the same size as me only a few months earlier.


He was well-built for his age, although being just two years old, he was well-built for his age.


Of course, his intelligence was still like a normal baby.


But it’s possible that I was born weak, and as a result, I didn’t grow up well.


The same was true of the development process. [TL/N-She meant if you are born weak, your development will be slow]


[ Please read my novel only at Travis Translation. If you are reading my work on other sites, that means the content is stolen and posted without permission.]


When he started jumping and running, the only thing I can do was waddle and stroll.


It wasn’t long before I fell.


Naturally, the baby can’t walk well, but it seemed like it was right to be late in my case.


Hearing the butler who clicked his tongue in a worried voice, I was more confident.


“Both height and weight are below average. It’s not at the level of developmental delay, but observe.”


Yeah, I know I’m not up to the mark, but do you guys think I’m weak because I was supposed to die? 


That’s when I started thinking about it.


Devoir, who was playing with toys in the distance, suddenly came up to me.


Then he shouted with a loud voice while he was holding me in his arms.




Well, I’m not your daddy.


I patted Devoir and let out a big sigh.


Devoir entangled in my arms because he liked my touch.


Of course, I don’t forget the sound of his bustle.




I sighed as I watched Devoir clinging to me desperately.


‘How long are you going to continue doing this?’


It’s been a while since Debuard called me a papa.


It seems like he has been calling me ‘papapa’ since he started to bubble.


Of course, I’d just pretend I didn’t know what he was saying.


But the concerns around him did not stop there.


Even now, a couple of maids were looking at us with worried eyes.


“The young master said papa to her.”


“I’m worried about what will happen if the Lord knows.”


I was dazzled by their anxious whispers.


‘Yes, I can’t leave it like this.’


After thinking about it, I looked at Devoir, who was smiling at me and said straight.


“Ppa-ppa an-ya!” [Devoir is pronouncing papa]


“Papa-papa?” – Devoir


“Papa Anya.” [papa yeah ]


I shook my head resolutely as I looked at Debvoir, who clumsily imitated the pronunciation.


It was the so-called ‘Papa-doridori’ operation. [TL/N- In South Korea Dori-Dori is a game where the head is turned back and forth, which good for neck muscles for development for babies.]


‘Do you know what it means when you combine the “papa-doridori” word?’ [she meant Devoir finally understand his papa is the lord]


And my prediction was exactly right.


[T/L-N: Here female lead is trying to teach ‘papa’ to Devoir using the game where she leans backwards, saying pa and after leaned forward saying pa. And combined both words, which means papa. It’s a saying that children learned well if you teach something using a game, So our female lead should be given an award for being a top-class babysitter.]


If there was a problem, it was that he was crying at the same time.


“Ppa-appa!!” [It sound like this because he is crying]


Devoir pursed his lips and burst into tears.


My body stiffened at sight.


‘If he cries, I’m the only one who has to suffer.’


In addition to being attacked by eardrums, it was clear that the maids would come and make a fuss.


I was already tired of imagining the sequence.


I decided to find a suitable name to replace Papa.


At that moment, a lily pattern engraved on the wall caught my attention.


A pure and noble lily that symbolizes the Ardellos family.


It is a flower that is the opposite of me, from Deldea, but what cares about it?


I decided to use lily as a pseudonym.


‘It is also an easy-to-pronounce name for a baby.’


How about teaching him the pronounce of ‘Lily’?


I said, looking at Devoir.


“Hamm Lily.” [I’m Lily]








However, Devoir did not pronounce it properly.


The problem was that I also had the same thing. 


In the meantime, Devoir continued to shout ‘Riri.’


I looked at him and sighed heavily.


‘Yes, do whatever you want.’


Devoir hurriedly shouted as if he had accepted my alias name positively.




Yes, good job. I nodded my head.


Devoir tangled to me with a broad smile on his face.


The clumsy name ‘Riri’ came out of his mouth.


‘Lily, Riri, whatever name does not matter


I decided to make myself at ease.


It didn’t matter what Devoir called me.


After all, I couldn’t even call this kid’s name properly.


Just then, Devoir grabbed my sleeve, and there was a sparkle in his eyes.


He seemed to be wondering what his name was.


I spoke as loudly and clearly as possible.






“Naai Itta eebeor” [No, it’s Devoir]


After that, I sighed.


Why is the pronunciation so difficult?


As he untangled his twisted tongue, Debuard muttered with a smile on his face.


“Ebee?” [Devoir]






The innocent eyes shone brightly.


Then he began to know his name as Eve.


Anyway, the Male lead’s nickname is Eve. That was a bit harsh.


‘I have to stop that from happening.’


I tried to pronounce it as clearly as I could. In the first place, I boldly abandoned the front part, which was difficult to pronounce.


” Ar.”






Devoir nodded at my words and smiled bashfully.


It’s hilarious even though I’ve decided on a nickname for myself.


I looked at the smiling Devoir without knowing anything.


DeVoir kept sticking to me what was so good about.


Meanwhile, Devoir’s saliva got on his clothes.




…it was an eventful day.


But there was no other way.


So I decided to think of paying back the price of milk powder.





My day was monotonous.


When I woke up, the maids fed me baby food.


After enjoying the fresh baby food, a maid changed the diaper.


After wearing a soft diaper, I played with Devoir.


Even though we’re playing, the maids are naive enough to believe it would deter Devoir from straying.


Even today, he jumped around the spacious nursery with superhuman strength.


It was already after the growth of my age group had finished.


He enjoyed playing with a toy sword and a stuffed toy by himself. When he got bored, he came to me and gave me the toy.


It was even now. Devoir presented me with a bunny toy with long ears.


Putting it roughly to another side, Devoir pouted his lips as if pouting.


“Sheerer!” [share]


Where did you learn such a word these days, Lili, Shirae(share), and Joa(join) repeating it every time.

Of course, it was none of my business what he learned.


If he doesn’t like something, he shouts these words that were the problem.


And I was the one he was crying out for.


He looked annoyed by my lack of response as he huffed and stomped his feet violently.


He cried out again, with a toy sword in his hand.




Uh-huh, I finally grabbed the doll that I had put away.


At that moment, a smile formed on Devoir’s lips.


Soon he groaned and muttered another word.








After responding appropriately to him, I hugged the doll and yawned.


It was time to take a nap.


But there was a lack of sleepiness in Devoir’s eyes.


After leaving him and crawling over to sleep, the maid lifted me and put me on the bed.


“Do you want to take a nap?”


“Uk, Koo.”


I shook my head and yawned again.


Then I fell deep asleep.


Until, of course, Devoir wakes me up.


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