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I Tamed the Male Lead’s Father

Chapter 6 Part 1


Urg, I was sleeping, and the bed shook violently.

When I looked at the bustling movement, Devoir looked at me with a heartbroken expression.

A small hand shook the bed effortlessly.

He was so strong that the bed was about to break.

Of course, it was a cradle-type bed, not an adult bed.

“However, does it make sense to be swayed in this way?”

Looking at him in bewilderment, he raised his hand, which he had never done before.

Then his bright face filled with a smile.

Tets Pway [lets play]

Tired of his urging, I frowned.

Then I shouted.

“No, Um swapy!”[No, I am sleepy]

“Swapy?” – Devoir

“Humm Swapy.” -Lilith

Devoir can’t live without waking me up every day while I’m sleeping.

And would always grin in satisfaction when he woke me up.

‘If I leave it like this, I may die of lack of sleep.’

I thought so from the bottom of my heart.

Therefore, I was going to express my opinion firmly so that this doesn’t happen again.

And when I came down from cradle, Devoir ran up to me and hugged me.

Then he shouted in a high-pitched voice.

“Ppa-ppa! Lily!” [Finally, he can adequately say her name]

Idiot, I am not your dad.

But saying it will didn’t work.

I never thought teaching Devoir early education will turn this way.

Phew, a sigh fell down my mouth.


It was purely my fault that Debuard cried out for papa, who is not me.

The next time I meet the Lord, I have been trying hard to teach him to say ‘papa’ in front of the lord.

However, for some reason, the Lord has not appeared since that day. [that day when he told Devoir is noisy]

At first, I turned off my mind because I thought he would come someday. [care less abotut]

But he didn’t show up afterward.

As time passed, I later found out that he had already been away for several years.

‘Well, it worked fine for me.’

I thought deeply.

The less exposure to the Lord’s eyes, the better.

Even though Deldea never showed their abilities, they have remarkable characteristics as they get older.

It was absolutely dangerous in the eyes of the lord and the eyes of the family knights.

It would have been better to live away from the dangerous world stuck in support like this.

For now, I’m safe because Devoir is young, and the maids didn’t know about the Deldea clan.

‘So, just like this, let’s become independent when I reach the age of adulthood, no, when I about to reach fifteen.’

I just had to hold on until then.

I rummaged through the picture book.

Devoir, wielding a toy sword from afar, came up to me and hugged me tightly.[clingy ml]

The smell of grass came from his body as if he had been playing on the lawn.


Devoir looked at me and smiled broadly.

I also laughed along with Ar’s reaction.

Yes, it’s really annoying, but.

‘But won’t this be enough to raise me up in the house?’ [Lily is enduring because she somehow wants to pay back the lord who accepted her and the maids who were raising her.]

Thinking about it that way, I felt like I was worthy of being a hard-working nanny.


Then the name of the attachment doll is Lily.

I shrugged my shoulders, wiping the saliva from his cheeks.

Well, it didn’t matter anyway.


The Ardelos family had a cooperative relationship with the Lerotia family.

The two families frequently met to strategize and discuss plans.

The battle with the beasts and the resurrection of the demon king had to be taken into consideration.

The two families gathered together effortlessly to repeat training and actual battles.

The same was true of Agnos, the head of Ardellos.

He took part in all the plans.

As a result, Agnos often left his family.

Taking care of the family was entrusted to several butlers in charge of administration, and he was sent to the battlefield for the sake of survival for the family.

When he was away, months and years passed.

This time the period was even longer.

It meant that the power of the Deldeaar family had grown stronger.

Because of that, Agnos set foot in the mansion after a very long time.

It’s been a very long time, and five years have passed.

After an arduous journey, his fatigue had reached its limit.

His eyes were bloodshot with fatigue.

Even though he was called a superhuman, anyone could guess how hard it must have been for others if he was exhausted like that.

Indeed, he has wrapped up a life-and-death punitive campaign.

However, the return does not imply that everything is alright.

Agnos couldn’t sleep well even in the mansion.

He had to close his eyes for a brief moment and then start the meeting again.

It was because of the discovery of a greater danger than the beast.

Agnos’s forehead was distorted, reminiscent of the traces of the advanced beasts he encountered during subjugation.

The steps that were full and heavy became even slower.


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