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I Tamed the Male Lead’s, Father Chapter

6 Part 2


Agnos had just passed the garden by the lake.


From the side, there was a crackle of laughter.


‘Who’s laughing?’


A child’s laughter was impossible enough to hear in the Ardelos family.


 Agnos walked several steps.


His vision saw two young children playing entangled together.


One was his son, Devoir, based on the colour of his hair and eyes.[poor Devoir]


But another one was the girl he had ever seen. [How did u forget your daughter cum daughter in law.]


‘Who is it. Is it a maid’s child?’


After thinking for a while, he approached the two of them, intending to see his son’s face after a long absence.


The maids, noticing the lord, quickly got up from their seats and bowed their heads.


The children who were playing with each other turned their heads at the bustling movement.


The first thing he looked at was his son, who looked just like a replica of him.


Blonde-haired. Devoir, with a chubby, milky white face, young child.


But for Agnos, appearance was just a meaningless combination of muscle and flesh.


Devoir was the only son of Agnos, a little decisive and the only blood that would succeed the Ardelos family.


Just then, Devoir made eye contact with him.


Tears welled up on the lively blue eyes.


Devoir muzzled her lips and was on the verge of crying before long.


‘Why is he crying in vain?’ [Devoir is not mentally strong like her, or it can be because she is from the Deldea clan or she made a contract with demon king]


When the lord was about to go




A cheerful voice came after Devoir’s weeping.


Then he turned his gaze to the mysterious child.


The pale purple eyes like delicate petals.


Wiggling fingers were cuter than anything he had ever encountered since he was born. [Father son both are cheky]


A bright smile appeared on her cute face.


The white cheeks were red with blush.


Agnos had never seen this face before, but he felt familiar emotions.


He Looks down at the child with expressive eyes. Then,, she opened her mouth without hesitation.


“Long time no see.”


The child greeted him quite warmly.


An inch of unshakable eyes was unmistakably clear.


His hands itched as he saw the child’s appearance.


It felt like inside, a dragon was making a commotion.


Unbearable emotions surged.


An exclamation burst out of his mouth immediately.


It was purely unconscious.


“Ohh, it’s cute—–!”


It was from then. The lord of Ardelos began to pay attention to her properly.


As time went by, the more prominent the vacancy of the lord became, the more ambiguous my position became.


The butler often came to see Devoir and me and let out a sigh of relief.


I wasn’t stupid enough to not know what that sigh meant.


You must be thinking of dealing with an orphan child you don’t know.


It was the same with the maids.


They tried, again and again, to separate me from their Deoir, whom the Lord had picked up.


Of course, I also wanted to join them.


The issue was that Devoir never left me alone.


“Where are you going?”


“Uh, we’re going to sleep separately from now on.”




His eyes widened as he asked the reason.


However, deep in his clear eyes resembling a blue lake, he was filled with obsession. [So we got obsessieve  ml]


Of course, it doesn’t mean much, and it’s probably because I’m his attachment doll. [no, you are his waifu]


So it’s a simple matter.


‘Isn’t it time to sleep separately if you were about six years old in the first place?’


It was the same for others. 


Many people disapproved of the unknown child’s presence with the noble young master of the Ardelos family.


“It was the order of the Lord, but…”


“It was already five years ago. The lord would not have thought that he would be away for so long.”


The Lord told them to take good care of her and give the same treatment to both the young child and master.


However, it was the opinion of the quarrels that there should be a difference now.


The protests were getting louder.


It was my loss to be entangled in gossip like this.


I was determined to live up to their expectations.


I looked at Devoir with serious eyes.


“Now I will sleep somewhere else.”




“You’re old enough, aren’t you?”


 ” Still Why?”


“Well, that’s what other people think.”


“Others, who?”


His eyes were unrelenting.


There was no sign of backing down.


The maid, who had been quietly listening to our conversation from behind, approached with a wistful smile.


She soon shivered and tried to appease Devoir.


“Oh, my dear master. Then this child will be in trouble…”


“Is the other person you?”




“Did you say that to her?” [Oho blackened male lead at the age of six.]


There was a stern look in his firm eyes.


Although only six years old, he was the next head of the Ardelros family.


Combining extraordinary growth and physical abilities, he has already started studying to become a successor.


Now that the patriarch is away, the remarks of the only six-year-old young master have had quite a lot of influence.


‘The problem is that he tormented me with that position.’


Ugh. I barely swallowed a sigh that was about to flow.


Then I continued speaking on behalf of the maid, who was at a loss for words and began to cry.


“We will sleep separately from today.”




He looked at me with wounded eyes.


I couldn’t figure out why the big boy was acting weak.


I nodded as I saw him drooping his eyes like a puppy abandoned by his owner.


I needed to be a little firm today.


“You hate me now.”


“No, that’s not it.”


But Debuard did not back down.


He repeatedly said ‘I don’t like it-‘ with a sullen look on his face.


It was the maids who raised the white flag first.


They shook their heads, saying it’s ok to sleep together with an urgent expression.


“Do, if the master wants it, I’ll not stop you!”


“But Lily don’t want to share room with me?”


“Oh, my God, what do we do, Lily? We don’t have a room ready right now——-“


The maid winked at me.


It was a signal to do it in moderation and move on.


I didn’t like the way things were going, but I can’t help it.


I nodded my head.


“Yes! I’ll wait. “


“Oh, good girl.”


She patted my head a few times, then hurriedly backed away about twenty steps.


It was because Devoir looked upset.


Unable to control his natural strength, he often suffered accidents when he was young.


At that time, they had already learned from experience that it was better for Devoir to be left alone with me.


Otherwise, he would have practised swordsmanship and destroyed all the furniture and mirror.


‘I have to comfort you a little bit, right?’


My position in this mansion was his nanny.


It wasn’t that hard or anything.


It was pretty easy to appease him in a situation like this.


I asked while looking up at Devoir.

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