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I Tamed The Male Lead’s Father




After the Lord’s return, the castle became very noisy.


A welcome ceremony had to be held, and the knights who had suffered in the past had to be generously compensated.


Even the children who had been away from their father or mother for a long time were clamoring to meet their parents.


All of this was due to the fact that the schedule was longer than initially planned.


Although letters were collected and delivered as a group whenever they had time, their longing was not assuaged to that extent.


Thanks to that, the Ardellos mansion was in an uproar.


If there was any surplus manpower, they wanted to take workers out from anywhere.


Because of that, the maids assigned to us who belong to the original positions were also called out.


Just by looking at this, I can see how crowded the mansion is now.


Even so, no servant is serving the young master.


One of the maids looked at me and asked me again as if she was worried about it.


“Lily. Take good care of the young master. If anything happens, call me right away.”


“Yes, don’t worry!”


I looked at her with a smile on my face.


At that moment, she let out a sigh of relief.


“Hmm, I’m so glad you’re here.”




I answered confidently.


It wasn’t just a day or two of playing the role of Devoir’s nanny. [Lily meant she is devoirs nanny until now]


I could do this without any difficulty.


It’s just that I might not be able to take a nap, but I wasn’t in a position to complain.


Originally, I should have to stay with them and helped with the chores.


‘When the welcome ceremony starts, Devoir will be busy too.’


Well, then I could be free.


After thinking up to that point, I felt refreshed.


I smiled broadly, feeling freed from parenting, and Devoir ran to me from afar.


“Lily! There are a lot of people!”


“Yeah, a lot!”


Devoir looked at the knights gathered in the distance, cheering, and his eyes were curious.


But it was only for a moment that his bright eyes twinkled, and he was curious.


Soon his expression darkened.


Seeing the droopy shoulders and protruding lips, it seemed that something wasn’t right.


I looked at him, wondering why he was doing this, and Devoir grumbled unfavorably.


“Tch, I wish I didn’t have a father.”


The voice, which had been heard in a low tone, as if it was just talking to himself, quickly disappeared.


But even the gloomy expression did not disappear.


Come to think of it, did Devoir cry whenever he saw the lord from a young age?


I don’t think he is scary at all, but somehow they became distant.


“Maybe it’s because they’re in a master-subordinate relationship.’


I carefully asked Devoir.


“Why? Do you hate your Dad?”




It was a knife-like answer. His eyes, full of determination, turned to me.


He also began to urge me to answer.


“Do you dislike him? “


“Who, the lord?”


“Yeah. You don’t like him either, right?”


Seeing how many times he was asked, it seemed like he really didn’t like his dad.


Devoir was quite stubborn in the first place.


To that extent, if I disagreed with his opinion, he would be grumpy.


Of course, that wasn’t too much.


But it was annoying because of Devoir’s constant nagging.


So initially, I would have just nodded my head.


But this matter didn’t seem to be over yet.


I’m a stranger, but Devoir has Ardello’s blood flowing in him. Also, Ardellos’s family’s head is his father.


For nothing, I couldn’t help widen the path between the two of them.


‘Um, but it’s annoying to interrupt.’


Even so, Devoir will be angry if I try to take the side of the Lord here.


I sat quietly and made a flower bracelet as he did.


I split the stem and made a gap, and put wildflowers in between.


After repeating it over and over again, a flower bracelet was created in no time.


While I was making these, Devoir was huffing on the side.


“Say you don’t like him!”


I held out two bracelets without a word to him, who was forcing an answer.


Then I spoke quietly.


“Try to call him dad and bring it to him. Do you think he’ll like it?”




“Just give it a try.”


“Ugh, but…”


Devoir hesitated. Looking at him, I asked shamelessly.


“I’m giving another one to you, don’t you like it?”


I asked again, holding out the bracelet.


Devoir shook his head.


“No. I like it”


His cheeks turned red again.


The bracelet was muzzled with chubby hands.


‘If you hold it like that, it will wither quickly.’


But I decided just to leave him alone.


Flower bracelets were destined initially to wither in the first place.


What does it mean if you take good care of it and wear it on an extra day or two?


Instead of bruising Debuir, I threw in a tip for restoring the relationship.


“You have to give it while shouting ‘Papa!’, okay?”


Devoir opened his eyes wide at my words and looked at me.


Then, with a trembling expression, he pronounced two syllables with a lower voice.


“Pa— Pa?”




I shook my head.


Nevertheless, Devoir did not seem to understand.


Then, with a grumpy expression on his face, he grabbed my arm.


Then he put the bracelet on my wrist and said.


“No! This one is Lily!” [he meant lily is his papa.]


With those words, he ran away.


Seeing him running at full speed so that he could not be pursued, he seemed to dislike it quite a bit. 


“He’s a kid, anyway.”


I sighed as I looked at Devoir, who had disappeared in the distance.


There was nothing I could do for you if he dislikes it.


I muttered as I looked down at the flower bracelet on my arm.


“It’s going to wither sooner, isn’t it?”


For some reason, that fact made it a little bittersweet.


I just got up and left.


Without knowing that the lord was watching me.


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