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I Tamed The Male Lead’s Father



Countless people flocked to the grand welcome ceremony.


Among the three great families that conquered the continent, Ardelos was the largest.


Unlike Deldea Clan, who only does evil things underground, and Lerotia, who is locked up in the sky and doesn’t come, Ardelos has the largest population and vassal family.


It was a welcome ceremony held by the head of Ardelos himself.


It was only natural to gather to celebrate when everyone returns from subjugation safely.


Moreover, this welcome ceremony was not just a simple celebration.


The invitation stated that there would be an important meeting during the ceremony.


It was a lengthy subjugation, and that’s why the meeting is held.


Those who realized that something had definitely happened attended the welcome ceremony with great tension.


A precarious welcome ceremony was being prepared as if walking on thin ice.


The mansion was bustling. Fortunately for me, Devoir was also busy getting ready for the welcoming ceremony.


Thanks to him, I was drinking my favorite tea, saying, while thoroughly enjoying my leisure time.


A maid, Jien, who suddenly came to me, said something unsatisfying.


“The Lord said he wanted you to participate in the welcome ceremony as well.”


“What? Really?”


Jien nodded at my words.


I had heard the rumors that this welcome ceremony wasn’t just a place to enjoy.


Moreover, the central hall, where the welcome ceremony was held, was a gathering place for only a few invited people.


And most of them were nobles from prestigious families.


If I had to follow my lineage, I was also a noblewoman.


The problem was that Deldea is an aristocratic family who would not be welcomed anywhere.


It’s such an uncomfortable place. I didn’t really want to go.


I was freed from Debuir and tried to take a nap or sleep during that time, but what kind of lightning bolt is this?


Looking at Jien with a dissatisfied expression, she let out a deep sigh.


As if she wasn’t expecting it too, she looked troubled.


“In fact, the lord sent you a present…”


“A present?”


Instead of answering, she opened the large beige box she had set aside.


I guess that was my gift when I was wondering what it was.


I can’t believe it’s a gift from the Lord, who is so indifferent.


It was news that could turn the mansion upside down.


As I unintentionally looked inside the box, I was stunned.




“Isn’t that great?”


Seeing me in amazement, for some reason, Jien smiled proudly.


Then, as if boasting, she lined up a dress, shoes, and accessories.


It was full of precious items that one could guess that was expensive without even asking for the price.


A bright red dress adorned with frills and lace, precious stones and shoes covered with velvet and diamonds, and a dazzling emerald necklace came out one after another.


Lastly, Jien pulled out a bracelet studded with small jewels as if she was standing next to wild grass and spread her arms in the air as if bragging about it.


“What do you think?”


“Wow! It’s so pretty. May I have one of these?”


“Of course. The Lord is giving you, so take it.”


After hesitating for a moment at Jien’s words, I nodded my head.


There was no reason not to accept the offer.


I have nothing else to say, whether you ask me if I have any shame, but I knew life wasn’t included only on the flower path. 


I was thinking of leaving the mansion one day.


Depending on the circumstances, he may have to leave before reaching the age of adulthood.


It was a gamble to get out of the land of Ardelos infested with demons.


That’s why money was so important.


Besides, jewelry will work as a currency that was accepted everywhere.


After thinking about it that far, I sighed heavily.


‘Anyway, I have to attend the welcome ceremony.’


The Lord prepared this, so it was impossible for me to say that I would not go to the welcome ceremony.


I had a throbbing headache at the thought of being held by Deboir there.


I’ll try to stay in the dark [hidden] and inconspicuous as much as possible.


Since it’s a gathering place for aristocrats who have been decorated themselves so splendidly, they wouldn’t pay much attention to anybody like me.


It was when I was thinking so.


Jin looked at me halfheartedly and spoke to me indifferently.


“It’s fascinating.”




“It means that the Lord loves you especially. Come to think of it, that was the case back then as well. The day you first joined the family. At that time, the butler was so surprised that the mansion was noisy.”


I see.


I just nodded my head when I heard the story for the first time.


Looking back, it was already a thing of the distant past.


Of course, it’s not a very good memory, but I deliberately changed the topic.


“But Jien, are you busy?”


“No, I’m fine.”


After saying that, Jien smiled brightly.


Soon she exclaimed in a lively voice as if she is so happy.


“I got out just to serve you and the master! Isn’t it the best?”


There was a big smile on her face. With Jien’s help, I  dressed up.


There were still a few more days before the ceremony could be held in earnest, but I should try it on since I had already received a present.


‘It bothers me why the Lord is doing these things.’


I was about to shake my head, but when I saw Jian’s face, I shut my mouth.


It was because she had already taken out a lot of this and that with a more happy expression than me.


“Even if I didn’t, I wanted to dress up!”


As if I had been forging for a while, I didn’t have the courage to stop her, who seemed full of enthusiasm.


In the end, I pretended I could not win and sat quietly.


For the first time in my life, I have received such an expensive gift which was awkward for me to accept.


Is it okay if I don’t do anything with my hands down?


When I looked up at Jien with a bit of worry, she smiled softly.


She just seemed to be having fun.


There was no shade of a pure smile.


“Look, I knew it.”




“Just a little bit of dressing up really changes the mood. Honey, you’re really pretty.

Now I get to know the reason why the young master is following you?”


“Uh, is it so?”


“No, I’m afraid someone’s going to show up to adopt you during the welcoming ceremony.”


I smiled bitterly at her words.


Adoption was not a bad option for me either.


After all, the Ardelos family was dangerous in many ways.


‘If I grow up, I might be able to manifest Deldea clan’s power someday.’

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