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I Tamed The Male Lead’s Father




A thick shadow fell over the clear, cloudless sky.


At the same time, the bright moonlight that lit the room disappeared.


In an instant, darkness fell into the room.


Taking advantage of that opportunity, an unknown person broke into the room.


Sticky, unpleasant energy lingered throughout the room.


I became paralyzed in that unexpected scenario.


I barely rolled my eyes and looked at the intruder, and his black eyes shone under the mask.


The intruder reached out to me.


I can feel the darkness and the scent of death.


I opened my eyes wide at the familiar energy and looked at him.


The person’s eyes lit up with joy.


“…I found you.”




His voice was buried in the roar of Devoir.


Devoir drew out his training sword and pointed it at the intruder.


At the same time, the intruder also turned away from me and reached out to Devoir.


I glared at him with intervertebral eyes.


What do you mean by ‘I found you?’


Soon I came to a conclusion he was of the same kind as me, Deldea.


The sudden intruder’s visit gave Devoir momentum.


Because of that, a tense feeling lingered in the room in an instant.


It was an unbelievable sight for the power of only six years old.


He said he was trained every day, but as expected, that’s why he is the Male lead. 

[becuse the dark aura can’t oppress Devoir and like male leads, he is op though he is only six years old.]


I admired it in my heart, but he is just six years old.


Perhaps the intruder’s thoughts were the same and laughter flowed from his mouth.


“Is that all, kid?”


The intruder stretched out his arm and swung it.


The shadows in the room began to move in response to his movements.


– Devoir’s eyes widened as he could not have imagined that such a power would exist.


It was the same for me.


In the first place, if it was enough to infiltrate the Ardelos family alone, it meant that he was a relatively strong person.


No matter how strong Devoir was, it was not something he could stop with the power of a young child.


‘What should I do?’


The situation was so grim that it wouldn’t be strange if I had to die here.


Should I make some noise? I was agonizing over it and greeted with Devoir’s eyes.


The agitated eyes fell silent the moment they looked at me.


Devoir’s eyes were filled with determination.


‘What are you going to do.’


In this tense situation, Devoir opened his mouth wide.


Then he said in a loud voice that made the room reverberate.


“Riri, I’ll protect you!”


– At his words, I swallowed my breath.


It was never a good way to attract such attention.

[Lily meant Devoir was placing himself in more danger by attracting the intruder.]


The intruder was sensitive to noise.


In that case, he will strike him first.


It was as expected. The intruder reached out to Devoir.


 In his eyes, an inexplicable pleasure formed and said meaningly.


“You’re doing something silly.”


As he said, it was really foolish.


‘What the intruder going to do by provoking him?’ -Lily


I looked at Devoir with anxious eyes.


But Devoir looked at me and smiled.


His smile was tremendous.


The shadow procrastinated and covered Devoir’s mouth.


The pain in Ar’s eyes is completely covered in shadows.




Devoir’s complexion, who was suffocating relentlessly, turned white.


He struggled all over and began to rebel.


In the meantime, he still didn’t let go of the sword.


He kicked his feet recklessly with his face dyed red.


It seemed difficult to breathe properly. Devoir’s complexion was turning blue.


Meanwhile, his eyes were on me.


The emotion in his eyes was, ironically, not a designation, but anger.


Anger at the helpless self who can’t do anything about this situation.


I wasn’t the only one who saw it.


A smirk formed on the intruder’s lips.


Soon a cold voice flowed from his mouth.


“Are you mad, kid?”




Devoir’s eyes sparked at his provocation.


On the contrary, as if he had gained strength from it, the staggering movement only intensified.


But what can a six-year-old do at the most?


I’m also helpless.


‘What should I do?’


I looked around with anxious eyes.


The only thing that stood out was a vase.


As I was about to pick it up and hit him.


The intruder turned his head towards me.


He reached out to me with a meaningful smile.


“Everything is for the great.”


Unidentified black energy emanating from him covered my body.


Clinking, the vase in my hand broke and soiled the floor.


My vision darkened, and a shiver ran down my spine.


‘Is this how I’m going to die?’


But his power didn’t work for me.


On the contrary, it was absorbed into me in an instant, like pouring water on parched land.


‘What’s happening?’


The doubt was short-lived.


Bang -!


There was a roar, and the door flew off.


It wasn’t just the door. One side of the wall flew away at the same time as there was a substantial bursting sound.


Broken debris scattered and caused dust.


The intruder who was precisely hit by the debris in the head lost consciousness and fell.


It was an internal injury. Only black blood flowed out of his eyes, nose, and mouth.


My immobilized body was freed as soon as the invader collapsed.


It was a time when the beetle, weak legs were about to fall to the floor.


A heavy figure approached me and hugged me.


In an instant, the view soared up.


As he stretched out his hand in a reflex at the sudden movement, to stroke my back.


Sturdy hands supported my body.


I turned my head and looked at him.


The blonde hair, which was brightly lit up in the darkness, tickled my cheek.


He was the lord of Ardelos.

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