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Princess Frisia Liz Raelica.


She was called the Great Evil Woman.


If she didn’t like something, she would become enraged and would have broken it rather than have it.


In particular, Fresia had too much pride, and she even bullied a woman who wore a more expensive dress than her and drove her to the point of suicide.


Although she had previously tormented her, it was extremely dreadful that day.


But the woman who is the female lead meets the crown prince, the male lead, in that situation.


The figure of the woman who was miserable under the moonlight makes the heart of the crown prince, the most powerful in the worldview, benevolent——


Shortly after the incident, Fresia was found dead.


It’s a corpse that’s been torn apart beyond recognition.

I hate this!


It was someone else’s problem, so why did it become mine now?


I don’t like it, no, actually I hate it.


I can’t sleep and have been struggling tonight, kicking my blankets.


It’s been over a month since I’ve been transmigrated in this damn book.


“I’m going to find a way today.”


I clenched my hands and bit my lips.


After finishing the novel, I fell asleep, but I was already possessed by a character from the book when I awoke. If I knew that this persona would occupy me after death, I would have rejected it.


So, I haven’t done anything wrong for the past month enough to worry my whole family.


No, the ‘I’ in Freesia is a rabbit liver, so I can’t be a person who can harm anyone. [T/N- Here, rabbit liver means she doesn’t have guts to hurt anyone.]


It’s not as if eating ramen for six out of seven days will harm my health.

“Freesia, are you all right?”


“Are you sure there’s no problem?”


“Did you bothered by anyone?”


I didn’t know it when I just read the book from the female lead’s point of view, but Frisia Liz Raelica was a beloved daughter of her family.


Every day, mom, dad, and brother go back and forth to inquiring about my health.


They seemed worried because I did not get out of the room.


However, I could not see the faces of her family. [T/N-Here ‘her’ means original Freesia]


I haven’t figured out how to live yet, but there’s no way I can pretend everything is going well.


Because original Freesia had already tormented the female lead by the time I possessed her.


It’s still half a year away from the prom where the female lead meets the main lead…


“Whoa.” – SFX


Feeling confined, I opened the windows and lay down on a bed much softer than a five-star hotel, looking at the ceiling.


And then I started counting the sheep.


“One sheep… Two sheep… Seven sheep…”


I’ve been up all night with my eyes wide open, that’s why I got a headache.


I thought if I did this, I might fall asleep.


If I sleep a lot, then I might come up with a way to survive.


But when I counted about a hundred sheep, I remembered something and opened my eyes wide.


Naturally, my eyes sparkled.


“Sheep! Yes, I can raise sheeps!”


After screaming, I jumped out of bed.


Initially, I was a country person.


Since living with my grandmother, I played with the dogs in the stream.


It was only natural to feed the sheep and cows.


It was far from being pretty and nice things.


It would have been better if I had dirt on my pants and I carried a rake.


‘Let’s see, then where should we go?’


The sheep cheered me up and rubbed my palms, and looked into my eyes.




After a while, I unintentionally let out a strange laugh and lifted my head.


Now that the decision has been made, it is time to see the family.




“What did you just say?”


After a while, I found myself in front of my parents, whose faces had gone pale with concern in a few days.


My parents’ eyes trembled as if they could not believe it, but I can’t abandon my goal no matter how difficult it is.


I don’t want to spend my life as a villain, and I hate wearing a dress like this.




Grabbing their attention by coughing, I once again opened my mouth.


Only One syllable,  I was trying to say in a cautious tone.


“Well, I’m going home.” [talking about her new farm]


It was the sound of the duke turning everything upside down. [making rukkas]


My parents immediately tried to stop me.


However, they couldn’t shatter my will.


After all, I’ve always dreamed of owning a ranch with sheep!


I stretched my hands wide to show my firm determination to my bewildered family.


“Not a pet sheep, it should be a strong one. It would be better if it could be milked.”




“Ah, a shepherd dog is essential to shepherding sheep. Any smart guys [shepherd dogs] out there?”


Frowning his brows, the duke laughed at the serious question.


Standing next to him, the butler quickly held out a handkerchief, and the duke felt a cold sweat.


“Well, I’ll think about it .”


“I love you dad!”


I smiled broadly when the duke said that I could do what I wanted.


But the Duke’s expression immediately turned pale.


“I like houses with red roofs, Dad.”




“There should be a stream running nearby. The pasture should also be wide. Would you buy me such a place right?”

I smiled gently and said what I wanted because I didn’t have to look around or worry about money.


“You don’t need jewelry or anything?”


“Yes! If you need anything else, I’ll tell you!”


“If you like it… If you want it, you should do it. I can even granted the wishes of the dead. So I can fulfil your wish by simply waving my hand.”


Writhing with joy, I nodded my head up and down.


The dream about my country life is just around the corner.


In reality, no matter how much you want, you can’t have it all.


It wasn’t wrong to grab anything when you could.


‘And I am gonna live like this. Far away, from the original plot!’


The original male lead, the Crown Prince, the villainous Duke, and the female protagonist!


I am not going to meet anyone. 


I can get apples from the farm next door and give cheese in return, and strawberries from the farm in front, in exchange for milk!


Ah, I can’t believe I can have as many sheep as I want.


Being a rich unemployed woman is the best! 


No. the Gold spoon is the best!

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